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Your cash

Your PayPal balance will have money you've received from sales you made, transfers you received from other people, or money you transferred from your own bank account.

Many ways to pay

You don't need money in your PayPal account to check out with us: just choose any of your linked debit cards, credit cards or bank accounts instead.

Checkout the easy way

Say goodbye to typing long numbers every time you buy something online. Checking out with us means you speed through checkout using just your login and password.

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Keep track of transactions

Easily keep track of what you spend and receive, see the status of your payments and keep a close eye on your balance.

Withdraw or top up your balance

Withdraw the money in your PayPal account to your bank account whenever you like, or easily top up your PayPal balance with your linked bank account.

Send and receive money

Send someone money for free in the UK with just their email address or mobile number, even if they don't have a PayPal account yet.


Millions of online shops

Speed through checkout safely at millions of shops when you buy from across the globe, off eBay or from British Airways. It's always free in the UK and there's a small fee for currency conversion when you shop abroad.

Get it on the go

Order your nan some flowers when you're on your way over on the bus without displaying your bank cards in public. Just enter your mobile number and a PIN when you check out with us on your mobile.

Buying in shops

PayPal logos are showing up on more and more UK shop windows. Whenever you see one, just request to checkout with us so you can pay safely in a blink of an eye.

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The email that gets you paid

Online Invoicing allows you to request payments via email so you can get paid faster. Your buyer receives your email with a payment button and they're taken to our secure server in a click.

Add PayPal checkout to your website

Most shopping carts offer a PayPal plugin you only need to activate. If you don't have a shopping cart, all you need to start accepting debit and credit cards with PayPal on your website is our button.

Sell in person

Easily accept card payments wherever you're doing business with PayPal Here™. The Chip and PIN device is paired with our mobile app, making it easy for you to accept fully encrypted payments anywhere.

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Manage your money on the go with the PayPal app. Use all your features easily on your smartphone or tablet: check your balance, send and invoice or do a bit of shopping.

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