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In accordance with MCL 600.8031 et seq, the Washtenaw County Trial Court is pleased to announce the implementation of a Specialized Business Court effective July 1, 2013.���� Local Administrative Order 2013-01J outlines the specifics of the Specialized Business Court. The primary Judge assigned to our Business Court is the Honorable Archie C. Brown.��

As with the implementation of any specialized program, there are sure to be questions that arise as we implement the new processes.� Please feel free to contact the following people with associated questions:

Dan Dwyer:
Court Administrator

Barry Joseph
Director of Court Services

Laura Goderis
Judicial Attorney to Honorable �Archie C. Brown

Please note:� The Washtenaw County Trial Court has�updated our "Filing of Judge's Copies in Domestic Relations and Civil Cases" effective January 13, 2014.� We continue our policy that any Motion, or Answer to a Motion�filed in domestic relations and civil cases must also provide a "Judge's Copy" at the time of filing.�� However, our previous 2 week scheduling rule has been eliminated.� See complete policy here.

The Washtenaw County Trial Court consists of two divisions:

The Trial Court has a unified Administration, which supports both divisions.

Mission of the Washtenaw County Trial Court

To provide opportunities for people and organizations to obtain the peaceful resolution of public and private disputes in a fair, efficient, and timely manner.