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Gazettal Date24 December 2008
Commemorated NameCARMODY
Birth Year1920
Death Year1978
OriginAustralian public service, armed services, statutory authority head.

Essentially a Customs man, spending over half his career working in that department. He overhauled and simplified procedures for customs. As Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet he worked hard to maintain the department's high standards and extend its capacity to provide independent advice to the prime minister across the full range of Federal government responsibilities.
Deputy Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, 1962-1966.
Comptroller-General of Customs and Secretary, Department of Customs and Excise (later Department of Police and Customs), 1966-1976.
Secretary, Department of Business and Consumer Affairs, 1975.
Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, 1976 1978.
Order of the British Empire - Officer (Civil) - Deputy Secretary of the Department of Trade, 1964.
Order of the British Empire - Commander (Civil) - Comptroller-General of Customs, 1971.
Knight Bachelor in recognition of service to the Public Service in 1977.
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