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BodyMedia is proud to join the Jawbone family. For more than a decade, Jawbone has created human-centered wearable technology like the UP® band and audio devices that solve everyday problems to help us live better.

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Get with BodyMedia.

The Biggest Loser and BodyMedia are teaming up to help contestants lose weight, stay active, and lead a healthier life.

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Get personal.

Real-time, personalized feedback based on your data to help you reach your goals.

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Get real.

Clinically proven to improve weight loss by 3X.

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Get results.

Because how you sleep affects your health and how you lose weight.

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The leading on-body monitoring system. Accurate information about your body.
Weight & Calorie Management

Losing weight is a 24/7 commitment. Every calorie counts, so you need an accurate understanding of how many calories you've consumed and burned throughout the day. No other body monitoring system in the market tracks calorie burn more accurately than BodyMedia FIT.

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Activity Tracking

When you clip an accelerometer to your shirt, it can only record when you move. When you wear a BodyMedia FIT directly on your arm, its patented multi-sensors automatically track calories burned and monitor exercise intensity. Why is that important? Because jogging up 3 flights of stairs is not the same as walking down 3 flights of stairs.

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Sleep Monitoring

There's a direct connection between sleep and your body's ability to achieve healthy weight loss. How well you sleep affects how well you lose weight. The BodyMedia FIT system gives you a clear understanding of the quality and efficiency of your sleep.

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Proven Results. Science. You.

It's a lot easier to treat everyone as if they're exactly the same. Other body monitoring systems do just that. Easier? Yes. More accurate? No.

At BodyMedia, we're driven by facts and how they can help you.

Clinically Proven

For over a decade, we've been defining the body monitoring category. We didn't just raise the bar, we created it. Our patented system is the only body monitoring device that's clinically proven to help improve weight loss by 3X.

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Accurate Information

If you want to accurately monitor what's going on inside your body, you need a system that is in touch with you day and night. That's why BodyMedia FIT is worn directly on your arm. Its patented sensors detect skin temperature, heat flux and motion, so it knows what you're doing, when you're doing it and even the intensity of your effort. BodyMedia FIT is the only system of its kind that is an FDA-registered medical device.

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Personalized Data

BodyMedia FIT doesn't just know how many calories the average person burns jogging. It knows how many calories you burn jogging. The armband learns about your body as you wear it.
Our patented sensors collect over 5,000 data points every minute. Then our online Activity Manager makes sense of all your data - empowering you with the information you need to reach your goals.

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Knowledge is power.
The power is now yours.

Losing weight is not easy. Gimmicks, gadgets and fads almost always fail.

Success requires accurate, personalized information. That's what you get with BodyMedia FIT. The power to improve weight loss by 3X. The power to achieve your goals. The power to be the healthiest you possible.


  • BodyMedia FIT Testimonials
    "I've been overweight almost my entire life. I've lost weight many times but until recently wasn't able to keep it off…I've lost over 100 pounds with my BodyMedia FIT & it has been my constant companion ever since. I've kept the weight off now for over a year & a half…"
    - Mike Read More
  • BodyMedia FIT Testimonials
    "After losing over 160 pounds, I've come to learn that one of the most important facets of successful weight-loss (and weight-maintenance) is accountability…My on-body management system has become my best friend…I love explaining how it helped me change my life!"
    - Julia Read More
  • BodyMedia FIT Testimonials
    "…As a fan of The Biggest Loser, I noticed they were using BodyMedia. It wasn't long before I had one on my arm! It motivated me to move more and burn fat. I discovered that I am competitive with myself and I aim for new personal bests…"
    - Gena Read More
  • BodyMedia FIT Testimonials
    "…I started using BodyMedia FIT when I joined Jenny Craig for those last annoying 25lbs that never wanted to come off. I wear it constantly like a piece of jewelry…It makes my day when I see the results and know I have reached my goals."
    - Marge Read More
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