Jean Lambert and Keith TaylorGreen representation is increasing at all levels of government, with  currently:

  • one MP (Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion)
  • one member of the House of Lords (Jenny Jones)
  • two Members of the European Parliament (Jean Lambert in London and Keith Taylor in the South East - pictured right)
  • two London Assembly members (Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones)
  • More than 140 principal authority councillors around England and Wales

Lead Green Party Candidates for the 2014 European Elections

Eastern Region

Rupert Read is the lead candidate for the Eastern Region. If elected Rupert would prioritise making the Eastern Region a hub for the energies and industries of the future: harnessing the free energy of the tides, waves, wind and sun; and investing in local transport and in sustainable forms of agriculture.

Rupert Read’s press officer is James Abbott (james_abbott@btinternet.com)

Mark Ereira-Guyer is the second leading candidate for the Eastern Region. He has a Bachelor of Art Honours Degree and a Master of Science Degree and currently works as a consultant. Mark is the Green Party's Suffolk county councillor for Tower division in Bury St Edmunds.

Other candidates: Jill Mills, Cllr Ash Haynes, Marc Scheimann, Cllr Robert Lindsay, Fiona Radic

East Midlands

Katharina Boettge is the lead candidate in East Midland’s Green Party election. She is a psychotherapist with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and a Master of Art Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy from Birmingham University. She has special interest in and knowledge of social policy, animal protection, immigration, and economics. Wide ranging issues must be addressed internationally. Katharina strongly believes that the European Parliament offers us the opportunities to invest in a Green industry, support communities not corporations, raise animal welfare, regulate the banking sector, build a fairer society, address climate change and environmental destruction.

Katharina Boettge’s press officer is Mike Shipley (sue_mikeshipley@yahoo.co.uk)

Councillor Sue Mallender is the second candidate in the East Midlands election 

Mallender was elected as councillor for Lady Bay ward on Rushcliffe Borough Council in May 2003. And re-elected, with an increased majority, in 2007. She is now the Leader of the Green Group on Rushcliffe Borough Council. Sue has been active in the Green Party since 1983. As a Green candidate for Europe in 1989 she achieved 18% of the vote in the region, and would have been elected as a Green MEP under the new, proportional voting system.

Other candidates: Peter Allen, Cllr Richard Mallender, Simon Hales

West Midlands

Green Party Deputy Leader, Will Duckworth, (Dudley Green Party) is the lead candidate for the West Midlands region. Will is the first Green ever elected in the Black Country. He spent 30 years working as a mathematics teacher. He was an active trade unionist and has supported the FBU and NUT/NASUWT disputes recently. As a MEP, Will will fight for more control of banks and other financial institutions. He wants to make sure that international companies in the EU are paying tax in the countries where they operate.

You can follow Will on twitter at @WillDuckworthGP.

The second candidate is Aldo Mussi (Sandwell Green Party). Aldo worked in the NHS for 12 years and is currently a tutor of Public Health at Birmingham City University. As a former VSO in Malawi, Aldo has a particular interest in international, community, and sustainable development. If elected, Aldo will promote a more sustainable response to the ongoing financial and climate crises.

Press Officer for Will Duckworth and Aldo Mussi’s press officer is Scott Redding (media@westmidlandsgreenparty.org.uk)

Other candidates: Vicky Duckworth, Saffi Price, Cllr Tom Harris, Duncan Kerr, Cllr Karl Macnaughton


MEP Jean Lambert is the leading candidate for the Green Party election in London.

Jean Lambert is the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London. She is one of eight MEPs representing London and one of two UK Green representatives in the European Parliament. As a London MEP Lambert works tirelessly to connect London and the Parliament. Lambert is particularly interested in issues of human rights and equality in all six of the countries covered by the delegation. She has worked to promote social inclusion through Parliamentary action and by raising awareness. Her areas of expertise include Green Party specialist on asylum and immigration. Consequently she was chosen as Parliament's rapporteur (author) on the revision of the EU Qualifications Directive

Jean Lambert’s press officer is Ben Duncan (media@jeanlambert)

Caroline Allen is the second candidate for London's Green Party election. 

Caroline is a Veterinary Surgeon with a Master of Art Degree in Zoology and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science Degree in Veterinary Medicine from Cambridge University. She has particular interest in and knowledge of animal protection, food, and farming. Allen has been active in campaigns including protecting local sports centres and green spaces, for safer streets and responsible pet ownership and against factory farming. Allen is the Green Party's Spokesperson on animal issues and also has worked on science, food, animal and conservation policy. If elected Allen will work hard for London’s residents on tackling health inequality, Common Agricultural Policy reform-improving access to affordable, healthy food. As a vet, animal issues, science and small business support are also important issues.

Caroline Allen’s press officer is Matt Hawkins (matt2hawkins@hotmail.co.uk)

Other candidates: Haroon Saad, Shahrar Ali, Danny Bates, Tracey Hague, Violeta Vajda, Amelia Womack

North East

Shirley Ford is the leading candidate for North East’s Green Party election. She is a school administrator of attendance and has a Bachelor of Art Degree in Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Ford works at a local primary school, supporting parents to improve school attendance. She also helps run the community Deaf children's club. If elected, Ford will work for the reform of the EU in the direction of a "Europe of the Regions", of resilient regional economies, with sustainable industry and agriculture bringing real, skilled jobs with protection for employment rights and stronger environmental laws.

Alison Whalley is the second candidate for North East’s Green Party election. She is a welfare rights officer and has a Bachelor of Art Degree in English and Religious Studies from Canterbury University. If elected, Alison will work towards creating a banking framework to serve the interests of the North East, employment to build a low carbon, sustainable future and environmental, food, transport and workplace policies to improve quality of life.

Press Officer for Shirley Ford and Alison Whalley is Nic Best (nickel@globalnet.co.uk)

Other candidates: Caroline Robinson

North West

Peter Cranie is the lead candidate for the North West. Cranie has remained very active in the region, campaigning and standing as a Green candidate in seats in both Liverpool where he lives, and Lancashire, where he works, since then. He is an active Trade Unionist and elected branch representative in UCU as Green Rep. As the lead Green candidate, a vote for Peter will be the best progressive option to unseat Nick Griffin next May. If elected, Cranie would be committed to standing up for local communities against austerity cuts, fracking and HS2.

Gina Dowding is the second candidate for the North West. Dowding is a city councillor and a cabinet member on Lancaster City Council. Dowding is particularly interested in global justice and addressing the balance of inequalities between peoples within localities, countries and regions. These interests are particularly pertinent as the European Union goes through its process of enlargement. MEPs will have to work to reduce inequalities across the European Union and to speak out against protectionist policies that would mean injustice for people beyond the boundaries of the Union.

Press Officer for Peter Cranie and Gina Dowding is Andy Donnelly (andy_donnelly@blueyonder.co.uk)

Other candidates: Laura Bannister, Jill Perry, John Knight, Ulrike Zeshan, Lewis Coyne, Jake Welsh

South East

MEP Keith Taylor is the lead candidate for South East’s election. Taylor is the current Green Party Member of the European Parliament for the South East region, and is the leading candidate in the upcoming election. Taylor is very active in the MEP office and is very involved in opposition to shale gas fracturing in the UK, in support of the 'Twenty in Plenty' speed limit campaign, in support to end violence against LGBTs, and in commitment to keep the UK as part of the European Union. He is also involved in European Parliamentary Committees for Transport and Tourism, International Trade, International Relations, and Development. Taylor is also a parliamentary member of the Group of the Greens and European Free Alliance.

Councillor Alexandra Phillips is the second candidate for South East’s election. The youngest councillor on Brighton & Hove City Council at 27, Phillips is a secondary school teacher of French and German. She is an experienced campaigner, with a keen interest in equalities, trade and peace issues. Phillips was elected to the city council in a by-election in Goldsmid ward in July 2009, winning our first ever seat in Hove, from the Conservatives and was re-elected in 2011. She has worked for Caroline Lucas MEP in Europe, as well as Keith Taylor MEP in the South East constituency. If elected, she will work on LGBT rights, animal welfare and to counter the growing influence of big business in every walk of modern life.

Press Officer for Keith Taylor is Matthew Butcher (keithpress@greenmeps.org.uk)

Other candidates: Derek Wall, Cllr Jason Kitcat, Miriam Kennet, Beatrix Campbell, Beverley Golden, Cllr Jonathan Essex, Jonathan Kent, Stuart Jeffrey

South West

Molly Scott Cato is the lead candidate for South West’s election. She is a professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University and prominent member of the Green Party of England and Wales. Molly is the Green Party's Economics Spokesperson.

She holds a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Degree from Oxford University, a Master of Science Degree from Open University, and a PhD in Economics from Aberystwyth University. She has particular knowledge of and interest in economics. For more information please see the website www.greeneconomist.org or gaianeconomics.blogspot.co.ok.

Molly Scott Cato's press secretary is Andrew Bell (abell@phonecoop.coop)

Councillor Emily McIvor is the second candidate for South West’s election. McIvor has been an EU policy adviser for many years and will use her experience if elected. Emily works as Senior EU Policy Advisor for the Humane Society International and is a former Director of Policy at the Dr. Hadwen Trust for Humane Research. In 2011 she was honoured to receive the Henry Spira Award for her contribution to EU animal welfare policy. She has been a member of the Green Party for many years and has contested local, national and European elections, and served on the Party's national executive committee (GPEX). The impact of Green MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg is inspiring, and she looks forward to using her expertise as an EU policy advisor to help add to their numbers in 2014.

Other candidates: Cllr Ricky Knight, Audaye Elesedy, Henry Gent, Judy Maciejowska

Yorkshire and Humber

Councillor Andrew Cooper is the lead candidate in Yorkshire and Humber’s election. He works in energy efficiency business development and holds a 2.1 degree in Politics and International Relations from Staffordshire University. He has particular interest in and knowledge of energy. If elected, Cooper will use his position as an MEP to draw in more resources from the European Union to create worthwhile skilled jobs in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector. Yorkshire and Humber is home to many manufacturing and export jobs and along with the significant ports of Hull, Grimsby and Immingham, depend on European trade. Greens believe passionately in supporting sustainable local economies but some trade will always move internationally. Cooper would endeavour to ensure the region is given the resources needed to continue to flourish.

Shan Oakes is the second candidate for Yorkshire and Humber’s election. Oakes is Equality and Diversity Coordinator for the Green Party. Oakes received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Leicester University School of Education, a postgraduate diploma in Leadership and Management of Change from Leeds Metropolitan University, and a Master of Science degree in Education for Sustainability from London South Bank University. Oakes currently runs an eco-friendly holiday house in York to finance her campaign and to promote awareness of environmental and cultural issues. Oakes campaigns for and is particularly interested in local and organic food and farming, integrated public transport, increased local involvement in community planning, and human rights.

Press Officer for Andrew Cooper and Shan Oakes is Martin Deane (martinjdeane@gmail.com)

Other candidates: Vicky Dunn, Denise Craghill, Martin Hemingway, Kevin Warnes


Pippa Bartolotti is the leader of Wales Green Party. If elected as MEP, Pippa would fight for decent health and safety standards and the type of social protection that covers working time, parental leave and temporary work.

John Matthews has been a Green Party member and activist for 15 years. John was a councillor on Cynon Borough Council. If elected as an MEP, John wants to work with European partners on re-localising the economy and bringing decision-making down to the lowest appropriate level.

Other candidates: Rosemary Cutler, Chris Were