Stephen Lawrence's shameless killer has bragged he believes a public inquiry into the case will clear his name

  • Gary Dobson, 38, was jailed in 2012 for the murdering Stephen in 1993
  • Home Secretary has ordered a review into police spying around the case
  • Now in rambling Facebook posts Dobson has claimed review will clear him
  • He claims that he has been 'fitted up' by corrupt officers and wrongly jailed

By Rebecca Camber

Shameless: Gary Dobson was convicted in 2012 of murdering Stephen Lawrence

Shameless: Gary Dobson was convicted in 2012 of murdering Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence's shameless killer has bragged from behind bars that a public inquiry into the case will clear his name.

Gary Dobson, 38, is attempting to use an official review into undercover policing ordered by the Home Secretary following revelations that police spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence, to claim that he has been 'fitted up' by corrupt detectives.

In a series of bizarre rambling messages left on Facebook, the murderer currently serving life for the stabbing of the black teenager, mused that the development could be 'life changing' for him.

The development comes as the detective suspected of acting corruptly during the initial botched murder inquiry emerged from his holiday hideaway yesterday for the first time since a damning report by barrister Mark Ellison, QC, suggested that he helped shield Stephen's killers.

Ellison's review contained shocking allegations of police corruption, cover-up and evidence that an undercover police officer spied on the grieving parents of the 18-year-old aspiring architect, who was knifed to death by a group of up to six white youths in an racist attack in Eltham, South-East London, on April 22, 1993.

The report did not challenge any of the forensic evidence which led to the conviction of Stephen's killers.

Although it raised the prospect that undercover police operations may have led to wrongful convictions in other cases.


But less than 24 hours after its publication, Gary Dobson instructed his sister Hayley to post this message: 'A message from Gary.

'Hello everyone, Finally the met police look like they are being held responsible for the monumental wrong doing they have orchestrated in this case over the last 21 years.

Stabbed to death: Stephen Lawrence was killed by a gang of white youths at a south-east London bus stop in 1993

Stabbed to death: Stephen Lawrence was killed by a gang of white youths at a south-east London bus stop in 1993

'The "evidence" I am sitting in prison for was corrupted and I now hope someone will be held accountable for this.

'The failings in this investigation fall in all directions, not all in my favour, whenever the surface of this case is scratched more revelations are revealed that bring the whole establishment into question.

'No wonder they fitted us up to take the edge, or focus, off of this travesty they have done to many family's (sic). Just how deep does it go??

'In the mean time I am incarcerated for a terrible crime I played no part in, and my children grow up without their Dad.

'I look forward to this inquiry with life changing interest, and thank all you people for your relentless support, defeat is only bitter if swallowed!

'All my love Gary x'

Jailed: David Norris was also convicted of murdering Stephen

Jailed: David Norris was also convicted of murdering Stephen

Yesterday it emerged that Dobson, who was convicted in 2012 of Stephen's murder, along with David Norris, 37, has been posting regular messages on Facebook despite strict rules banning prisoners from going online.

He manages to get his misspelt missives out through his sister Hayley who posts them on the Justice For Gary Dobson page, which has 858 members.

In another rant the same day, he wrote: 'A lot of people out there ie. the police, media, government and any other secret service involved in this case need to be brought to book, heads need to roll.

'Stop the cover up.'

Dobson's shameless bid to use the public inquiry to his own end is a bitter blow to Stephen's mother, Doreen who took great comfort in the fact that Dobson had finally admitted his guilt when he dropped an appeal against his conviction exactly a year ago.

Then Baroness Lawrence said: 'It took me and my family almost 20 years to get justice for my son Stephen when Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted of the murder in January 2012.

'In those years I had put my grieving on hold and had to struggle against police racism. It would have been a great comfort to me and my family if Gary Dobson or his accomplices had admitted what they had done.

'Now that Gary Dobson has dropped his appeal I can only assume it is because he has finally admitted he murdered Stephen.'

Intervention: In 1997 the Daily Mail used its front page to name Dobson, Norris and three others of killing Stephen

Intervention: In 1997 the Daily Mail used its front page to name Dobson, Norris and three others of killing Stephen

But far from accepting guilt, Dobson's family and friends are now attempting to use the Ellison review to mobilise a demonstration to get the killer out of jail.

His mother Pauline wrote: 'Corruption Works Both Ways.....Free Gary Dobson.'

The Ellison review published earlier this month looked at whether the hunt for Stephen's killers was damaged by corruption.

The QC said there was a high level of suspicion that Detective Sergeant John Davidson, who worked on the original murder inquiry, was corrupt and had links to Norris' gangster father Clifford.

The former detective, who has run a restaurant in the Spanish holiday island of Minorca for 15 years since taking early retirement from the Metropolitan Police, has been in hiding since the review.

But yesterday he emerged from his home sporting a deep tan as he indulged in some shopping.
The National Crime Agency has announced a probe into whether Mr Davidson was in the pay of drug smuggler Clifford Norris.

He could be questioned on suspicion of misconduct in a public office or perverting the cause of justice - both of which carry heavy jail terms.

But the Glasgow-born 68-year-old, who was nicknamed OJ for 'Obnoxious Jock' during his time on the Met, has denied any wrongdoing, telling fellow expats: 'They'll never lay a finger on me. I've done nothing wrong.

'They've got nothing to do me for.'


April 1993 - Stephen Lawrence is stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London. Days later a letter naming the suspects is left in a telephone box. Police begin investigating.
May-June 1993 - Neil and Jamie Acourt, David Norris, Gary Dobson and Luke Knight, are arrested. Neil Acourt and Knight are charged with murder, which they deny.
July 1993 – The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) drops the charges, citing unreliable evidence.
September 1994 – Stephen’s parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, launch their own prosecution against Dobson, Knight and Neil Acourt.
April 1996 – The private prosecution fails after Neil Acourt, Knight and Dobson are acquitted of murder charges at the Old Bailey.
February 1997 – An inquest into Stephen's death returns a verdict of unlawful killing, describing the attack as ‘unprovoked’ and ‘racist’. The next day, the Daily Mail accuses the five men of murdering Lawrence on its front page, adding ‘If we are wrong, let them sue us’.
March 1997 – A police probe is launched into the handling of the case, which later highlights ‘significant weaknesses, omissions and lost opportunities’. Four months later Home Secretary Jack Straw announces a judicial inquiry into the case.
February 1999 – The judicial inquiry reports back, and accuses the Metropolitan Police of institutional racism.
September 2002 - Norris jailed and Neil Acourt are jailed for a racist attack the previous year.
May 2004 – The CPS say they will not prosecute anybody for Stephen's murder.
April 2005 – The Government scraps the principle of ‘double jeopardy’. This enables people to be tried more than once for the same crime.
July 2006 – Police review their evidence after a BBC documentary into the murder. A year later they say they are examining new forensic evidence.
July 2010 – Gary Dobson is jailed for five years for supplying class B drugs.
May 2011 – The Court of Appeal rules that new forensic evidence means Dobson and Norris can be prosecuted again.
November 2011 – Dobson and Norris are tried at the Old Bailey, where jurors her that Stephen’s DNA was found on their clothes. After a six-week trial the pair receive life sentences for murder.
June 2013 – Allegations emerged that the police spied on the Lawrence family in 1993 in order to smear them and discredit criticism of the police. David Cameron calls for an investigation.
March 2014 – A review into the original murder investigation, conducted by Mark Ellison QC, finds reason to believe an officer working with the family was corrupt. On the same day, Theresa May launches an inquiry into undercover policing, prompting Gary Dobson’s boastful Facebook posts.

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He originally dropped his appeal which should be an admission of guilt. What he's trying to do here is get himself exonerated on a technicality rather than actually clear his name and prove his false innocence. Disgusting behaviour.

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Why are so many red arrows hitting these comments? Surely people can't have sympathy for this toad?

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Stephen Lawrence's blood was on him.

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For the people getting their knickers in a twist about access to facebook, he doesn't... he passes messages to his family who post them on his behalf. It's easy to check if you can be bothered!

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Why does this creature have access to facebook. For God's sake, he's in jail for killing a human being, he should have no rights at all. Our judical system is becoming a laughing stock and our pensioners would have a better standard of living in jail, where everything is free.

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