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Ubisoft confirms capture of THQ Montreal game, sets South Park for '2013'

Assassin's Creed director must join old firm to finish his work

Ubisoft has confirmed that its $2.5 million acquisition of THQ Montreal has resulted in the publisher seizing control of Patrice D�silets's new yet-to-be announced project.


Held in high regard as the Assassin's Creed creative director, D�silets shocked Ubisoft in 2010 by announcing his defection to THQ Montreal.

His new studio then engaged in a hiring and headhunting war with nearby outfit Ubisoft Montreal, resulting in key developers moving to THQ to the extent that Ubisoft took the matter to court.

Yet after two years of battling against the tide, in December THQ declared itself bankrupt. Its assets were stripped off and put to auction on Wednesday and, in a new twist, Ubisoft emerged as the new owner of THQ Montreal.

The $2.5 million acquisition of the studio means that D�silets will only be allowed to continue working on his project if he joins Ubisoft.

The unannounced game is given the working title 1666, a game which was unearthed by the media in March last year.

Yannis Mallat, president of Ubisoft Montreal said the acquisition "adds experienced developers to our internal creative teams at a key moment in the cycle of the video game industry."

Ubisoft announced that it also now owns the publishing rights for South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game's release date has been revised to a non-specific "2013".