Dishonored Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

Assassinate High Overseer Campbell

  1. Samuel drops you off in the Distillery District right next to a drainage pipe, along the beach. He mentions the walls of light. Walls that basically vaporize anyone who cross them.
  2. Move toward the bridge you see above, as soon as you’re in control. You’ll see two city guards dumping bodies from the bridge. Below is a lone guard watching the activities. Keep note of the tower on the right hand side of the bridge.
  3. Up ahead, take out the guard directly in front of you, hide his body, then cross under the bridge. Head toward the tower mentioned. Move around the backside of it, then climb the chain. Hop over to the ledge and you’ll see a dead man’s camp site. Grab your first BONE CHARM (1 out of 5) here.
  4. Now head back down, but don’t head toward the white marker to the wall of light just yet. We’ll do some optional side quests to net more runes. Use the wall of light marker to pretend it’s facing North. Head East to reach Granny Rags.

(Optional) Granny Rags

  1. Head east and soon, you’ll see a woman on a balcony throwing out garbage onto the street. Use the wooden ramp to reach the balcony she was on. Enter her house, then head downstairs. Don’t talk to her yet. Open the door right next to her. It will lead out to a shrine, where you can find a RUNE (1 out of 7).
  2. Now head back inside to talk to Granny Rags. She’ll ask you to take care of the “Gentleman Callers” outside her door and give you her key to the front door.
  3. Head upstairs to the balcony, so the front door stays locked. Take care of the “Gentleman Callers” how you see fit, then head back inside to talk to Granny Rags. She tells you to head upstairs to grab another RUNE (2 out of 7).
  4. After picking up the rune, Granny shows up behind you and asks you to do something else. She wants you to go to Clavering Blvd. and enter Doctor Galvani’s lab and use the rat viscera to contaminate the Bottle Street Gang’s elixir still. To get to his lab, go to Clavering Blvd, past the first wall of light.
  5. I’d suggest heading to the second floor of the estate, then entering through the balcony. When you’re ready, head inside. Enter the door to the right of the table in front of you, then head left down the hallway.
  6. Follow the hallway, then look through the keyhole attached to the first door on the left. You’ll see a guard talking to a maid. When they are finished talking, follow the guard and head upstairs. You can sleep dart the maid just in case.
  7. Remove the guard upstairs however you see fit, then enter Galvani’s lab. Explore the lab to grab items that will be converted to gold. Head for the huge bookshelf where you can see distinct marks on the floor. Use the red book on the second shelf from the bottom. It’s more highlighted than the rest of the books. The shelf will open.
  8. Grab the “Rat Viscera”, then leave the way you came or you can explore the rest of the building. Once you’re done, head toward the Bottle Street Gang’s Distillery.
  9. Upon entering, use the metal beams on the right hand side, propped against the barrels to get some height on the environment. Follow the beams, to the roof. The roof has a basket on top of it with some goodies. From the roof, drop down to the pipes to reach the door housing the distillery.
  10. Once inside, be careful of the waist high tripwire just ahead. Hop onto the railing to the right, to bypass the tripwire, then climb the chain above. Blink your way to the pipes below. Follow the pipes to reach the “Elixir Still”.
  11. Inside the “Elixir Still”, there’s a lone guard. Take him out. Also in this room is a BONE CHARM (2 out of 5), high above, on one of the rafters.
  12. To reach the elixir still, head down the stairs, then crouch under the narrow path, under the barrel, next to the metal door. Activate the “Elixir Still”, then add the “Rat Viscera” to it. Grab some items from off the table.
  13. Head back out the way you came. Follow the wall on the left as you sneak along the pipes, then drop down to the office below. On the wall, next to the window of the office, is a key. Grab it, then open the metal door to exit.
  14. Once outside, back track, using the pipes, the roof, and metal beams, to exit the distillery.
  15. Head back to Granny Rags for your reward, another RUNE (3 out of 7). You should be able to purchase more powers now. I’d suggest grabbing “Agility”. It lets you jump much higher by holding down “Space Bar”.

(Optional) Griff

  1. To reach Griff, head toward Granny Rags’ balcony. Equip the heart and you’ll see a bone charm nearby. Follow the marker to the bone charm.
  2. You’ll hear a commotion below. Two thugs are trying to reach Griff, but he’s behind a doorway, that’s barred by wooden planks. Take care of both of the thugs hounding him. When they’re gone, swing your sword at the planks to break the planks.
  3. Talk to Griff and he’ll sell you items. When you’re done checking out his items, head upstairs to grab the BONE CHARM (3 out of 5).

Back to High Overseer Campbell

  1. Head toward the second wall of light, using the rooftops and pipes to your advantage. When you reach it, you’ll be on Clavering Blvd. Look for an alleyway to the left of the wall of light. It will lead down and around. You might need to go around and pass by Galvani’s balcony to reach it unseen.
  2. When you make it down the alleyway, head left, then up the stairs on the right. You’ll come upon a fight. Loot the bodies as you keep following the path up. When you emerge onto the street, enter the small metal outpost on the left, to grab a RUNE (4 out of 7).
  3. When the coast is clear, head for the door that leads to “Holger Square”. Up ahead you’ll see Martin being held prisoner underneath a monument. Take care of the guard talking to him, then pull the lever to the left of Martin, to free him.
  4. Up ahead, you’ll see a metal fence. Head left, then hop onto the spiked canopy. You’ll overlook two guards chatting, initiating a sidequest to grab the “Branding Instructions”. Look up, to the left, and you’ll see a ledge high above that wraps around the building. If you grabbed “Agility” for the higher jump, you can reach the ledge using a combination of jump and blink. It might also be possible with a normal jump.
  5. Using the ledge, sneak around the building. Use blink again, to reach the building across from you, where the red banner is hung. Follow the ledge, then enter the building through the windows on the right. Once inside, look up and use the lights above to get a height advantage.
  6. Keep blinking from light to light, to reach the room with the branding instructions. Take out the guard that patrols the area. There will also be another one that enters the room through the front door, so be careful.
  7. Once you’ve grabbed the instructions, exit the way you came from, through the window above the door. From here follow the white marker to enter the meeting between Campbell and Curnow.
  8. When you’re inside the room, there’s a RUNE (5 out of 7) above the fireplace. Grab it quickly, then head for the table. Switch the poison to Campbell’s glass, then hide under the table. Hiding under the table gives you a great opportunity to pickpocket Campbell’s blackmail journal.
  9. Campbell will soon die because of the poison. The guard will think that Curnow did it. Curnow is actually strong enough to escape himself, but just in case he doesn’t, save the game before the confrontation. You’ll eventually get the notification that Curnow has escaped.
  10. With Campbell assassinated, leave the area, through the front doors. Make a left, then run a short way down the hallway. Quickly make a right, down the winding staircase. There’s a light you can blink on top of in the middle of the winding staircase so you can gauge the situation.
  11. Take out the guards, or wait for the coast to be clear. Don’t go to Samuel just yet. Enter the metal door closest the bottom of the staircase to access Campbells secret room. To access the room, locate the green eye on the bust.
  12. Inside the room, grab the RUNE( 6 out of 7), and then the “Painting of the High Overseer”. Now exit the area, then head to the door marked “Samuel the Boatman”.
  13. It’s all rooftops here. Eliminate the first guard as you blink to the first rooftop. Use the heart to locate one rune and two bone charms.
  14. The last RUNE (7 out of 7) is located inside one of the buildings. Break through the glass above to gain entrance to the room. The BONE CHARM closest to the RUNE has a trip wire, so be careful. There are also rats down below. Use the chains to climb down, then blink on top of the boxes and the table. Loosen the vice to grab the BONE CHARM (4 out of 5)
  15. Finally, the last BONE CHARM (5 out of 5), closest to Samuel, can be accessed from behind the building. The side that’s facing toward the shore. You’ll need to swing your sword and break the planks nailed on the window to reach it.
  16. With all RUNES and BONE CHARMS found, head to Samuel the Boatman by climbing the chain down. Talk to Samuel to head back to the pub.

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On October 14, 2012 at 9:26 am

Hate steam!! my first time with it.
But the big question is there a “Pause”?


On October 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.