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Table of Contents

The Hound Pits Pub

  1. Samuel escorts you to the entrance of the Hound Pits Pub. Open the door, then follow the arrow to talk to Lord Pendleton and Admiral Havlock. After the conversation, they’ll point you toward Piero, the person who will craft your gear. Meet him in the workshop right next to the dock.
  2. When you get near, he’ll initiate a conversation. He’s almost done working on your mask as you enter. Soon enough the machine he’s working on has a malfunction. The tank of whale oil ejects itself. Head upstairs and grab another tank of whale oil, then insert it into the machine.
  3. Piero will fit you with the mask. Afterward, you can enter his shop to purchase bolts, bullets, traps, grenades and re-wiring tools. After purchasing your things, Piero will say that you’re probably going to need some rest. You can immediately rest, or explore the area some before resting. If you explore, you’ll need to head upstairs from the Hound Pits Pub, then activate the bed to sleep.
  4. When you wake up, something isn’t right. Things feel otherworldly. Leave your chambers and walk outside up the stairs. Continue to the path that leads up. You’ll meet the Outsider who will grant you his mark, giving you your first initial power, Blink.
  5. From here, you’ll need to blink from platform to platform. Hold the “Right Mouse Button” and you’ll see a pillar of light indicating where you’ll blink to. When you’ve aimed it, let go of the button and Corvo will dash his way over. Keep doing this until you reach the Outsider once again. Along the way you’ll see the Empress and Emily as well as some chests to open, among other things.
  6. When you reach the Outsider, he’ll give you Heart. This is used to find Runes (gain you new powers) and Bone Charms (passive abilities or other bonuses) in the game. Once equipped they will be shown in the game. Your task here is to find the rune.
  7. Follow the path ahead as you’re lead to the rune’s waypoint. When you reach the tower, drop through the windows, then a floating piece of concrete below. The rune will be placed in a shrine ahead. You can’t miss it.
  8. From here you can choose your next power using the rune. I suggest taking Dark Vision so you can see living beings through walls as well as their cone of vision, but ultimately, it’s up to you. The Outsider will then take you back to the real world.
  9. You wake up from your bed. As an optional task, you can find a rune hidden in the area. Whip out the heart, then head outside. The rune is past the dock. You’ll need to swim or blink to get there. It’s located on a rock near the surface of the water.
  10. After grabbing the rune, head back to Admiral Havlock. He’ll give you an assignment. He wants you to assassinate High Overseer Campbell and grab his private journal. He also asks you to free Martin.
  11. Head toward the dock and Callista will ask you to save her uncle, Geoff Curnow. Campbell plans to poison him. After that conversation, head down to the dock to talk to Samuel. He’ll suggest you visit Piero to equip yourself for the mission.
  12. Once you’re done, head down to the dock and Samuel will take you on a boat ride, thus beginning your mission to assassinate High Overseer Campbell.

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3 Comments on Dishonored Walkthrough


On October 14, 2012 at 9:26 am

Hate steam!! my first time with it.
But the big question is there a “Pause”?


On October 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.