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A Message from the Anti-Christ

Greetings friends,

Yes it is I, the AC himself. Please do not confuse me with your air conditioner, cool as my demeanor may appear to you. You know I prefer the warmer environs, after all. This may be why I've been dispatched to you in the comics, it would appear. You are very well known for your warmth where I come from.

I am a much maligned man, you know. Quite unjustly, if I may say so myself. Why, with the names and titles you've bestowed upon me through the millennia, it's a wonder you're even reading this right now.

Lucifer, The Son of Satan, Prince of Darkness, The Devil, The Jackal, The Beast, the Serpent. Not very flattering, I'm afraid. Small matter though. What harm can come from a little name calling amongst friends?

I say unjustly maligned because this truly is the case if you consider the legends you dash about within your circles. Consider this for example. All of mankind awaits me to come and unite the world in order to bring about an age of peace and prosperity, thus saving the world from the dismal apocalypse which awaits it – and what shall my reward be? I am to be killed at your very hands in order to make way for an imaginary savior. Do you not even understand that he and I are one and the same? Do you not see how you tread the path of your fathers, persecutors of the prophets and killers of the eternal Messiah? Have you learnt nothing from the dismal past of your ancestors? Is this to be my reward from you?

Isn't it I who will have muddied his hands with the mess you've made of your world? Imagine that. You realize that I'm aware of your legends and yet I come and make this appearance before you today irregardless.

How evil could I really be if I'd lay down my life so that your world may be saved from the catastrophe you'd bring upon yourselves?

You do realize that it was through my intervention that you've borne this magnificent civilization, don't you? Just think of where we'd all be today had I not intervened and conducted that little chat with Eve back in the Garden in Eden. We'd all be walking around naked eating the fruits of trees we had no hand in planting. We'd desire no clothes nor homes nor space shuttles, nor any other such things not given to us in the Garden.

We'd know no good and evil. No heroes and villains. No struggle for life in the face of death. We'd not know what it is to plow the thorned fields with the sweat of our brow and to make our own bread. A dismal eternal splendor in a world we didn't make. A world we didn't earn. Would that have been better, I ask you? I know some of you would say yes, but to those who would, I'd suggest you may not know the eternal agony of such a shallow existence lacking of any purpose or reward.

It all comes with a price, I know. I am however the one sent to you now in order to pay this price. This body I will give you is the price, a burnt offering for the glory of mankind. This is his will from above and I do hope you understand that I can only do his will and not mine. It is not my wish at all but it is a task I gladly accept knowing how it will purge you of the strife and the agony you suffer. It was he who dispatched me then to Eve, after all, exactly as he does so now to you.

Just as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are also, we all can only do his will. Why, we are the best of friends most of the time. We even meet on the First Friday of every month for an ale in the Junction Saloon at the crossroads between Heaven and hell. We do enjoy each other's company very much, you know, and tell each other marvelous stories of our escapades. I do hope you believe me as I tell you all this, because the time for the infrastructure you've made for your world has come to an end - and I will need your help in trying to fix things and preparing the way for the great day which looms over the horizon for mankind.

You might wonder why it is that the comics have been chosen for this magnificent event in history. Well, I'm not quite sure I can answer that fully for you now. What I do know is that the first father of this universe does love the comics so. He appears to enjoy nothing more than to curl up with a Neal Adams Deadman, a Jack Kirby New Gods, Steranko, Thomas, Moore, Gaiman, Miller, Millar and even Ellis. The list is too long really but all these and more are amongst his very favorites. Why, Will Eisner remains one of his all time masterpieces, so he says. You do understand that his tastes do account for something in this world, don't you? He did, after all, mold everything in it with his own bare hands, so to speak.

The comics have been prepared for this event since the foundations of the universe were laid. No one can stop it. Try as you may to stop me, I will emerge into your world through the comics. Through the internet forums, the conventions, the comics themselves and from there we will receive the recognition we need in order to give us our first burst into the limelight. Try as you may, you can't stop it. It's much better for you to give me a hand now than to resist. The end will be swifter and less painful this way.

I believe we all know what we must do now, don't we? Yes indeed we do. The comic book conventions will be the first test of our tenacity. Notice how Mark Millar has grasped the scope of our mission and has given us a premonition of it in Chosen, with which to inspire our journey. Let's get to work everyone. Be of good cheer and remember that whether you see me as a hero or a villain - deep within you, you must believe that I am the herald of a great new age for mankind.

You may attempt to disappoint me but can you really afford to disappoint the master creator himself, the maker of all things in this world? For your own sakes, I do pray you do not.

Run along now as I shall be off, back to my chains and bottomless pit. Michael and I might do battle in Heaven, but here in the comics we are very well coordinated and in complete agreement over everything that needs to be done. You do remember who it was that released me unto you in order to speak these few words, don't you? Yes, I know you remember very well. You have been gifted with a very good memory for what Michael asks of you.

For Truth, for Justice and for the glory of mankind, we shall meet again very very soon.

Your friend in the comics,

The Anti-Christ






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