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    The programmes for our London film festival have arrived! Check out the full schedule here:

  2. HRW's : Police already detained 110 people next to court building in Moscow - for shouting "Freedom to Bolotnaya prisoners!"

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    "Aiding & abetting terrorism"? In , that means being a journalist who deviates from military's propaganda line.

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    Of course wants to stall on a UNSC humanitarian-access resolution for until after Sochi. Don't let it.

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    Investigate police violence during protests. documented abuse in & streets. Read testimonies:

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    : OSCE should immediately appoint a special envoy to investigate human rights abuses

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    You can help our work to stop killings in by urging people 2 follow us on and RT our information from the ground.

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    Will be even less media on when we return next week, but killings continue--need 2 get word out directly on social media.

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    Will be returning 2 Tuesday 2 continue reporting from ground, thanks everyone for your continued support in getting the word out.

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    courts closed to Palestinians challenging illegal settlements but open to quash speech urging boycott for it.

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