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How do Fotolia subscription plans work?

All of our Subscription plans allow you to download images at the highest resolution, vector illustrations and video footage (1 "M" definition video = 5 downloads). With more than 19 million creative files available in Subscription ("S" icon), you will certainly find all the images you need, and at the very best price.

For your convenience, all Subscription plans are automatically renewed to prevent service interruption. Of course, you can decide to cancel the renewal by updating your Subscription options up to 3 days before renewal. Simply visit the “Subscription” section inside your member area and click on the “Renew at expiration” link. The link will then change to “no renew at expiration” and your Subscription won't be renewed.

We also offer customized plans for companies with needs over 10,000 images a year, call us: +1 (888) 674-2299

Subscription options

Daily or Monthly quota?

Fotolia's Daily Subscription plans allow members to download from 25 to 250 creative files per day. It's the perfect solution for big companies with large image requirements. This is also the best offer you will find: download high-res images, vector illustrations and video footage every day from $0.19 per file!

Monthly Subscription plans allow members to download each month from 5 to 5000 creative files without daily limit. It's the most popular offer on Fotolia. Flexible and affordable, the monthly Subscription plan allows you to download high-res images, vector illustrations and video footage from $0.84 per file! Moreover, if you don't use all of your downloads within that month, these unused downloads rolls over to the next month for as long as your subscription is active or renewed.


All of our Subscription plans can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Of course, the longer you subscribe, the more money you save! Remember, one month refers to a thirty-day period, and is not necessarily a calendar month.

Download quota

Whether you opt for a Monthly or a Daily Subscription plan, you will need to define your preferred download quota. Choose your quota: from 25 to 250 images per day with a Daily Subscription and from 5 to 5,000 images per month with a Monthly Subscription. Remember, if you’re creating a plan for multiple users, or if you plan on downloading a lot of videos, you might consider purchasing more than the minimum download quota (1 "M" resolution video = 5 downloads).

Individual or Multi User

The Individual Subscription option allows one user to download images daily or monthly, according to the Subscription plan purchased. It is a perfect solution for smaller companies with one designer.

The Multiple Users Subscription option allows a company to share access to Fotolia’s images, vectors and videos. Through our Corporate Service section, an administrator can purchase and allocate downloads to multiple designers, with control over the number of downloads. With the use of our corporate tools, the administrator has the ability to share the downloads between all of his subaccounts and keep track of all his designers' activities (statistics by designer, by project, download a report file in CSV format). For example, you could allocate 50 downloads a day to Pat, your designer, and 25 downloads a day to Laura, your secretary and, at the end of each month, edit a reporting file you can import to your preferred spreadsheet software. If you require multi-access for your company and its subsidiaries, please contact us at +1 (888) 674-2299 and we will create your custom subscription, always at the best price.

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