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Archanda - This is a country of literature in Georgia (country), which is invisible.

Georgia : P.S. Literature

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Georgia : P.S. Literature / [publ. Ketevan Kighuradze ; ed. Dodo Karanadze ; transl. Anatoly Giorgadze, David Akriani, Lela Samniashvili [et al.]]. - Tb. : Siesta, 2006. - 164 p. ; 21 cm.. - ISBN: 99940-908-0-1[MFN: 39746]


Antikashmir/Gigi Sulakauri;
Love during the curfew; A proletarian fairy from leningrad/Carlo Kacharava;
Learn me by heart; Distant bread; Money; To a Veris' Park cafe waiter; A flyer; Elegy/Shota Iatashvili;
Training for God; The short poetic ontology/Zurab Rtveliashvili;
Shaving to my face in the mirror; To a friend, nine years later; A window friend/Zviad Ratiani;
Traffic lights; Wasted time; The city; Doubt/Gaga Nakhutsrishvili;
The georgian dress; The view of the town Gori; A night letter; The coming/Lela Samniashvili;
You may also call it-Cain's harvest or the death of logic Departure; The verb "To be"/Rati Amaglobeli;
In memory of the living; Supplication; Something that was heard more than once/Nika Jorjaneli;

Family chronicle/Kote Jandieri;
Red hounds/Zaza Tvaradze;
Dagny or a love feast/Zurab Karumidze;
Three miniatures/Mikho Mosulishvili;
A romance of my wife/Aka Morchiladze;
The tunnel/Maka Mikeladze;
twice a week/Eka Ghaghanidze;
Murder at the station/Rezo Tabukashvili;
Flowers of the valley/Beso khvedelidze;
Fidal or amina from three to five/Teona Dolenjashvili;
Tavikatsi/Lasha Bughadze;

Mama/Zaza Burchuladze;

In the wings of the universe/David Akriani

UDC: 821.353.1-82 + 821.353.1-1 + 821.353.1-32 + 821.353.1-2 + 821.353.1-4

• Sulakauri, Gigi (auth.); Kacharava, Carlo (auth.); , Shota (auth.); Rtveliashvili, Zurab (auth.); Ratiani, Zviad (auth.); Nakhutsrishvili, Goga (transl.); Samniashvili, Lela (transl.); Amaglobeli, Rati (transl.); Jorjaneli, Nika (auth.); Jandieri, Kote (transl.); Tvaradze, Zaza; Karumidze, Zurab; Mosulishvili, Mikho (auth.); Morchiladze, Aka (auth.); ; , Maka (trans.); Ghaghanidze, Eka (transl.); Tabukashvili, Rezo (auth.); khvedelidze, Beso (auth.); Dolenjashvili, Teona (auth.); Bughadze, Lasha (auth.); Burchuladze, Zaza (auth.); Akriani, David (auth.); Kighuradze, Ketevan (publ.); Karanadze, Dodo (ed.); Giorgadze, Anatoly (transl.); Akriani, David (transl.); Samniashvili, Lela (tansl.); Dzotsenidze, Nino (transl.); Dumbadze, Lela (transl.); Babitsky, Natalie (transl.); Kraveishvili, Rusiko (transl.); Siamashvili, Zaza (transl.); Mosulishvili, Ann (transl.); Gogolashvili, Kote (transl.); Nanobashvili, Gaga (transl.); Horn, John (transl.); Lomidze, Gaga (transl.);

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* Georgia : P.S. Literature

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