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Phil Baumann

What I Do: I help physicians, nurses, and other healthcare leaders design better relationships with patients.

I run Health Is Social, where I focus on the intersection of Healthcare and emerging technologies and help organizations to generate, plan, implement and evaluate innovative ideas concerning technology, with a focus on Healthcare and other regulated industries.

I’m on the Board of Advisors for Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

Who I am: I am a registered nurse, Healthcare communicator, and media critic with a background in enterprise accounting, treasury operations and have worked in the Financial, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical industries.

I blog primarily about how technologies influence us, with an emphasis on health care applications of social software. I’m always interested in exploring different categories of business, culture, and life in general – from the implications of technology in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial, and other regulated industries to the practical benefits of philosophical investigations.

Email me at Phil (at) PhilBaumann (dot) com.

If you need help with developing online a communication command center, online adverse event monitoring, improving patient relationships, or receiving guidance on technology implementation in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, or Financial Services, please submit a Request for Proposal.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @PhilBaumann and connect with me on LinkedIn.

My cell is 484-362-0451.