Reports that MH370’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) system sent transmissions for several hours after it vanished from radar are false, Malaysia Airlines said at a Thursday press conference.

“Engine data transmission reports are inaccurate,” Malaysian Minister of Defense & (Acting) Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein said. “Both Boeing and Rolls-Royce have told us they did not get any ACARS transmission after 1.07am last Saturday.”

The Minister also revealed that satellite images released by a Chinese agency and shown on TV were “released by mistake.”

He said the area included in the reported images had been searched and nothing was found.

These allegations were the latest is a set of rumors and misinformation that have further set back the search for the missing aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, and all 239 people onboard.

Commenting on radar data that had been released so far, the Minister noted that coordination between agencies was unprecedented, adding that Malaysia “doesn’t normally release military data to other countries, but has shared raw military radar data” with China, and the US in the interests of aiding SAR efforts.”

On Friday, Malaysian authorities will hold a technical briefing to give specific details on the equipment, aircraft and ship capabilities deployed in the ongoing operation, concentrated in the South China Sea.