Tyler sees MH370 as trigger for greater tracking

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IATA director general Tony Tyler believes the high-profile mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 will trigger a fresh push from the industry to ensure technology is used to reduce the chance of losing track of aircraft.

Flight MH370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, has been missing since Malaysian air traffic controllers lost contact with it at 01:30 on 8 March. Malaysian officials record the last ACARS transmission from the aircraft as having been received at 01:07 on the same day.

"I think that we are all very surprised that it can happen like that. It does seem extraordinary that, with all the technology we’ve got, an aircraft can disappear like that," said Tyler, speaking at a media round table in London today.

"Whatever the outcome, I think we will see steps taken to make sure this can’t happen," he says, adding the technology could already be available. "It will certainly trigger a desire to see if we can avert this from happening again."