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Team-Up Hero FAQ

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Team-Up Heroes FAQ (Page 1)

When will Team-Ups Heroes launch?

The first Team-Up Heroes will officially launch on Thursday, April 3rd, in preparation for the Captain America movie.

A presale pack will likely be available approximately one week before the official launch of Team-Up Heroes.

We are incredibly excited about seeing this feature go live and launching for everyone. We spent a good amount of time playing our favorite ARPGs and iterating to find the most-fun combination of systems and features to give Team-Up Heroes.

Many new Team-Up Heroes will be added periodically in the weeks, months and years ahead!

Can Team-Up Heroes be obtained with Eternity Splinters or Gs?

Team-Up Heroes can be obtained from Adam Warlock on the same day as their release and in the G Store in a new section for Team-Up Heroes.

The Team-Up Heroes are generally split into the following categories:

Enhanced Team-Up Heroes: 600 Splinters or 900 G

Non-Enhanced Team-Up Heroes: 400 Splinters or 650 G

Very Basic Team-Up Heroes: 200 Splinters or 400 G

Enhanced Team-Up Heroes have new voice acting work done specifically for the team up itself.

Very Basic Team-Up Heroes have no voice work, minimal VFX and minimal new tech associated with them.

Team-Up heroes have a lot of work put into them (much, much more than an enhanced costume), but we're banking on the fact that they will appeal to a broad range of players and they will be a worthwhile investment for the Marvel Heroes development team and plan to support them for infinite time. :)

Will Team-Up Heroes use items?

Team-Up Heroes have 4 item slots and dedicated Team Up gear that drops in the world.

Team-Up gear drops in common through epic rarity (white through purple) and is affected by Rare Item Find (RIF).

Team-Up gear has custom bonuses specifically made for Team Ups.

Which Team-Up Heroes are available at launch?

The first four Team-Up Heroes will be:

  • Spider-Man - The original Marvel Team Up who started the comic series. Dodge-based hero with webs and martial arts.

  • Falcon - Directly from the Captain America Winter Soldier movie with flight, twin Mac-10 submachine guns and primarily physical damage attacks

  • Firestar - An original from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Primarily energy damage attacks using her microwave powers.

  • Magik - Illyana Rasputin, complete with Soulsword and magical/mental based attacks.

Marvel Team-Ups Launch Heroes

How are Team Up Heroes different from each other?

Team Up Heroes have their own unique set of skills and abilities, which you select for them using a 3 x 4 grid of talents.

The talent grid is used to customize the Team-Up Hero to your playstyle. You choose which talents your team up has. The talents can be changed freely in hubs.

Full-Time Team-Up - Stays with you until they are defeated.

Short Duration Team-Up - Stays with you until they are defeated or 30 seconds elapses. Has a very high impact move when called in and does higher damage, but with shorter uptime. Starts with a 3 minute cooldown.

Behind The Scenes Team-Up - Provides you a passive bonus but is never called into play.

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