Thank you Bishop Ron McCrae – Obama’s Hawaii Certificate

Obama’s Hawaii Certificate

By Bishop Ron McCrae

The document released by the White House as Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth appears to be a fake! And a poor one at that. It doesn’t take a forensic specialists to see serious problems. After reviewing the form released in comparison to the earlier released Susan Nordyke Certificate, there is a real problem, for Obama’s appears to be duplicated directly from the Nordyke document. I call your attention to the obvious errors:

  • Note the Hour block NO. 5b on Line 2 at the far right and you will see that the typed P.M. is the identical one from the Nordyke document, with the M below the line in the exact same place as the Nordyke document.
  • The date of 8-7-61 in block No. 18b is the exact, identical written date copied from the Nordyke document, even though on the Nordyke document the signature of the parent is slanted backwards.
  • Also note that on the Nordyke document, the parent signed the document on the supposedly same day that Ann Durham signed Obama’s, but the dates of the Attendant’s signature and the Local Registrar’s signature are the very next day; whereas on the Nordyke document, the signatures were affixed and dated four days later.
  • In block 7g on both documents appears the identical hand written No. 2 in the very same place.
  • In Block No. 3 appears identical hand written “x’s” in the same place on both documents.
  • Also, the released photo of the Nordyke document shows the coiled slightly in the upper left hand corner, though laid onto what appears to be carpet or cloth. The Obama document has the identical coiled upper left hand corner, but the herringbone legal cross stitched pattern to the paper carries over into the background of the photo, though the upper left hand corner is blackened out. If you hold both up together, the curvatures in the lines are exactly the same. If you look closely at the herringbone legal print of the background on both the left and right side margins, the printed document is superimposed onto the legal background and not original.
  • On the left side margin, there is a vertical margin line running up the entire side, with additional horizontal lines exposed to the left of the margin in the coiled down fold of the document. In those unidentified blocks are identical hand written marks that match identically to the Nordyke document.

I believe the document has enough errors to warrant a forensic expert and digital imagery technician’s full inspection, because it appears to be faked directly off the Nordyke certificate, and that done very poorly.

By the grace of God alone,

Ron McRae
Presiding Bishop
Anabaptists Churches Worldwide
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15935
“Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?” -Romans 6:3

6 Responses to “Thank you Bishop Ron McCrae – Obama’s Hawaii Certificate”

  1. Jason says:

    I cracked the secret what he is hiding! Obama is adopted. Note the X on parent is pixelated. It was added on. Note the box on 18a.

    Anything that is pixelated when zoomed is was added on. If it’s letters surrounded by white pixels then it’s original.

    Also note all lines are pixelated. Which means that the lines were just copied and pasted from various documents and placed together.

  2. Manfred von Richtoven says:

    The preponderance of expert critics (graphic experts) seem to refute the authenticity of this document, yet all we get is a statement from Fox news that the “long-form is authentic—period!” I don’t think so. Let’s get a consensus of the experts before we bury this issue once and for all. Obama’s educational records and medical records must be released. I want to know why he applied for a scholarship/financial aid from Fulbright when those disbursals were designated for foreign students. If he declared himself a foreign student, he can’t remain as president. If the populace wants him to remain in office until his term is up, than so be it, but once he has left office, he must be brought up on charges of fraud, and if found guilty, he must be retroactively stripped of his presidency, with all presidential actions reversed, all appointments undone, all salaries repaid. And those members of Congress and the Judiciary that vetted him inappropriately must be tried and subject to censure or jailtime, including Polozzi and Roberts. What a friggin’ shame on our country. The blood of countless patriots is disgraced. And if minorities decide that anarchy is what they want should he be stripped of his presidency, then the streets will fill with their corpses as we dole out quick justice. If this occurs, the result will be a diminution in the welfare check disbursement and an improvement in our country’s financial status. I welcome misbehavior by the scum that populate the ghettolands. It’s time we cleaned up or country.

    • EmmBliss says:

      Your comment is right on the mark. The truth is in plan site, yet others dismiss it and make up their own, thus convincing the sheeple that what they have to say is reallity. This is a nightmare. Can our nation wake up before it is too late and serve up Lady Justice? I hope so. I pray so. God bless the true patriots and God bles the U.S.A.

  3. Mawloud Ould Daddah says:


  4. Natural Born Citizen says:

    Obama’s long form Hawaiian birth certificate is overwhelmingly fraudulent. There are many experts who reported that it is fraudulent, but just the tampering with the registrar’s stamp (with the misspelled “TXE” and the smiley face in the “A” of Alvin T. Onaka’s signature) is prima facie evidence that it is a forgery. And when you open up the pdf file in Adobe Illustrator you’ll see that the registrar’s stamp is a linked element from another source which was then scaled 24% and rotated -90 degrees. Hawaii Senior Election Official Tim Adams gave an affidavit that no government official in Hawaii could find Obama’s birth certificate. And why is Obama using a stolen social security number, 042-68-4425 that was originally issued in Connecticut to a man born in 1890? Obama’s SSN fails the federal government’s own eVerify system check.

    The fraudulent birth certificate that Obama produced could have said he was born in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House and he would still not be a natural born citizen. pResident Obama should be held to the same standard specified in Senate Resolution 511 that Senator Obama sponsored to vet Senator McCain. Obama’s S 511 stated that whereas John Sidney McCain III was born to American citizen parents on US soil (an American military base), it was therefore resolved that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States. Obama was not born to US citizen parents. Obama’s father was a British subject (and so are Obama Sr’s children), and therefore Obama cannot meet the natural born citizen standard that he himself espoused for eligibility under Article II, Section 1.

    Obama is a usurper who should be removed from office immediately. According to constitutional law expert Dr. Edwin Vieira, “Congress cannot even impeach him because, not being the actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other public officials would have to arrest him—-with physical force, if he would not go along quietly—-in order to prevent him from continuing his imposture…. Just about everything that was done during his faux “tenure in office” by anyone connected with the Executive Branch of the General Government, and quite a bit done by the Legislative Branch and perhaps the Judicial Branch as well, would be arguably illegitimate and subject to being overturned when a constitutional President was finally installed in office. ”

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