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Chosen and The Passion
Written by MN   
Sunday, 18 June 2006

Mark Millar's Chosen #1With the second installment of Mark Millar's Chosen, due for release towards the end of 2006 and being discussed for a possible film venture, it is perhaps noteworthy to revisit the sharp contrast this series holds to other prominent treatments of the story of Jesus Christ within the entertainment world. One of the more ambitious such efforts from Hollywood in recent years is Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, released in the summer of 2004, portraying in great detail, Jesus' suffering during his excecution at the hands of the Roman soldiers in Jerusalem.

Passion of the ChristIt was in that fateful summer that The Passion arose into the clouds of Christian self-love and began to spread its hate across the globe. It's not my desire to be so critical of the Christian religious community, but you good guys and gals aught to learn to be a little more considerate because you're all heading for a great deal of trouble with your blind and insensitive holy pride - which is exactly what The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ warned you about. And you do it all in his name. You've become the greatest evil in modern civilization with your arrogant oppression of this world, which God gave you as a gift, and gave us all a free choice in, for a good reason. In your holy arrogance you'd purport to take away the choice which God gave to man. That's very evil. Satan himself did not stoop so low. If you'd truly believed in Jesus Christ and listened to what he actually taught, instead of flaunting your white robes, stained with pomposity, in everyone's face - and you truly believed that everyone who doesn't say Amen to your arrogance is your enemy... well then, you'd know to love your enemy as you would yourselves - and not oppress them by legislating a superficial morality, through your ill-begotten representatives in congress.

Look at your shame, the shame of the religious front in America. Look at how far you've strayed from the path which Jesus showed you. Look at how, in your shame, you sell postcards, crosses and other artifacts inside of your churches - when you know that your Lord gave his life in chasing the money changers out of the temple, all those who turned the house of God into a den of thieves - the same type of thieves which you've now become, and all in your Lord's name. Look at how, in your shame, you call on the world to join you in making war on, and murdering, women and children with your bombs, all in the name of Jesus - who rebuked those who raised a sword, even against the occupying Roman soldiers oppressing his own people. Where is the compassion which Jesus taught you to have? Have you become such ravening wolves that you no longer understand people must be allowed to choose what they wish to be for themselves? Why do you not understand that it is not given to you to force anyone into becoming something they do not choose? Why do you continue to abuse the legislative arms of an oppressive government, in order to buttress the moral stranglehold you excercise over the people?

Passion of the ChristEven God himself didn't do this and wouldn't - because God loves everyone so - and not only you and your arrogant religious front - as you believe. God loves everyone and desires from each of us to choose to be the world's finest, and thus earn it. Not undeservedly and deceiptfully, through being forced by the legislative law of arrogant ravening wolves such as you. You, who only love yourselves and your self-made holiness, you don't truly know how to love and listen to God, not yet. You might, when your world begins to collapse on you and you'll suffer God's judgment of righteousness coming your way. Maybe then, maybe, some of you will awaken and remember from whence you have all come.

So, about the movie. Clearly a professional production. Sadly a very bad message. As if Jesus was the only man in the world to suffer as he did. He wasn't. Many good people have died far more horrible deaths than Jesus did - and Mel Gibson did not make a movie about them. As in his other films, all quality productions of the action, adventure and bloodshed variety, he failed to understand the true reason for human anguish. Mel Gibson failed to transcend his love for the blood and the hunt - and failed tell the story of the man Jesus and why he truly suffered. As if it was the torture and the crucifixion which caused the anguish Jesus felt. They weren't. What caused Jesus' suffering was seeing the world overrun by the exploitive power of the religious front of his world. Jesus suffered at the inhumanity, in the name of God, which was being perpetrated against the people around him whom he loved. He suffered so much from this that he chose to take some comfort by giving himself in to the torture and the crucifixion. That's why Jesus truly suffered - and not because of what we saw in Mel Gibson's film. Jesus dedicated his life to exposing the hypocrisy of religious people who pray in mass for long hours - and make a show of it so they could flaunt their pomposity in the face of a humble and humane secular world. The same secular world that suffers at the inhumanities perpetrated in the name of God by religious hypocrites.

Passion of the ChristThat is the story Mel Gibson should have told, so that it would slap the dual face of religious hypocrisy, twice. Twice, because religious hypocrites should turn their other dual cheek upon being slapped the first time, and then they should be slapped hard enough a second time on their second dual cheek, in order to cause them to awaken and reflect upon their poisonous dual faced spirit.

Mel Gibson brought much hate into the world with his movie and he knew he was doing it - and didn't care. The movie emerged with the echoes of the centuries-old accusation that the Jews had killed Jesus, and Mel Gibson allowed the echoes of this accusation to mount and ferment a disdain for the Jews within the emotionally charged religious front in America and across the world - and Mel Gibson didn't care that this was happening - and did not lift a finger to truly change these tides.. and we all know why, don't we? Ye$. Ye$ we do.

Passion of the ChristWell, Mr. Mel Gibson. Allow me to remind you of what truly killed Jesus the Christ. Not the Jews. The Jews loved Jesus until people like you spilled their poison into the world. It was the Jews who loved Jesus, 50,000 strong in the streets of Jerusalem and believed in him for deliverance. It was the Jews who loved Jesus so much, that their love for him brought him back to life from the dead and they went on to tell the world of their love for him - and of how he returned to life. That's how much the Jews loved and believed in Jesus, Mr. Mel Gibson.

Unlike you and your poisonous film - which is what truly killed Jesus. Yes, it was you and your movie that killed Jesus, Mr. Mel gibson. You killed him in your movie and we all saw you doing it. We saw you doing it with every word you wrote in your screenplay. We saw, with every instruction you gave to the camera-men, how you were killing Jesus. Hour after hour, you killed him, right before our very eyes - and we all saw you doing it. You and your religious hypocrisy with which you killed him with. You are the one that killed Jesus, for us, Mr. Mel Gibson.

You, Mr. Gibson, have not shown true love for God and have not shown that you love his only begotten son, The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because your love for yourself - and your holy arrogant pride - never left room in your heart for the love of anything else. Never left room in your heart to have compassion on the people who truly love Jesus. Never left room in your heart to care enough, in order to understand how poisonous your movie really is. You Jesus killer.

You and your arrogant hypocrite Christian front. You're all Jesus killers.

It's alright though, all you hypocrites amongst the Christians, all you Jesus killers, you will be forgiven when you repent, because you don't truly know what you've done.

It's alright, Mel Gibson, now you also know how it feels.

Listen Mel, If you'd like to make up for the mistakes you made with this movie, you should contact me and I'll explain the story of Jesus to you and show you what it means operatively in the world today and you could make a movie about that - you could make a movie about The Comic Book Creators' Party - and make up for the poison which you poisoned our world with.

I don't believe Mel will contact me soon, but if he happens to see this and would like to sort this out - and perhaps make the right movie - well, he has our contact information on this website.

Mark Miller's Chosen #2Or Mel Gibson could contact Mark Millar, who's shown a far deeper grasp of the story of Jesus through his 3 issue series, Chosen, published by Dark Horse Productions, in the same summer as the release of Passion of the Christ. Mark did a masterful job of showing what a growing boy who believed he's to play the role of The Second Coming of Christ would be like - attempting to perform the miracles, building a reputation as being possibly that man and eliciting a growing wonderment about him. It takes a great deal of courage to end the series as Mark did - and he gave a premonition of it in that first issue, in the last panels when the grown Jodie is short haired and clean shaven with a blackened face, reminding us of images of the Anti-Christ in The Omen film series. This is the essence of the story as Mark Millar tells it - and it's very important for the Christian world to understand the story of Jesus as such.

Why is this important? I'll attempt to explain.

I'd like to take you back about 2,700 years, back by the rivers of Babylon - where Daniel the Prophet lived. The same Daniel who wrote the Book of Daniel in The Bible. This is the man who wasn't afraid of the lions in the den, which is why they didn't devour him. The lions respected Daniel because he stood up as if he was also a lion and didn't whimper in fear - which usually causes a lion to devour the whimperer.

Dore. Daniel in the Lion's DenDaniel, as also the prophets who wrote in The Bible, reached some rather deep spaces within himself, so deep that he discovered a limitless world of understanding within himself. He came to understand that inside of all of us, is an endless well of strength, wisdom and understanding - enabling us to comprehend anything we truly desired to - just as Alan Moore points to repeatedly in his interviews and as Neal Adams displays with his Growing Earth science project. The problem is that we don't all attempt, with enough true desire, to pierce the veil of false reality our world covers us with - the veil which hadn't yet formed when we were five - as Alan Moore says. This is the reason most people are so confused about this world. Because they don't truly try to understand it. Because they're overly pre-occuppied with thinking about themselves - and there's no more room left in their mind and heart to understand anything else. Daniel lived his life as a Jew in exile - but with his wisdom, he became a prominent advisor to the leaders and kings of Babylon. He lived his life there, by the rivers of Babylon, attempting to make the world a better place with his stories, just as most Comic Book Creators do. The rivers were as a prophet's desert for Daniel, only wetter.

The second half of the Book of Daniel tells of visions he had of the end of the world and the coming of the Jewish Messiah. The most relevant of these visions for us is chapter 11, where Daniel tells of the rise of a fierce chameleon-like sociopolitical leader, who changes identities as circumstance dictates - destined to emerge in the end of days and topple the ruling hierarchies of his time - replacing them with a new group of leaders who sweep the world with a revived spirit of peace and prosperity. The Jewish sages, who never truly understood the mysteries of the book of Daniel - and admitted so repeatedly, even to this very day - attempted to interpret this chapter as telling about the ruling class of their own time, each sage according to his time. For example; a sage who lived in the time of the Macedonian Empire interpreted this chapter as referring to Alexander the Great. The chapter ends with this leader coming to his end - being killed or executed - and no one raising a finger to help him, as if everyone understands that it is unavoidable. The next and final chapter of this book, chapter 12, tells of the revelation of the True Messiah - and the beginning of a new world where there's no more death, nor sorrow, nor hunger, nor pain, nor any other such undesirable things in the world.

The OmenNow, Jesus had this book available to him, along with the other books of Moses and the prophets. It apparently also became a great inspiration to him and his friends, which all Biblical commentators agree is evident in the Book of Revelations. When Jesus began role-playing The Messiah, he came to understand that if he is to fulfill his mission of reviving a spirit of goodwill within the Jewish people, so as to inspire a change in the world, he would need to contend with the pompous hypocrites - the religious authorities of his time - who would surely seek to kill him for attempting to overthrow the oppressive stranglehold they had on the people, through their patronization of the corrupt monarchy of King Herod and the Roman Governor Pilate, appointed to keep the peace in Israel at that time.

This small realization eventually fermented the fierceness within Jesus, allowing him to challenge the religious authorities and expose their hypocrisy. The fury he learnt to harness in contending with this matter, eventually led him to the understanding that this fierce sociopolitical leader whom Daniel wrote of in chapter 11 - must be the same man as the True Messiah, who was to be revealed in chapter 12, after the death of that fierce sociopolitical leader. Jesus came to this understanding because he truly believed himself to be The Messiah - and through his limitless faith, he was becoming a fierce sociopolitical leader, who frequented publicans and sinners - meaning politicians. Upon reconciling how it could be that he must be executed, or killed, and then become revealed as the True Messiah, Jesus began telling his disciples that he must be persecuted and killed - and will then rise again from the dead, in order to fulfill the Biblical prophecies.

Jesus' friend, John, whom he loved most - who also told the world that he'd seen Jesus alive after the crucifixion, as a man in the flesh (just as Mel Gibson portrayed it in Passion, one of the few saving graces of that movie - that and the table and chair which Jesus invented, which was quite good also)...well, John proceeded to weave an intricate tale in the Book of Revelation, wherein he expanded upon the Book of Daniel, portraying the emergence of the Last Messiah - to come in the end of days in Daniel's chapter 12 - as that of the Second Coming of Jesus, who'd now become The Christ through surviving the crucifixion. This was John's newfound understanding of these prophecies, because Jesus and John both understood that Jesus is an intermittent Messiah - and not the Last Messiah whom Daniel wrote of.

Mark Millar's Chosen #3How did Jesus and John know this? Well, Daniel names the Last Messiah, and it's not Jesus. He gives the Last Messiah a name in the first line of chapter 12 of his book. Moreso, they both understood that it will still take much time until their work would sweep the entire world - in preparation for the coming of the Last Messiah. So, they borrowed a concept from Mithraism and Zoroastrian Legend about a Son of God - and implied that when Jesus returns as the Last Messiah, he would carry the name which Daniel gave him. This is evident in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation where The Second Coming of Christ is given the same name as the Last Messiah in the Book of Daniel. They further implied that in the Second or Last coming, he would not be merely The Son, as Jesus is, but rather The Father. This is the allusion which gave birth to the concept of The Trinity - wherein The Son and The Father are physical shells, as we all are in this world - but bound together by the same spirit, The Ghost, as we all are in this world - spanning the 2,000 years between them. All this was woven by John in the Book of Revelation, and inspired by the role which Jesus played in surviving the crucifixion.

This is why most Biblical commentators link the Book of Revelation to the Book of Daniel - and point to the similarities of the metaphoric symbolism between them.

The reason all this is relevant to Mark Millar's Chosen is that Christian Biblical commentators, who also didn't truly fully understand the mysteries of either the Book of Daniel, nor the Book of Revelation and admitted so repeatedly, distinguished between the dual roles of this fierce sociopolitical leader and The Messiah he would transform into upon his survival of the execution.

And so, thus was born the legend of the Anti-Christ.

This is the legend understood today by the Christian world, as that of the rise of the Son of Satan, a fierce sociopolitical leader who will sweep the world with an age of peace and prosperity - and who must then be killed when he fulfills this mission, allowing immediately afterwards for the revelation and emergence of the True Christ Messiah whose presence in the world will bring an end to death, sorrow, hunger, pain and all undesirable things in the world.

The Omen IIMark Millar appears to have come to the understanding - and explored in Chosen - the possibility that these two dual roles are the two sides of one and the same coin.

That the Christ and the Anti-Christ are indeed one and the same man.

Clearly a very worthy foundation for the epic saga Mark Millar weaves in this series - destined for far more controversy and embrace than the pathetic sentimental theatrics of Mel Gibson and his ill-fated ilk.

Well done, Mr. Mark Millar. Very well done indeed.

One more thing. The reason all this is relevant to The Comic Book Creator's Party is this: When the Son of Man re-emerges onto the world stage and begins to instill the fear of the Anti-Christ within the hypocrites amongst the Christians, well... yes they will all seek to have him executed, this is true. However, because of who he is and the role he must fulfill, it will all be quite unavoidable - and quite alright actually, because this is what he also desires. Just the same as Jesus also desired - both faithful that they will survive the ordeal and rise again from the execution. Moreso, even though the Christian world will perceive the advent of the Son of Man as being that of the Anti-Christ, and because his rise on the world stage is a prophecy which must be fulfilled by the hypocrites amongst the Christians - well, they cannot put him to death him until he fulfills his mission of bringing an age of peace and prosperity to the world - because this is what they believe their prophecies indicate.

This means that the hypocrites amongst the Christians will all come over to the presumed Anti-Christ's side so that he could finish his mission of bringing an age of peace and prosperity to the world - so they can then execute him. Just as it is that they believe Jesus will return when Israel is united in their land and make a show of supporting Israel - pretending they love the Jews. They only do it for themselves, however, and pretend. They have not yet truly come to love the Jews.

The hypocrite blood thirsty Jesus killers! Anti-Christ killers! Son of Man killers! They're just a pack of blood thirsty killers - as Mel Gibson and his Jesus-killing hypocrite religious front leading The Christian coalition are. Killers! Killers! Killers!

At least they'll help us heal the world first, eh?

It is an intricate web indeed which we do weave here.

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