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March Madness Games for Kids

march-madness-games-for-kidsMothers, let’s use March Madness as an excuse to engage in fun activities with kids.

March Madness is upon us and many mothers love taking what’s going on in sports and entertainment and using it as an example to involve kids in activities. Kids love learning about sports and all kids love spending quality time with family. Let’s use March Madness as an opportunity to spend extra special time with our little ones. These fun ideas will excite any child for the big game.

How To Involve Kids in March Madness 

Game Predictions

Tell your child about the competing teams, filling them in on all of the information they will need to know. Then, let them make their predictions on who they think will be in the final four. Choose a basketball-themed prize, like a ball with a competing team’s logo or even a jar filled with basketball toys. The child who has the best Final Four picks will win the prize.

Basketball Races

On game day before tip-off, create a basketball relay race for your kids to compete in. Go to your local park and draw a starting line on the basketball court with chalk. Have your child start at the line and dribble to the end of the court, then have them dribble between cones. Draw a free throw line and encourage them to take their best shot or you can opt for a game of Horse. Head home to watch the game together.

Jersey Number Math

Use the numbers on the jersey to practice math with your kids, without them even knowing it. For younger kids, create flashcards that are in the shape of basketball jerseys and let your kids color them. Then, write numbers on the jerseys and quiz your child flashcard style.

If you have older kids during the game, ask them to point out jerseys that have numbers greater than 10 and lower then 25. Have them add the numbers on two jerseys and give you the answer. Mix the routine by telling them to subtract or even divide.

Mascot Quiz

Many kids love team mascots. It’s usually a giant animal that does neat tricks and gets the crowd excited for the game. Use the mascot as a learning game to play with your kids. For instance, ask them if the playing team’s mascots are animals and have them identify the type of animal. Encourage your child to put the mascots in alphabetical order, and then draw a picture of them. You can also ask them to name the colors of the mascot and if it is a primary color.

No matter what you do to prepare kids for March Madness, they will be spending quality time with parents and learning at the same time. This combination means a definite slam dunk in your home.

Maryann Loya

Maryann Loya

I am Maryann Loya, a mother, wife and a career woman. I enjoy reading, cooking and raising my kids to be educated and well mannered. I have three dogs that all reserve a special place within our home and bring a smile to my face every day.

My Bachelor's Degree is in Communications from Arizona State University.  I work for the Arizona Department of Homeland Security as a Strategic Planner. My days are filled with meetings, paperwork and schedules and my evenings are spent with my family and writing.

I enjoy spending time near the ocean in the summer and escaping from the desert for a short while.

I have experience writing for local magazines and newspapers on topics that range from decorating your home to wedding ring shopping to fashion. I enjoy bringing my ideas to life through an article or story that is creative and is enjoyable for the reader.  Writing for Women's Forum is an incredible opportunity and I am looking forward to the journey