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Human History

The Post Ice-Age Evolutionary Battle - Neanderthal vs Cro-Magnon Human Evolution - The Origins of the Homo sapiens The Origins and Development of Human Language Human Migration into Europe Peopling of the Americas Last Glacial Maximum and its Impact on Human Migration Viking DNA - The History, and Controversy

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Can I discover my ancestry using DNA?

Just like footprints on wet sand, the journey of our ancestors to populate the world left trails within us. These trails are carried in all of our cells and laid within our genes. We offer you a way to analyse your DNA and to find out the journey of your ancestors from Africa, 150,000 years ago, up to the present time....

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How is my DNA tested?

Humans are 99.9% identical at the DNA level. It reflects the fact that humans are all somewhat related to each other. The test we perform will analyse very rare changes within the DNA. These changes or mutations are extremely rare and occur in average only once every thousand years.

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