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         Detoxification, weight loss, remove toxins and free radicals

                          Detoxification and Weight Loss
                                                 by Richard Rossbauer

    Why is detoxification important?

   Detoxification is a process by which you'll remove the toxic elements from your body in order to restore your health. Your body undergoes a lot of wear and tear throughout your day to day life.

   Toxins and free radicals are affecting your organs, your skin and your overall well being on the inside and on the outside.

    During the course of your normal daily life, you could be exposed to harsh chemicals through your work environment. You could be ingesting harmful ingredients in your food. All of these elements working together can cause a very toxic environment in your body.

    Things like cigarettes, acidic foods, caffeine, junk food and soda are all harmful to your health. If you are consuming these things on a consistent basis, you are harming your body on several levels.

    All of these elements build up in your system over time and can cause a whole host of problems including weight gain, memory problems and immune system issues.

    Detoxification is a natural process that the body accomplishes all on it's own under normal circumstances.

   However, when you have a poor diet and a stressful lifestyle your body isn't able to cleanse your system properly.

     If your body is not able to do its job properly, you can take steps to help your body heal itself.

Detoxification can:
     -Improve your immune system function
     -Eliminate free radicals from your system
     -Improve your ability to fight off cancer cells
     -Cleanse out congestion and mucous from your body
     -Purify your blood
     -Help you break your addiction to sugar, salt, alcohol and junk foods

How Detoxification Leads to Weight Loss

     Weight loss is a beneficial side benefit when you remove Toxins.

     The detoxification process seems like a complete contradiction to the way people normally lose weight and get healthy. Unlike diets where you count calories, a detoxification plan encourages you to eat certain foods that will help your body gently get rid of toxins and other problematic elements in your system. As you change your diet to include these new foods, your body will begin to get rid of what doesn't serve it anymore.

     Depending on your lifestyle, there may be just a few things causing problems in your system or there could be a large amount of "junk" clogging up your body's normal processes. Here are some of the elements that should be eliminated from your diet:

     - Artificial sweeteners
     - Pesticides
     - Preservatives
     - Artificial colors

     Overall, health experts agree that eating better and drinking more water is all that you need in order to detoxify your body.

     Certain foods and drinks are known to wreak havoc on your system and make you gain weight. Fast food, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and high fat foods are all clogging your system.

     You can take your first steps to better health by eating fresh, whole foods prepared at home. Find substitutes for your favorites, like herbal tea in place of coffee or stevia for sugar.

     No beverage is better for you than water. Water is the ultimate
detoxifier. All of your major organs require water to function properly, especially your liver.

     - Drink lots of water
     - Choose organic fruits and vegetables

   Many conventional fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides and chemicals that aren't good for your body. Try to buy organically grown foods as much as possible.

Detoxification has its benefits and you have all the power within your hands to get those benefits. Your body already has a system in place to remove toxins and free radicals. You just have to support your body by giving it the right nutrition in order to get the results you desire.

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