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Thea Presto2 Edition 1.3 Released
Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:40 pm by WTV - Admin
Thea Presto2 Edition 1.3 Released

Thea Presto2 Edition 1.3 Trailer by TheaRender

The new edition 1.3 is here, featuring Presto GPU+CPU engine and other unique features....
---- thearender.com ----

Thea Presto2 Edition v1.3

After a series of technological achievements, we are happy to announce that our edition 1.3 is now available!
The new edition (codename: Presto Square) is coming with some exciting new features along with substantial
improvements for our Presto engine.
---- thearender.com ----

Presto GPU+CPU

Presto is now running on both GPU and CPU simultaneously, harvesting all your computer raw power.
For coding Presto on the CPU, we didn't want just a "port" of the code from Nvidia CUDA architecture
to x86/CPU architecture. We wanted to squeeze the CPUs to the max and see a real performance comparison
between GPUs and CPUs. For this, we decided to adapt Intel's Embree library. What does this mean?
with every GPU and CPU core running Presto, it means fast, very fast, rendering.
And this fast rendering is coupled with Thea's material/light system.
All in all, pure quality in the shortest render times!
---- thearender.com ----

New Physical Sky

The new Improved Physical Sky is much more accurate for spectral rendering and yields much better results
in higher values of turbidity (which are usually wanted to give special mood to a render).
The parameters for the new physical sky model are basically the same with similar influence on the image
but more accurate response and are available for all render engines.
---- thearender.com ----

Instancing Support for Presto

Presto has now full instancing support. After various small and big memory improvements, millions of instanced
polygons can now be rendered without a problem. Presto can now handle all the geometric complexity you want.
---- thearender.com ----

More Info...

Link : http://www.thearender.com/cms/index.php/news/edition-13.html

Link : http://www.thearender.com/cms/

YouTube Link : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheaRender

Thea Render

Thea Presto2 Edition 1.3
Thea Presto2 V1.3 Released
Thea Presto2 Edition 1.3 Released

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