Battle of the Business Cards

There are a ton of online printing companies out there, offering varying deals on business card printing. How do you choose between them all?

  • pnkrckblnde

    I have used vista print multiple times, recieved my items in 5 business days, and got over $100 worth of items for free because I get their emails, cards were pretty good, banners shirts, car magnets, everything, considering almost everything was free was EXCELLENT condition. It depends on type, design, and EVERYTHING They aren’t bad but it could be personal experience. I have ordered 3 times and plan on ordering more, and it has been well worth it to me

  • Ali Atif

    WOW Such a beautiful cards..
    Plastic Cards

  • James

    Absolutely Hilarious!!!

  • squeaki

    85mm by 55mm is standard world wide I thought… or at least that’s how big peoples credit cards are, the slots in wallets and generally everything. I find it amazing that inches even are used still; i know it isn’t the case in the printing industry.

  • Kelly Shenanigan

    Jesus. 50 different images on 50 different business cards. Appropriate for photographers, graphic designers, etc.

  • Sinan

    My experience with moo for 2large set of business cards was totally horrible, cards were really bad quality and didnt hear back from support after my complaint. That makes me question this post.

  • Scott

    90 x 55 in Australia but there is a few other sizes pretty common as well.

  • Dan Weaver

    I’ve used Moo a few times for both mini cards and full size business cards. Don’t misunderstand the ‘oversize’ mention in the article – they deliver exactly the size that they list on their site, it’s just that the standard size is different in the UK.

    From their FAQ:

    How big are MOO Business Cards?
    Similar to the standard business card size in the UK and the USA.
    The precise measurements are:
    84mm x 55mm
    3.3inches x 2.17inches

    By the way I contacted Moo regarding the color mix for printing a rich black on the Luxe cardsand they got back to me straight away advising a CMYK mix of 30/30/30/100. Just in case anyone was wondering :)

  • Anonymous

    never had an issues with my cards and i live in the US

  • Anonymous

    ive ordered twice from moo, my cards and my moms cards. i got the matte ones, she got the luxe ones. moo isnt cheap, but holy shit is it quality. and they dont charge you extra to upload your own .pdf of a design – im a designer and this is very important to me. if i remember correctly vista charges like an extra $7 for this! vistaprint is cheap shit – my cousin has cards from them, theyre awful.

    i recommend that if you give out cards all day long and they need to be super cheap, and you dont care if the design looks cheap, and you need a lot – then vista isnt that bad. but if you want high quality, really nice cards that people arent going to throw away, and you dont hand them out all day long, then i would totally go with moo. its worth every penny IMO.

  • Anonymous

    theyre double sided business cards. one side can be info, the other side can be a photo. its a portfolio and a business card all in one.

  • Anonymous

    moo allows you to print a different image per card, which would be impossible for a local offset printer to do without costing thousands. if they have a digital press then they stand a chance on that.

    if you need simple business cards a local printer can definitely do a nicer job and for less money overall, and youre supporting a local business not some major corp.

  • Abi

    I like what you’ve done here but the issue is not all print companies that cater to business cards are actually good at printing everything to do with business cards. What i mean is some are just the best of the best as far as say foil stamping is concerned, and some are better than most in letterpress, etc. I know print houses in california that send their orders to NY just to get some good foil stamping done or letterpress done.

  • OtherDesigns

    They don’t fit in 2″ X 3.5″ size business card books, because they are 0.17 inches taller.

  • Lee Coursey

    Thank you for this. This is a great reference. I always used vista

  • Loek

    You can also order cards at a minimum of 25 at Vistaprint
    The delivery depends on your own choice

    The paper stock you choose is depending on your own choice (matte paper stock is NOT intented for cards with high ink coverage)

  • bt

    A business card is an extension of your style.

  • safdar ali

    All these are so great. I got confused which one to select for printing my plastic business cards.

  • Katty Parker

    You should also be reviewing RGB Printings. By looking at your post, i must say that you missed a good company while making comparison.

  • Dave Conrey

    Nope! You’ll get better quality than Overnight, for less, and faster. And, no, I am not affliated

  • Dave Conrey

    This is the real reason to choose Moo over others.

  • Dave Conrey

    They are better, cheaper and faster than Overnight

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