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Teachers and scientists designed this book to engage sudents in inquiry science and to extend science with interdisciplinary connections. The study of meteorites provides a unifying theme that links most every aspect of Earth and Planetary Science with Mathmatics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The effects of meteorite impacts have serious implications for social science.

The activities in this book are designed for upper elementary to high school level children.

Meteorites, Clues to Solar System History gives a borad introduction to many aspects of meteorite science. It tells the story of solar system history from the formation of the planets to catastrophic impacts on earth. It helps the students learn how scientists use studies of these rocks from space to decipher that history.


Cover & Title Page

Acknowledgements & Table of Contents

Mysterious Meteorites

Where Do They Come From?

What Are They?

How Did They Form?

What Effect Do They Have?

How Can I Use Them?

Is There a Career for Me?

What Can We Believe?

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