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24. January 2008, 14:20:22


Sami Serola

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Opera Mini direct download links

These direct links are provided because some users have had problems to use http://operamini.com for downloading Opera Mini. Also few users still prefer to use old OM2 version or OM4 betas, which can not be found at official OM download page. All the files listed are for the international version of Opera mini. To download Opera Mini for your language, change the int bit to your locale code such as us, ru, ect.

Most older phones require you to use the Jad file to download a Java application while some newer phones allow you to download the Jar directly. The zip files are for the -smart- phones, which include Blackberries, PDAs and so on.

Opera Mini 2.0


Opera Mini 3.1 renamed as "Opera Mini 3"


Opera Mini 4.2 renamed as "Opera Mini 4"

Opera Mini 5.1
Palm support stopped with Opera Mini 4.2.


Renaming Java Applications Tutorial:
What you will need:
A program to open/extract/archive Zip files. Jar files are simply zip files with the Jar extension.

With the program, extract or open the Jar file of your choice. Now inside the Jar file should be a folder called meta-inf. Inside this folder is a file named manifest.mf.
-This file is a Java manifest file that stores information about the Java midlet. Its an plain text ASCII file so it can be opened with any text editor.

Now open the manifest file and locate the line that begins with
Simply edit the name listed in the manifest file, save it and overwrite the old manfest file located in the Jar file. If you extracted the file, simply archive the file back up using Zip compression, rename the .zip extension to .jar and transfer/download it to your phone.

So for example, you can download Opera Mini 2 and change the name listed to
MIDlet-Name: Opera Mini 2
And it will install as 'Opera Mini 2' and not as 'Opera Mini' which, in most cases, should be a separate install.
Please note, that you may also end to edit the jad file with some phones as well. Jad files are plain text Ascii files that can be edited like the manifest file.

Final Note:
Check this thread every now and then for updates.

~Introduction and instruction written by Slynderdale and updated by Serola
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