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The Community Social Data Strategy allows municipalities and community-based organizations to access and analyze detailed research findings from Statistics Canada cost effectively. It is an initiative of the Canadian Council on Social Development in partnership with Statistics Canada.

The Community Social Data Strategy was created to raise awareness within the municipal and non-profit sectors about the potential uses of research data to better understand the social and economic trends within their communities. The Strategy will also help organizations share both the costs and the benefits of this vital information. To this end, the three core purposes of the Community Social Data Strategy are to:
  • Purchase and facilitate access to social data
  • Train organizations to analyze and process social data
  • Communicate and disseminate the results as widely as possible

For an overview of the strategy, download the Community Social Data Strategy brochure in PDF format.

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How can you benefit?
  1. By purchasing and accessing rich data

    To make vital decisions on key issues, organizations need accurate information that provides a detailed and enriched view of the communities they serve. By working collaboratively with other Community Social Data Strategy partners, you can purchase a host of economic and social research products from Statistics Canada at less than half the cost.

  2. By building capacity and expertise

    The Canadian Council on Social Development is collaborating with Statistics Canada to develop several training programs under the Community Social Data Strategy that will build and enhance the analytical expertise of partner organizations. Thorough training for the key individuals who handle and analyze the data in your organization is an integral part of all CSDS data packages.

  3. By sharing the results

    A variety of communications vehicles will be developed under the Community Social Data Strategy that will encourage and facilitate the sharing of data findings with other active partners. These vehicles will include personal consultations, regular correspondence by mail or e-mail, and newsletters and websites.

    This emphasis on sharing both the research costs and the analytical results means more participants involved in the Community Social Data Strategy and the greater its success.

How to take part

For full details on how you can get involved with the Community Social Data Strategy, download our Partnering Primer document in PDF format. This document contains research project descriptions, a preliminary schedule of release dates, the specifics of data delivery, key contact information, and more.

Our partners


Derek Cook, A\ Manager
Policy and Planning Division
Community Strategies Unit
City of Calgary

Nathalie Leclerc
Program Coordinator, Research and Policy
Social Planning Council of Ottawa

Red Deer:
Wendy Klassen
Community Facilitator
Social Planning Department
City of Red Deer
(403) 342-8102
(403) 342-8222 (FAX)

Margaret McCutcheon, Research & Policy Analyst
Peterborough Social Planning Council

Peel Region:
Federico Cartín-Arteaga, MUP Planner
Planning Policy & Research Environment, Transportation & Planning Services

Don Jaffray, Executive Director,
Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton

York Region:
Joanne Fowler, Manager of Planning and Policy Branch
Region of York

County of Simcoe:
Grant Hudolin, GIS Manager
Corporation of the City of Hamilton

Jean Isseri, Director-General
Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi de Côte-des-Neiges

Urban Poverty Project

Waterloo Region:
Lorie Fioze, Manager, Social Planning
Region of Waterloo, Social Services
Social Planning, Policy & Program Administration

Halton Region:
Wendy Kowalski, Senior Policy Analyst
Policy & Policy Unit, Social & Community Services
Halton Region

Kelly McManus, Manager, Social Research and Planning
Department of Community Services, City of London
City of London

Steve Friedenthal, Strategic Planning Officer
City of Edmonton Community Services

Alan Meisner, Planning Analyst, Social Development & Administration
City of Toronto

Linda Western, Planning Consultant
United Way of the Lower Mainland