Advertising Packages

You’re awesome at what you do: writing, blogging and everyday indie promotion. You even self-pubbed your book, or have a blog tour goin’ on. What about that advertising plan, though? Is that next on your list of to do’s? We realize how overwhelming choosing the right platform to advertise your book or blog can be. So sit back, relax—take that walk you’ve been planning on—you’ve just found your ad lead.


Enter Indie Book Promos (IBP): built to expose you. IBP founders collectively reach over 202,621 Twitter followers, 11,853 Facebook Fans, 10,121 Goodreads subscribers, and 9,979 Google+ followers. That’s more than 234,574 readers we expose you to!


Pssst…you should also know that our Alexa ranking is 314K and is decreasing with every indie we expose. Oh, and our Marketing Grader is at 86%. Good for us; better for you.


Are you getting warm and tingly inside yet?


Ad packages start at $25 per month and include fab perks. Choose between our Gold, Silver, Bronze or A la Carte Indie packages. Click on a package below to learn more about rates and benefits. If you are interested, (don’t wait) reach out.

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Free Days Listings

Part of our mission is to promote authors during their free days at Amazon.  We provide a database of books that are free.  We don’t charge for this service.  If you are interested in listing your book with us, click HERE.

Cheap Reads

If your book is priced at $2.99 and under, list your book with us for more visibility. To enter details, click HERE.