Agency Snapshot: Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a workforce of 9,739 employees and hired 448 employees in the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2011. Like other agencies, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is streamlining and improving the end-to-end hiring process to create a better experience for applicants, managers, and human resources specialists. The agency is also working to create appropriate training opportunities, promote work-life balance tools, provide appropriate benefits, and recognize excellent performance for its workforce. This website shows the different initiatives underway and progress being made in pursuit of the government-wide human resources agenda.

Karen Newton Cole

Key Initiatives

To achieve its mission the government must ensure that it is able to find and hire the best talent possible. We have terrific people in the Federal government. However we often miss out on talented individuals because the application and hiring process is so cumbersome and slow that people do not choose to apply for positions or they find other jobs before the hiring process is complete. The Administration has put speeding up and improving the hiring process to attract top talent high on its performance agenda in order to address this issue.

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Attracting people to government service is only the beginning – agencies also must treat employees well in order to engage and retain talented individuals. To that end, agencies are continuing to work on promoting a healthy work-life balance and creating development opportunities to engage the workforce, improve employee well-being, and increase government performance.

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We also must create a culture where employees strive to excel at performing their responsibilities. Agencies are working to create a culture where employees want to be, and can be, as effective as possible serving the public each and every day.

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