Welcome to the OSHO International Meditation Resort.

If this is your first visit you probably would like to take a look around. Why not take a phototour here….

As you can see, as a “meditation resort” it reflects a unique combination of the meditation qualities of a Guatama the Buddha and the resort qualities of a Zorba the Greek. Zorba the Buddha in fact!

A place where the mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together rather than pulling in different directions!

When you arrive, the front desk will direct you to the Welcome Center just to the right of the main entrance. They will take care of your registration for participation in the meditation resort activities. For all the details please see here….

If you would like to stay on campus, there is the Osho Guesthouse here…. Or, if you have more time available, you can check out the Living In Program here….

Once you have settled you will probably want to review the Osho Multiversity programs here…. And the daily meditation schedule here….

If you are still wondering how to find us, please visit our Getting Here section….