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Table of Contents

Royal Physician

  1. When you arrive back at the Hound Pits Pub, Emily will be taken to her quarters and you’re tasked to talk to Pendleton. He’ll be at the tower. After you’re finished talking with him, head inside the pub to talk to Havelock and Martin. You won’t be able to rest here, as the next mission starts immediately.
  2. After talking with both of the gentlemen, talk to Piero if you need to, then head to Samuel to begin the mission; to abduct the Royal Physician by passing through Kaldwin’s Bridge.
  3. Samuel will drop you off right by the bridge. Look to the right above the water. There’s a chain. Blink to the platform right underneath it to get to the billboard. Sneak behind the billboard, the blink on top of the guard outpost.
  4. By the opening that overlooks the water, there’s a door you’ll need to enter. Blink there when the guards aren’t looking, then enter the building. Grab any loot you see while inside. Head upstairs.
  5. When you reach the top, you’ll see a track for a cart. To the left of it is a desk. Grab the blue prints for Galvani Resin. Now head upstairs to grab the whale oil, then insert it into the panel to power up the tracks. Hop into the cart, then pull the lever to get across.
  6. When you make it across, look for the balcony attached to the building across the way. The doorway will be open. Enter it to grab some loot. One of the doors is barred. Exit out the window to the alley. Drop down on the scaffolding and follow the path. You’ll see a chain. Grab the chain and pull yourself up. It will lead to the first RUNE (1/5).
  7. Exit the apartment. While on the balcony, look left to spot the huge metal gate used for ships to get through. Make your way down, then start swimming. Move through the gate, then make your way inside. Emerge from the water, then take out the guards near the gate.
  8. Blink up to move across the gate. Blink to the balcony ahead. There will be one Weeper inside the apartment. Put it to sleep or kill it. Inside will be the first BONE CHARM (1/3). Now head back out past the gate. Head up the stairs. When you reach the door, make a left, then enter the next area, Drawbridge Way.
  9. Up ahead you’ll see a house with two guards immediately talking in front of you. Move forward a bit, then look left and up. Blink to the canopy, then across to the second story of the residence. Careful of the person living there, Prichett. He’ll be walking around.
  10. The second RUNE (2/5) is in this building, inside a safe. You’ll need to look at the paintings inside the home. Certain ones will have numbers on them. This is the combination to the safe. In this instance the code to the safe was 4-7-3.
  11. Take the stairs all the way up to the rooftop. Keep the water to your left side. Soon, you’ll see a balcony. A guard will move there. Put him to sleep or kill him, then jump onto the balcony. Head inside to grab a RUNE (3/5) ominously presented on an Outsider Shrine.
  12. Head back to the balcony, then make your way across the rooftops toward the bridge ahead. The spotlights are close. As you peer down, you’ll see two guard outposts in front of the bridge and a nasty turret. Make your way down and make your approach on the right side of the bridge.
  13. Start climbing the right suspender until you can’t go up any longer. To the right will be a winding staircase. If you have Blink level 2, you can blink all the way across to the staircase railing. If not, you’ll have to begin ascension from the bottom.
  14. Head up the staircase, and take out the lone guard that patrols the area. There are chains that hang from the bridge support. Keep blinking up until you find one. There should be one hanging over the water. You can actually continue to climb up, until you’re on top of the bridge.
  15. Make your way across the span to the other side, then drop down level by level until you turn off the spotlights. Take out the whale oil, then continue your way along the bridge. Move down a bit on the support until you can see the suspensions on the other side. Aim for the left side suspension, then blink to the right one hiding behind the right most guard post. Blink on top of that guard post, then blink over to the beams toward the Sokolov House marker. Enter the door.
  16. You’ll now be in Midrow Substation in an apartment. Directly ahead is a RUNE (4/5). Head out the opening toward the Dunwall Whiskey advertisement. You’ll see a spinning wheel and a spotlight ahead. Make your way near the spinning wheel. You’ll see a wall of light.
  17. Underneath the spotlight is the power source for the wall of light. Make your way around the building, then up the stairs inside the overlook that turns off the spinning wheel. Blink to the now, non-spinning wheel, then turn off the power source for the wall of light. Quickly blink to the vent above the power source.
  18. Wait for an opening, then blink through the gate where the wall of light used to be. Now don’t head to the next area just yet. Blink to the balcony above the huge warehouse, then make your way down. There’s a survivor down below that’s trapped by rats. Kill the rats, then grab the BONE CHARM (2/3). Now head to the next area, North End.
  19. Entering the alley, there’s a spotlight ahead. Look up and to the left where the wall is. There’s a window. Blink up and head inside the apartment. Head upstairs to the very top, then blink to the balcony to grab the final BONE CHARM (3/3).
  20. From here, it’s pretty much a straight shot to Sokolov. Head back out onto the balcony, then move across the rooftops. You’ll see Sokolov’s house. It’s huge. Up ahead, you’ll see a crane with a chain dangling from it. The crane is propped on the balcony of Sokolov’s top most floor.
  21. Take out the guard on the balcony, then blink to the top floor of Sokolov’s house. The top floor is a greenhouse. Use the door closest to the crane to get inside where Sokolov is. You can talk to him, but once he’s finished talking put him to sleep, then grab the last RUNE (5/5) next to him.
  22. Carry his body, then keep blinking down to street level until you reach Samuel. Quick and painless.

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3 Comments on Dishonored Walkthrough


On October 14, 2012 at 9:26 am

Hate steam!! my first time with it.
But the big question is there a “Pause”?


On October 21, 2012 at 5:39 am

This is a good walkthrough except that Return to the Tower doesn’t have all the Runes or Bone Charms and in the Flooded District, there is a much simpler way to get in the building for your gear.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm


Thanks for the feedback! If you need more help, you can find all the Dishonored collectibles with the Rune and Bone Charm collectible guides, found on Game Front’s Dishonored Cheats page.