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Clara.io Update - Improved UI - New Modeling Tools + SubD Tools
Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:57 pm by WTV - Admin
Clara.io Update - Improved UI - New Modeling Tools + SubD Tools

Clara.io - Thickness Operator, New UI Icons, Reset Parameters by 3DCodec

Tutorial about Thickness operator, reviewing new UI icons and how to reset parameters in http://Clara.io...
---- exocortex.com ----
------- clara.io --------

Clara.io Update: UI, Modelling, SubD

Clara.io, the online 3D editor, recently passed the 26,000 registered users mark and also
was just named by Animation Magazine as one of the best new technologies of 2013! Wow!
Thank you all for your enthusiastic support.
We are working hard everyday to live up to your expectations.
---- exocortex.com ----
------- clara.io --------
There are five sections below covering our updates:

Improved UI Look and Feel
Here is a visual overview to our UI improvements:

While Clara.io's previous UI was functional, it was far from attractive. It also had some workflow rough edges.
The new default UI is more colorful, it is polished visually and it is more functional. Specifically we have added:
- Easy switching between local and global manipulators.
- Quick scene filter buttons and instant search by name.
- One-click visibility icons in the scene explorer.
- Context sensitive help.
- Improved property widgets, topic separators, and property groups.
- One-click access to scene sharing.
More UI improvements are under development, hopefully we can announce them shortly.
---- exocortex.com ----
------- clara.io --------
New Modelling Tools & Icons

In response to a ton of user feedback, we have continued to expand the modeling tools available in Clara.io.
We have added quite a few new tools as well as optimized the performance of the existing tools
(in particular slice and symmetry.)

Of specific interest, we have added these tools to Clara.io's toolbar:
- Edge Ring Select
- Edge Loop Select
- Edge Border Select
- Edge Border Select All
- Edge Borders Fill
- Face Thickness
- Face Insert
- Face Detach
- Face Duplicate
- Face Select Element
- Object Triangulate
- Grow and Shrink Selection
---- exocortex.com ----
------- clara.io --------

Our UI for Clara.io's modelling tools has also significant improved with the additional of self-explanatory icons
for all tools in the left-hand side tool panel.

Lights and Cameras, and Materials

To make it easier to setup nice lighting effects in Clara.io, we have created three commands
that automatically setup lights for your selected items: "Overhead Light", "3-Point Lights" and
"Sun/Sky Light". We've also added to camera presets "Overhead Camera" and "Turntable Camera."
Lastly to make it easier to switch materials on multiple scene nodes at a time, we've added
a command called "Select by Material."

Subdivision Preview Meshes

Another great modelling feature we have added to Clara.io (that works well in combination
with the new Multi-Sub Object Mode, see below) is our subdivision preview meshes.
Just select a mesh and hit the + key and you will have in the viewport a preview of the subdivided mesh.
Hit the + key again to increase the subdivision level or hit the - key to reduce the subdivision level.
You can continue to edit this mesh at its original resolution using Clara.ios poly editing tools while always
seeing the resulting subdivision. This removes a lot of guess work from the modeling workflow in Clara.io.
---- exocortex.com ----
------- clara.io --------

More Info...

Link : http://exocortex.com/blog/claraio_february2014_update

Link : http://clara.io/

YouTube Link : http://www.youtube.com/user/3DCodec


Clara.io Update
Clara.io Update New Modeling Tools + SubD Tools
Clara.io Update - Improved UI - New Modeling Tools + SubD Tools

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