26-27 August
Stockholm, Sweeden

IBC Euroforum Sweden organized a conference in Stockholm for two days designed to help companies better understand their increased liabilities related to environmental damage. The conference -- entitled "Operators' Increased Environmental Liability" -- was inspired primarily by the passage of the ELD and its implementation in Sweden. Although no cases of significant environmental damage have yet been brought against an operator in Sweden, all legislation has been transcribed into the Swedish Environmental Code and operators are liability for incidents that occur after 1 August 2007.

The conference included speakers from several different areas including, among others, Hans Lopetta of the EC's Director General of the Environment, Karin Berkstad of the Swedish Ministry of the Environment (the agency that transcribed the ELD into Swedish law), and several other representatives from the insurance industry that identified the types of insurance policies currently available (or being developed) to address environmental liabilities in Sweden.

Scott Cole of the REMEDE project gave two presentations - one that covered the REMEDE Toolkits principles for estimating sufficient amounts of complimentary/compensatory remediation and one that illustrated these principles in the case of an actual chemical spill into a harbour in Helsingborg, Sweden. The first presentation highlighted the Toolkit's 5 Steps of resource equivalency analysis for determining environmental compensation under the ELD, the Habitats, Wild Birds, and EIA Directives. The second presentation was based on one of the Toolkit's Case Studies, which was a hypothetical damage incident that provided a concrete example of how to apply the Toolkits methods.

Unfortunately, a representative from the Swedish EPA (the designated competent authority) was not available for the conference, but Informa has plans for a follow up conference to discuss how this agency may interpret and implement the ELD.

Scott's REMEDE presentation and Helsingborg presentation are available for download here are here.

For more information about the conference you can contact Scott Cole at or
(+46) 70 253 2883.

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