Achievement and success for all students are at the core of the AASD.  It is imperative that the district continue to focus its efforts on improvement through quality assessment, curriculum and instruction, the Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP), collaboration, progress monitoring and measurement. 


The AASD is a fiscally responsible district as evidenced by its Moody's AA1 credit.  This rating puts the AASD in the top 7% of all districts in the state with not one rated higher.  Additionally, even after the February 2014 referendum, the AASD will spend less per student than the state average while achieving higher than the state average achievement results.  The AASD has produced good educational value to the district taxpayers and must continue to do so in the future. 

                                   ALL STUDENTS COLLEGE AND CAREER READY

The goal of college and career readiness for all students is in the forefront of educational thinking today. The AASD wants all students to be prepared for a post-secondary experience whether it be a certificated program, a two or four-year college degree, or the military for their personal, civic and economic futures.  Twenty-first century skills must go hand in hand with academic knowledge.  This effort includes collaboration and a working relationship with post-secondary institutions, businesses and industries.   read more


                                     ATTRACT AND RETAIN QUALITY STAFF

Education requires an investment in people and the AASD must attract and retain the best and brightest to remain a strong district.  Competitive wages and benefits, strong professional development, a collaborative and positive culture, and accountability are a few of the components that the district must foster to be a great place to work with and for students.


It is essential that the Appleton Area School District (AASD) provide transparency to its public on how referendum dollars are spent for both Questions #1 and #2.  In the past, the AASD mailed an informational brochure on referendum expenditures to residents.  Today the district can keep the public abreast more regularly and cost efficiently with frequent updates on its website. The individual schools will inform families of the specific impact of the referendum on their facilities.


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