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If you know the methods how to draw 3d shapes realistically, your pictures will improve enormously. Your drawings won't lie flat on the paper anymore. Instead they will jump straight into the watchers eyes, like they are coming out of the picture. Or they will create the illusion of depth and look like a window to a world that lies inside of them.

To create a 3d drawing you have to observe the laws of 3d reality and mimic them on your paper. These laws are not difficult to understand since we see them all the time in the world around us. To draw according to them can be time consuming, though. But any good picture also needs a good investment of time. And the results are worth it. So let's get into the nuts and bolts of 3d drawing! It'll be fun!

Learn How to Draw an Ellipse

Basic Lesson:
Learn what an ellipse is and why it is important for 3d drawing.
To know how to draw an ellipse is the requirement for the next two lessons below.

How to Draw Round Shapes in 3D with Ellipses

Draw any round object in 3D!
Just start with a simple 2D drawing. Then add ellipses. Here you see how it works with two examples.

How to Draw 3D Shapes with Shading

Shading is the perfection for your 3d drawings. Use it to bring your 3d shapes really alive! It is a must do for realistic drawing.

How to Draw 3D Letters

This drawing lesson shows you a bunch of nice ways how to draw 3d letters. So grab a ruler, which will come in handy, and get ready for some good looking 3D effects.

How to Draw Buildings in 3D

Learn how to draw buildings in 3d from the outside as well as from the inside. First we'll draw a simple 3d house step by step. Then we go inside the building and draw a 3d room with furniture.

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