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OK, just wanted to get something up on the main page again, but so far we don't really seem to have a plan on how to get more people on the site.

I think I'm going to move up the deadline and, barring any burst in activity/membership, we'll probably shut the site down on December 1, 2014 (aka 361 days from now).

That will get us to 19 years in business. 20 sounded like a nice round number, but I can't see us doing two more years at this pace.

Geography Club: They Turned my Book Into a Movie!

By Brent Hartinger, author of Geography Club

They’ve turned my 2003 gay teen novel Geography Club into a movie. It’ll be released in select theaters and on video-on-demand everywhere on November 15th, 2013, and people have already started asking me how it all happened and what I’ve learned from the whole experience.

What did I learn?

The story starts when I graduated from college and decided to try to make a career writing novels and screenplays. It was the early 90s, and one of my first books was a young adult novel about a gay teen named Russel Middlebrook and his misfit friends. It was an extremely personal topic for me, because I had been a gay teenager, and I had also co-founded one of the United States’ very first gay teen support groups, in 1990.

For ten years, I (and later my agent, Jennifer DeChiara) tried to sell the book to publishers. A lot of editors wanted to buy it, but ultimately I heard the same thing over and over again: “I really like this, but the accountants at my publishing house tell me there’s no market for a book about gay teenagers.”

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ignored me all day, didn't even say goodnight
how did i know i could not trust you yet again
i am worried about the valentines day presents that will arrive on my doorstep
i was not aware you could deliver lies to me in person, being 1200 miles away, but you continue to impress me

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black upon black

upon black
upon black

it is not easy to see your face
and not recognize its contours
it is not easy to see your body
and feel that
it belongs to another.

upon red
upon black

the lines are wrong
the lines are false
this is not my body
this cannot be my body
it was not
meant to be this way.

damn this cock
damn these disgusting
that poison my blood
that poison my body
cause this falsehood
this wrong.

were there a god I would curse him
for the fate
he assigned to me:

a body that is wrong
a body that is sick
a body that is disgusting

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So I haven't seen Jake in a whole month! We still speak on email and viber or whatever some days but still. I think we're still sort of together I guess until we see eachother and see how we feel. but space is good for now!! I went to Bali without him with my girlfriends and it was so good, I went out clubbing, and it was cool meeting other people to just know that Jake isn't the only one out there. I nearly cheated on him! With the hottest guy ever but I didnt.

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i was so impressed at the way you listened to me. classical apathetic argument between us, you stayed silent and i placed words out like setting the table for a large family dinner, inviting you to sit down for a bit. you told me honestly you wanted to leave.

i gave you all the information i could to salvage your frayed mind and left you in peace

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I just feel like writing.

I know I'm sort of clogging this place, but things are going well. Besides the crushing migraine, aching eyes, relentless cough, distressed throat, and periodic nausea. Other than that, I'm fine.

You-know-who was happy to see me after the break (and produced a very large smile upon seeing me near), and we ended up talking for longer than we should have (or at least longer than the school would have wanted). I was very late to class, but that teacher doesn't give a fuck about anything so it doesn't matter.

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a short poem about a happy bunny-rabbit

A bitter taste to rival the cloying earnestness of angst

may you rot

may you fester

may you find yourself
the recipient of
your own horrors.

i am no prophet
nor am I God
i'm just a girl
who wants to have something to eat.

but is it unreasonable
to request from my fellows
they act with decency

is it unimaginable that
laughter should be genuine?
happiness be the

is it in the stars that humanity
must be cruel?
i do not believe so



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