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Doc Flay™

Doc Flay™

  • Age: 43
  • Sex: Male
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Occupation: Holistic Computer Doctor and knower of stuff.
  • Member since: Jun 2006
  • Forum posts: 82
  • Xbox Live Gamertag: dr_flay
  • ICQ 75837936
  • IRC Dr-Flay or Doc-Flay
  • MSN dr_flay [at]
  • Yahoo!: doktor_flay
  • AOL: DrFlay
  • Jabber: Dr-Flay [at]
  • Skype dr.flay
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About me

I like, Sci-Fi, Motorbikes, Good music & good parties.
I have been listening to...
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My work

Dr.Flay's computer clinic has been around since 1997
I wrestle with computers, & mix the herbs & spices, to soothe the owners mind & nerves ;-)

Fast facts

  • At the movies I like to see:The Intermision Adverts
  • Last movie seen:Layer Cake
  • Music I listen to:Cake
  • Best album right now:Cake T Bunstall : Pie to the Telescope
  • Favorite author:J.R. Kipling
  • Last book read:Agatha Crispies, Death by Chocolate
  • Best game right now:Muffin
  • Favorite sports team:Dundee UTD.
  • I'm passionate about:Cake
  • I wish I could:eat cake all day
  • Favorite travel destination:Anywhere with cake
  • On my vacation I..:try the local cakes
  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would:buy a really big chocolate cake
  • If I were a super hero I would:Vanquish the evil Dan Cake
  • Fashion I rather not see again:Flares/bell-bottoms
  • My worst purchase ever:A Motor Bike, I never got to ride :(
  • I want my coffee..:in a pint mug
  • Food I like:Cake . . . Duh !
  • I don't like:Spotted Dick
  • Software I use:Kopykake Desktop Decorator
  • Hardware I use:Fork or spoon
  • I discovered My Opera from:A magazine cover-disc in 1999 (I think)