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Need a logo? Have it custom made specifically to your needs, thanks to Wilogo and its community of 15,000 designers.

How does it work?

1 Submit your creative brief

2 Receive an average of 80 designs

3 Pick your top logos

4 Get your logo!

Once you've submitted your project and a creative brief, you'll receive several mock-ups from talented designers within 24 to 48 hours. Select your top mock-ups and then discuss the details with the designer. Your customized logo is unique, and ready to be used!

The benefits of Wilogo:

  • Hundreds of mock-ups
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or easy refunds
  • International usage rights
  • Easy to reach customer care

About Wilogo

Wilogo is a leading crowdsourcing community that connects businesses and designers from all over the world. With 15,000 talented designers, Wilogo offers customized logos to thousands of customers every year. Businesses get fast, dependable and professional looking designs, while designers get paid for their winning entries.