10 things we'd like to see in the new Thunderbirds series

Odd List Mark Pickavance 5 Feb 2013 - 07:01

Mark talks us through the ten things that ITV's new Thunderbirds series must feature to be worthy of its name...

As a huge fan of the series, I was personally excited to catch the news that Thunderbirds is coming back after a brief fifty year interlude. Frankly, anything to erase the horrific 2004 movie where director Jonathan Frakes turned all my childhood dreams into celluloid nightmares, would be appreciated.

It's not a total homage to the old series I'm looking for, just something without Vanessa Hudgens mugging the camera, and with plenty of visual spectacle. But, whatever happens in each story, everything must blow up at the end, it's the law.

Here are ten other things that need to be in the new series for it to earn a Geek FAB from this site:

1. Fireflash 

OK, strictly not a Thunderbirds vehicle, but very cool all the same. It appeared in the very first Thunderbirds story, Trapped in the Sky, plus a few other later stories, and was almost as slick a design as the Concorde, from which it drew some inspiration. Fireflash is Concorde XXL.

2. Shane Rimmer 

This Canadian actor was the voice of Scott, and that laconic drawl is required in new Thunderbirds somewhere. Hey, if Christopher Nolan can get him to say "we're right on top of the main hub, and it's going to blow" in Batman Begins (2005), then surely they can put him in the new Thunderbirds?

3. A Pink Rolls-Royce 

It might seem to glue this concept to the sixties, but the 2004 film had Lady Penelope in a really fugly Ford. We don't want a Bentley, a Jaguar, a Maybach or even a Dacia Sandero. It's got to be a Rolls, and it must be pink.

4. The Mole 

This wonderful device came out of Pod 5 in Pit of Peril, and burrowed its way to a trapped crew of the US Army walker 'Sidewinder'. It must be bright yellow, and with CGI they won't need to play the film backwards to have it reverse out of the ground onto its trolley.

5. Grandma Tracy 

Fewer kids, more old folks, that's what I'm advocating! An early forerunner of Victor Meldrew, Grandma Tracy is ready to put anyone in their place, including the evil Hood.

6. Parker 

Not the soft squishy Parker they put in the movie, no. What's needed is the one from the original series who'd done time behind bars for safe-cracking, making him a much more layered character. This time voiced by Ray Winstone, perhaps.

7. Barry Gray-inspired music 

Unfortunately Barry passed away back in 1984, but if Michael Giacchino, the composer behind Pixar's The Incredibles, can do a passable imitation of John Barry, then surely someone can deliver something approaching the Barry Gray treatment here.

8. Adjustable Palm trees 

Thunderbird 2 is so spectacular, it can't just take-off without the Palm trees moving, can it? Mobile trees, transportable furniture and surprisingly spritely swimming pools all need to be there. Things in Thunderbirds move, even when traditionally they're immovable.

9. Glowing eyes 

The pictures on the walls have glowing eyes, and even some of the characters, it's a certainty. If the eyes don't glow, how will we know they're alive, or busy?

10. Real hands 

It doesn't matter how the series is made as long as the close-up shots of hands are real, and obviously shot in a studio. And, as per the original series, all characters should only have four teeth. It's a good job they're not going live-action, as we'd imagine that clause would put a few less-than dedicated actors off.

Rejected out of hand: Baby crocodiles shot in super close-up to make them seem huge, Supermarionation, a 'Phones' from Stingray co-pilot exchange, Thunderbird 6, Rick O'Shea, Hover Bikes (borrowed from Fireball XL5) and the 'humorous ending' music.

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Ray Winstone? Inspired casting: "M'lady? 'Ave it!"

Well, Peter Hitchen's is the real life avatar of Parker, just as Charles Campion is for Peter Griffin....

Cross-over with New Captain Scarlet? It would be great to see the old Supermarionation stuff from Fireball to Scarlet together on screen for the first time.

I'd like them to just re-show the original series.

45 minute episodes, please. 30 minutes will just give a zippy adventure. 45 minutes gives the sense of epicness that the giant machinery needs. Plus more time for secondary characters (Parker, Penelope etc) who were always stronger characters than the Tracy brothers.

I just want decent stories,decent cast,quality special effects,giant disasters,impressive design work consisistent with the original vision which seems practical.Futurism ,heroism and adventure.Really hope that's not too much to ask for or a new version is absolutely pointless and probably doomed.

Eric Pickles, surely? :)

David Graham has been contracted to reprise his role as the one and only, original "Yus, M'Lady" Parker. He was interviewed on BBC Radio5Live this morning.

I'm glad this is happening. I'd love to see a remake of Space 1999 done in Battlestar Galatica style.

More John in action on Earth or in space and more Alan stuck, unseen or heard, in Thunderbird Five. Definitely longer eps; Lew Grade's insistence that the original show go to an hour was part of what made it such a hit. Nowadays, commercial breaks here in the US are longer, which would cut the show down even more. (I know ITV isn't making this for the US market, but keeping it in mind is a good idea. There are still lots of fans on this side of the pond.)

he has? that's brilliant news!

OK. My wish list starts with Tracy brothers in the right birth order, who aren't teenagers who couldn't possibly fly a jet, manning the right ships. And no children in the main cast, please.

Leave Commander Riker alone you disrespectful gay.

It's called DVD.

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