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Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center organizes advising for the undergraduate program of the university, with special emphasis on freshmen and those changing a major after first semester. The ARC also offers academic support services to Bellarmine undergraduates, especially those in 100 and 200 level classes. This support takes the form of individual tutoring, individual and small group writing tutorials, weekly group study sessions led by older, trained students, with the intention to teach transferable study skills. Graduate school preparation services for upperclassmen include GRE and limited GMAT, LSAT and MCAT preparation.

In addition to coordination of advising, academic support, and graduate school preparation, the ARC is the home of Parent Communication efforts, with monthly e-newsletters that help inform, educate, and connect parents of Bellarmine students.

The ARC is located on the B-level of the W.L. Brown Lyons Library.  All advising, scheduled tutoring, and Writing Center appointments take place on the B-level. 

Contact Us

  • Andrew Schroeder, Director of the ARC (email)
  • Cassie Book, Director of the Writing Center and Parent Communications (email)
  • Erin Burke, Advisor for Athletics, ARC (email)
  • Sue Davis, Student Success Advocate (email)
  • Joanne Godlewski, Secretary (email)
  • Maureen McCoy, Tutor Coordinator (email)
  • Maureen Norris, Academic Advisor (email)
  • Lindsey Peetz-Murray, Director of Pioneer Scholars and First Generation Advisor (email)
  • Amy Siegel, Sophomore Advising Specialist (email)
  • Kristen Wallitsch, Academic Advisor (email)

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