Beyond the River Ifing

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The world of the ettins is in Scandinavia called Jötunnheimr. Jötunn, English ettin, derives from proto-Germanic *etunaz, and this word means «the hungry», «the gluttonous» and «big eater». Heimr means simply world. So this is the world of the gluttonous powers, the big eaters, but also of the uncontrollable forces of nature, like the power of growth in the wilderness, erupting volcanoes, and the ice and stone asteroids threatening to change life on Earth. The peasant cultivates his land, but must fight the ettins constantly, or else nature takes back what has been cultivated by him. Wild herbs and eventually trees will start to grow in what used to be a field. The forest will prevail over the field; the ettins will win unless the peasant works hard to prevent this.

The ettin is not a name for a different race or anything like that. It is a power of a certain type, wild and some times wonderful, untameable and uncontrollable, and this power can be found in nature, but also in us. The opposite of this ettin power when it operates in us is what we would call moderation or temperance. So the Pagan man is a Stoic, with moderation and temperance as supreme ideals against a wild and untameable ettin power. He knows that he must not allow the ettin power to prevail, he knows that he must work hard to keep the ettin power at bay and he knows that he is a God (or a Goddess) and not an ettin!

Yes, this is a struggle between the Gods and Goddesses in us and the ettin powers that try to force their way into the land of the Gods and destroy them. There is no malice in what they do, no “evil” intent, just nature – nature as it is supposed to be like.

We can banish our deities by letting nature prevail, but we can also preserve, cultivate and strengthen the power of the Gods in us through – amongst other things, but still most importantly – temperance and moderation. Eat, but don’t eat too much. Drink, but don’t drink too much. Sleep, but don’t sleep too much. Have sex, but don’t have too much sex.

The deities are real, in us, the powers of love and beauty, of harmony and splendour, but if they are defeated and replaced by the ettin power we become ettins ourselves; greedy, gluttonous and obese, drunken, ignorant, lazy and truly sub-human. If we on the other hand fight the ettin power we not only remain human, we can even become true Gods and Goddesses on Earth!

Not all deities are of the exoteric type, though; some are more mysterious and wield sorcerous powers; Mâni (Moon) and Ôðinn (Mind) the sorcerers are good examples. The latter travels to the realm of the dead, learn the secrets of the past as he falls down and is re-born again. He travels in the mind and spirit, he thinks and reasons, contemplates and grows stronger and wiser for each incarnation. He too can be strengthened in us – and again – mainly by temperance and moderation.

In Vafþrûþnismâl we learn that;

15. Seg þat, Gangrâþr! Alls þu â golfi vill

þîns of freista frama:

hvê sû â heitir es deilir meþ jötna sunum

grund auk meþ groþum?

16. Ifing heitir â es deilir meþ jötna sunum

grund auk meþ groþum;

opin rinna hôn skal of aldrdaga,

verþrat îss â â.

(15. “Say, Riddle-reader! Since on the floor

thou fain wouldst show thy skill,

how the River is called which parts the realm

of the Jötun race of the gods.

[Ôðinn answers;]

16. The River is Ifing which parts the realm

of the Jötun race from the gods;

free shall it flow while life days last;

never ice shall come over that stream.”)


The river Ifing is what parts the realm of the ettins and the realm of the gods. The name can have several meanings, but the most probable would be “Undertaking” or “Action”. Only what you do will prevent the powers of the ettins to take over in your life, and you need to do something to keep them out from your divine realm! Work hard, or else the wild forest will take back the land you have cultivated! Work hard, or else your divine and glorious mind will be darkened and slowed by the gluttonous ettin powers. Master and control “sorcerous powers” and be a God or a Goddess, not a degenerate sub-human wallowing in all the gold and physical pleasures of the world. The fair European man has a potential others can only dream of. Use your potential; become divine! It is all in your power to do so; cast aside the ettin powers and hail the European deities! Smash the head of the worm and throw it into the abyss! HailaR WôðanaR! 

Such is the philosophy of Ancient Scandinavia.

Ettin powers;

temperance-BrandyDrops scan15

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122 thoughts on “Beyond the River Ifing

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  29. Hello Varg,

    What’s your opinion on the Book of Veles (if you have read it). Do you think that the river Ra is Volga or another river?

  30. Wonderful interpretation of the Ettins. This article is a real testament of Pagan philosophy.

  31. Maybe I’m wrong here but instead of destroying the worm, we must Tame it. Without the raw side of nature, life would be impossible. The spirit for exemple Thor, would be nothing without is belt and hammer forged by the dark elves who are raw forces of nature. It’s like riding the dragon instead of being burned by him.

    • Taming Giants seems to me an illusionary thought. One has to pulverize the worm before it crawls in your throat, and if it does, bite of his head before you suffocate. Life is no hippie reality where everything is peaceful and quiet. Just only for our daily food supply we are obliged to kill, even the plants those hypocrite vegetarians are eating were once living organisms. But that’s alright, we do not destroy all nature despite of the fact we need to fight to sustain ourselves. Nature does not tolerate weakness, for the varied forces of nature are not weak either. Harmony does not consist of order and rest only, it implies war, struggle and destruction as well. Harmony comprises something much broader, the whole chain of different and diverse events. Which would mean this strange transcendental dance includes both the worm smashing and the worm riding. So why not exercise both, whichever seems the most appropriate at the given time, depending on the concerning problem encountered.

      • By taming, I didn’t mean that we shouldn’t kill or destroy. By taming, I meant to cut the wood around the house but not the forest entirely, because by doing so, we woulddie. But If we don’t cut anything, we would also die. We have to find a balance between both. Destroying all giants in that light is also an illusion.
        I think nature does tolerate some kind of weakness because the humans wouldn’t have never survive this far. It’s harsh enough that if we don’t do our best, we die sooner or later, but it is smooth enough that we can rest from time to time.

        • Ah yes I agree with the concept of balance. The misunderstanding has probably arisen as follows: It seemed to me as if u meant by riding the dragon, we basically did not have to struggle against anything at all, and instead just use these forces for our benefit. Secondly I interpreted ‘taming’ as becoming master or superior over them, and consequently never need to bother about it again, given these powers would no longer be able to exert influence over us. Thàt is what seemed to me illusionary, since I do not think we could ever be abstracted from this original pattern of life, and these forces will always be present playing their role.
          So I attempted to indicate with my answer that we should not ónly use the giant nature forces (as I comprehended your ‘riding’), but also be prepared to keep them at distance with strength and by what is in fact violence, and that battling them is indispensable, and that we actually do so anyway even if we aren’t consciously aware of it, with the example of how some vegetarians appear to think they aren’t killing any life because they don’t consume meat.

          Furthermore, living in a densely populated region I appreciate the example you mention not to mindlessly cut down whole forests for short-term profit without considering any negative consequences. I occasionally get into these furious discussions when this subject pops up, and one time even into a fight with a person trying to cut down this small number of birch trees inhabited by a couple of crows and standing next to our house, that inconsiderate bastard won’t try that again. Which is actually a good illustration of the relevance of using these giant-powers haha.

  32. Great post. And yet another thing that satanists and atheists don’t understand. Without our pagan values such as this, life would be empty and meaningless.

  33. Was Stalin a jew? If he was that would really help my anti-semitic message because finnish people hate him and soviet union for ww2. ps: this video is awesome

    • No but he was Georgian and he, like many Georgians, looks rather mongrelized/semitic (just as many Armenians and especially Albanians do). You don’t need to try to make communism a Jewish issue though. It was invented by a Jew (Marx), and the people responsible for putting it into action and spreading it, through smear campaigns, sabotage, trickery and by murdering innocent royal children, were mostly Jews (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, among others I am sure)

    • Hello, finnish brother. I’m not quite amused about your outcome and your general education, but welcome to have these discussions nonetheless.
      As far as I know, no, Stalin was not a jew, but a Georgian and was born as an orthodox christian. He even went to the monastery to study himself as a monk, but we all know the rest.
      Many of his lackeys were jews, though, or at least “jew-like”. A good example of a monster-of-a-man is his “sidekick” Lavrenti Berija. There is no waterproof evidence of him being a jew, but he was a sadistic monster, altogether.

      You know, we shouldn’t hate russians because of Stalin or Lenin or communism, but we should always keep our eyes open, educate ourselves and first of all, study russian language. People like Johan Bäckman are promoting an false-flag anti-russian agenda amongst russian people and we should hate people like Johan Bäckman more than the common russians and what’s more important, we should know the language. We already know swedish (inte vi…?), english and some german but we should study russian the most. Keep this in mind.

      • that does look like a good article. He didn’t look European, that’s for sure…On the other hand, however, I guess the one thing he can be praised for is his harsh treatment of Jews

  34. Would it be fair to take the idea of temperance a bit further and say that this balancing act is a sort of internal Ragnarok? When these internal ideas/urges (gods/giants) cancel each other out, a new golden world of balance and clear-sightedness is achieved?

  35. “Being a God yourself”, being a good person..yeah..sounds better than being a slave, fearing a fictional charachter someone invented.

  36. Probably the best article in the blog so far. Thank you!! Reminded me of a traditional native american tale, where the elder spoke of a battle between two wolfs inside every person, one being the representation of “good” and the other of “evil”. When the youngling asks the elder which wolf wins the battle, he responds: “The one you feed”.

    • I do like satanic warmaster, hilarious name but they seem to have a pretty intelligent pro-European worldview, I just wish they sounded more original all the time, sometimes they just resort to ripping off the old BM classics

    • Well, you know… Satanic Warmaster is one these modern black metal bands who seem to appear with an anti-semitic and pro-european agenda, but end up being more like a gimmick, so to speak. I don’t doubt that SW is really standing behind all these themes, but the crowd he is playing for and all the show-mannerism and rock’n'roll aesthetics just don’t quite make it…

      The person behind SW is a blonde and a proud south-karelian guy, but his antics are quite questionable. He’s a heavy smoker and drinker, overweight and even to some degree, quite strenuous as a person. Of course my opinion doesn’t weigh that much but I think he’s got the wrong attitute and is promoting ideas harmful to Varg’s and Marie’s agenda presented on this blog.

      You also have to keep in mind that Varg is talking about paganism and our common european history and I find it not compatible with modern black metal aesthetics and it’s side effects. Also bear in mind that Varg Vikernes hasn’t been a “black metal person” for almost about 20 years now. I’m not sure about Varg’s current mind on this subject, but I highly doubt he’s going back there and why even should he?

      • You are right Lauri.

        The (Jewish-owned) media created Black Metal as it is today, by promoting the most perverse, Satanic, brain-dead and tasteless black metal musicians as “idols” for the masses (such as the guys in Emperor, Immortal and Satyricon). Death Metal was Jewish to start with (Chuck Shuldiner of “Death” started the whole genre and was [he is dead now] a Jew), but today Black Metal is also thoroughly Jewish, because of the media. The fact that some bands (NSBM in particular) promote more healthy ideas doesn’t change this; their life style is despicable, they often smoke and drink, and also smoke pot and take other drugs, they look like thralls (all dressed in black), they promote the Satanism of LaVey (=Jew), they have no moral attitudes (and if they can [...] are as promiscuous as they can possibly be), they accept homosexuals (like Ghaal) in their ranks and so forth. Their metal culture, with concerts and “parties” and so forth is nothing but Negro in its nature, and stems directly from the Jewish-made “rock’n roll” subculture. Black Metal has become a Negroid poser culture. Some Black Metal musicians (like the drummer of Satyricon) even use plastic surgery to modify how they look.
        This blog was created to spread healthy, good, intelligent and also controversial and alternative ideas. It was created to destroy lies and to promote Europe (as a religious, philosophical and genetic term). I don’t object if someone disagrees with me for a good reason, or if they correct me when I am mistaken, but I will not tolerate any form of promotion for e. g. Black Metal on this blog, and will remove all comments even with references to it if this is not respected.

        • I really agree with you that european culture shouldn’t be promoted as dirty and perversed way like many metal bands do, but as beautiful think but it’s hard because the brainwashing of jewish media is just so big. Also you’re new albums remind me more of classical music than metal as what they represent but it’s sad that most of the people who listens Burzum are black metal fans so the albums don’t get the popularity what they deserve.

          • When we released the ambient (synthesizer) Burzum albums the record stores still placed them in the “Black Metal” category, and only metal magazines wrote about them.

            They did for commercial reasons, but they also absolutely wanted to use the fame/infamy of Burzum to promote their “Black Metal” sub-culture. They wanted to “keep” Burzum in this genre, so that all those who heard about Burzum would be drawn into that cesspool called “Black Metal”.

            • For me BM was all about romantisicm ,adventurus (rpg like) soundscapes and other secluded things. Nothing to do with concerts,drinking,smoking ,dressing and looking like a freak and other hippie stuff .IMO it was once a very pro European culture at least for those who didn’t misinterprete it .

        • What do you think about Pagan Metal and maybe some other metal genres/bands, which are singing about European myths?

          And I am very sure, that there are many people around here listening to Metal a lot, as most people came here through Burzum, which was a former Black Metal band.

          • I first listened to Burzum, then found about Varg, then read Varg’s writings and now I’m here.

            I’m glad I know better now…

        • hrodberht793, I like your comments usually, but I will disagree with you. Let it be preferred that only Varg Vikernes bring up the topic from now on. There’s a tendency to care too much about non-essentials–Varg has an ideal here we can all strive for, speaking for myself. :)

        • This will be the last time I talk about black metal, I promise, but there’s something I need to talk about. It’s not a questionnaire, but maybe some kind of avowal or something. Bear with me and Varg, if you find this total BS, just remove the post, thank you.

          I was born at the beginning of the 80′s, so I remember kinda well some of the “musical tides” and waves of fashion (music) coming and going for the past 30 years. I’ve never been too keen participating to any sub-cultural scenes or parties, being more as a person who likes solitude and walk my own path. I’ve always somehow “known” than there’s more to it than meets the eye, so to speak and doing automatically and robotically what some other “leaderish” person says, isn’t just my cup of tea. I’ve always found living in a pack somewhat mentally handicapped.
          My parents are christians but they weren’t “hardcore” in their beliefs and when I think about it, it almost seems that they really are pagans by blood but have this strange, strangling christian leash suffocating their behaviour and sort of dressing up the paganous spirit into a coherent christian uniform. Hard to explain, but for example my father loves walking in the forests, listening to that “great silence” of nature and he has high morals on some topics which seem to fit in this frame of reference you are promoting in this blog. And what’s most important, he’s highly skeptical (like my mother) about jews.

          The first time I heard black metal was ’92 or ’93, I can’t remember anymore. I didn’t know english that well at the time, as I was only something around 11 or 12 years old, but my cousin translated some of the lyrics and I remember being instantly love with the IDEA of black metal, even though the music sounded somewhat awkward or ‘hard to listen’ as I was accustomed to Metallica’s and Sepultura’s more polished sound of the 80′s and even though the black metal (if I recall it right, it was Darkthrone’s Blaze in the northern sky, but that doesn’t matter) sound was cold and distant, I found the electronic music even more cold and distant, to be honest.

          When I was a child, I used to make fortresses in the snow with my littlebrother. I used to hide inside those fortresses and caves for hours, just listening to the silence and to the sounds that “were present but not there”. The IDEA of black metal music to me was -at least to some extent- a sort of musical/lyrical flashback-adventure to those times, when I was a little child and everything was new, mystical, magical and adventurous.

          During the late 90′s and at the beginning of the 2000, I didn’t care about black metal music more than those couple of albums I had bought when I was younger. It does not matter what those albums were. A couple of years ago (or maybe 5-6 years?) I decided to find out about black metal music again. I found out there was a vast legion of (highly respected) bands in Finland and they even had some sort of discussion forum, which seemed to be quite interesting. People there gave the impression they were quite intellectual and the topics were really fascinating. I also went to some shows to see what it was all about and what a disappointment it was.
          All the people I thought to be intellectual and some sort of rebellious paganic and skeptic group of INDIVIDUALS were just so drunk out of their minds that it was like visiting a chaotic zoo. What I found most disgusting was this cheap “satanic” poserism with all these ugly pentagram, thor’s hammer, celtic etc. tattoos representing NOTHING but the fact that they had put great deals of money in those, ending up looking more dappled than your average negroe.
          What I thought to be sort of mystical and serene journey to black metal livemusic, ended up just being extreme metal music show played by morons, listened by morons. I don’t know what black metal actually was like when it was born in Norway, but I find it hard to imagine it was this kind of stupid and low-brow, sunday-satanic bullshit it is today and seems to have been for the last at least 15 years. I like the idea that originally it was sincere, pure and even nostalgic at the time and that’s how I like to think about it even today, not stupid-looking leatherpant assholes schreeching about their relationship with satan and with inverted crosses on their necks. Sounds so lame and childish and not constructive at all. Maybe I am really just too old for that shit, but come on, it is STUPID and CHILDISH and NOT INTELLECTUAL at all.

          It’s hard for me to admit that I don’t really give shit about metal music as I’ve always really loved it. But if I put together all the experiences with metal music scene and and the other scenes and genres, I always end up with the same outcome: I’ve had better times and gotten more inspiration from other musical endeavours than metal. I still love some of those old bands and artists but I don’t like going to shows, I don’t like to meet other “genre-people” and I especially don’t want to recognize myself as a one of those despicable dorks. What we call black metal now, is just a mockery of those feelings I had when I heard it for the first time and imagined myself as child again. I’d like to keep that memory with me.

          A little bit off-topic, but…
          People like to categorize Burzum as black metal even today, but I find it not suitable with the overall concept of Burzum, as it’s not live music at all, it holds no egocentric face-value and the whole musical concept is just too far from your basic everyday black metal “ideology” or -if you may- musical outcome.
          Seeing Varg working with this blog with daily posts about european lifestyle, ancient beliefs and traditions and even his own house-project just doesn’t fit with any black metal -or alike- definition and frame of reference. That’s what black metal is supposed to be, no live-aesthetics, just your own imagination and fantasies of the better days (…to come).

  37. Great article! Good description of the Ettin(Jötunn). This is the exact reason for why wiccans and the followers of Lavey, never can call themselves pagan.

    I’m interested to know more about the Vanir (if you will write such an article). And our forefathers relationship to these deities. I have allways thought of the Æsir’s truce with the vanir, was an allegory for our forefather’s transformation from Hunter-gatherer lifestyle, to agriculture. Or am I completely wrong?

  38. Varg, what you think of Iron maiden? It’s probably my favorite band and it’s one of few popular metalbands against the new world order with Megadeth and System of down.

    • Please, iron maiden aren’t political at all, Megadeth are a Christian-Zionist band and System of a Down are Marxists

  39. I guess this goes to show that we never really “needed” stoic philosophers as such, or did not suffer from not having them in Northern Europe, but is is of course good to read the books by those who did write the philosophy down…

    • System of a Down are communists, are they not?
      I believe Dave Mustaine is a christian.

      • Looks like you replied to the wrong comment but made me notice it…against world order? Hardly…They’re just a bunch of communist pseudo-intellectual stoners, and their singer could not possibly look more Jewish (he probably is being Armenian)

        Dave Mustaine’s a proper Christian and supported the war on Iraq I think, so he’s a zionist too…

        • Mustaine doesn’t know what he is doing, he is one of those christians who are christian by coincidence. First of all he is a huge drug and alcohol victim (you can see it in his face and when he is talking). I have also seen a video interview where he talks with Alex Jones about the fucked up american society and some conspiracy theories, which he seemed to support. He seems to know that something is very wrong with him and his country, you can also read it in his lyrics, but he is going at it in the wrong way. In other words he doesn’t seem to have a clue.

            • OK but it is like the Muslims raging against israel nowadays. They (christian and muslims) are all some kind of deformed disfigured children of the Jews, like a Frankenstein getting angry at his creator/parents because they have created them. Maybe it will help us in the short term but in the end they are a lost cause.

              • He may be christian, but atleast he’s not a jew. Christians do have some good life values what jews really don’t have or value.

                • Read the Wikipedia on Mustaine: “Dave Mustaine was born in La Mesa, California, to Emily and John Mustaine. His mother is Jewish.” Dave has tried to kill metal for years. I recommend Burzum’s Fallen album. It is far beyond mastery. Varg Vikernes: Father Odin, my father, master, the eye of odin, you are the master of the world, you have granted me to come up to your level and not you to mine, will you grant me to also rest within the earth & ground, to always be apart of the friendship we have known of you for granting this time of yours. Thank you This heart wrenching most sincere feeling of honesty compelling me to declare a gift! Because you know me, Father Odin. X Y B X

            • Sorry to disappoint you, but the Mustaine article was apparently an April Fool’s joke… click “read the full article”

              • Oh :D Well he is against the corrupt goverment and jews own it, so basically he is against jews, right. :D

                • As I said, the article is false…I don’t know his stance on Jews for fact, but I have yet to see a Christian in America that is anti-Israel.

                  • Try looking up CI (Christian Identity) which is an offshoot of British Israelism apparently. They are more of a fringe group but they really hate Jews/Israel. Just so you know, they come from the stance that Whites are the real Israelites and Jews are just evil pretenders. Personally I think its like trying to ram a square peg into a round hole, and I’m not sure what to make of them overall. They use a racialist interpretation of the Bible to back their claims which ‘Mainstream Christians’ have a hard time refuting. Whatever you think of their religious stance, they make it their personal mission to name the Jew and their lies so a lot of good information about Jews can be gleaned from these people. They are also of the opinion that Whites will never have any peace in their lands until all Jews are removed (preferably to a location 6 ft under.) Did I mention that some of these people hate Jews with a white hot hatred? In America they are involved with White Nationalism and seem to get along with Pagans (as long as neither side deliberately antagonizes the other.)

                    • I know well the CI. They are just a bunch of Christians so delusional and messed up in their heads that rather than accept reality and throw that Jewish Christian BS away they cling to it like a mother to her child and refuse to let go of it, no matter how Jewish it really is.

                      Sure, they attack the Jews, but so what, when they are really just jealous on the Jews because they are Christianity’s “Chosen people”, and these Christian nutcases really want to be that people themselves?! It’s pathetic. They should be ashamed of themselves.

                      We have close to zero brainwashed idiots like that here in Europe, so we really don’t need to get along with them — and nobody should. No Jew-worshippers should be tolerated anywhere in Europe (or the USA), no matter what they think their Jew “really” is or “really” represents.

                      These are, by the way, the sort of people who would fall to the “Christ has Returned” trick of the Jews — because the Jews are of course smart enough to make the next “Jesus Christ” a European; the blond, blue-eyed and white skinned “saviour” these fools are waiting for. A European that will lead all Christian idiots into serving the Jews, whether they like to or not, whether they want to or not.

                • Either way he’s just another Christian zionist and rock and roll star, he kicked rotting christ off a tour purely because of their name, because of his beliefs…what a tosser…

            • Ah of course, I totally forgot, well noted…As is his more obviously Jewish former bandmate Marty Friedman (who has gone all strange and obsessed with Japan…) Come to think of it many of the “cool” 90s thrash/death metal musicians are…

              • Since I started listening to rock and metal music I have always disliked the music of jews by instinct: Bob Dylan, Elvis, the Beatles, Kiss, Death, Megadeth and others. Of course I did never know that this music came from jews, but the kind of disgust has always been quite similar. I always met with hostility for disliking such “great musicians”, but I always stuck to my inner voice.
                Just as jewish comedians are always beneath contempt, such as Sarah Silverman, Adam Sandler or Rob Schneider.
                And, to hate on, I despise Sarah Brightman for her annoying voice, especially for srewing up “Solveigs Sang”.

                • I like Death, they’re a lot less overrated than the other old school US garbage like Deicide and Morbid Angel (Morbid Angel were brilliant later on circa 1993-2000 though). I actually admit I do rather like quite a few Jewish actors and comedians such as Larry David and Jeff Goldblum…I guess it usually involves me being highly amused by them though, maybe that’s the only reason why: entertainment, as Jews are in their nature pretty ridiculous…

                  I generally hate most comedians anyway but I suppose Jewish ones such as Gilbert Gottfried, Groucho Marx and Adam Sandler are especially repulsive and obnoxious…

                  • Well reason why there are so many jews on hollywood is because jews own it,but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their movies are about their jewish brainwashing (well war movies are, nazis are always showed ridiculously evil) sometimes it can be just for the laugh.

                  • Usually played by Englishmen as well, probably because there are more Jews in the US and it’s easier to hate nazis if they’re played by those “strange” well-spoken English actors…

            • Please note that Dave Mustaine has also finnish roots so he can’t be all that evil ;)

              I have nothing against his old music, some of the albums made before ’94 are quite good progressive thrashmetal, but I find his current (and past 15 years, maybe?) endeavours nothing but shit.

              It’s quite funny to notice that the older you get, the more serene music you start to like. Thus I recommend Vangelis at the moment.

              • He has Finnish roots too? Well, that would explain his former drinking habit… :-p

                Yes, yes; Vangelis is very good. I agree.

                • hahahaha, it seems that EVERYONE in europe knows about our dark side. I hate to admit it but it’s true, we finns love alcohol too much :D

                  I personally don’t think that alcohol is a dangerous “mind-altering drug”, just to enslave our minds, but it can be used like that. When used moderately and keeping Bacchus in mind, we might even have some advantages from it; at least it helps us finns to open up with other people (when used right…)

                  But that’s the hardest part. People need to control their drinking habits and I think it would be the highest time to actually start really moderating alcohol compsumption in Finland. I was kind of surprised when I visited Tromsö, Norway, 3 years ago and I wasn’t able to get couple of dark ales (I think it was some kind of Systembolaget?) after 6 o’ clock pm. People on the streets told me that it’s because of the church moralists controlling the situation. And we finns whine about not getting beer from a gas station after 9 o’ clock pm… ;)

  40. I must congratulate you Mr. Vikernes; this is –by far- the most expressive, clear and practical description of Pagan praxis I have ever read.

    Only allow me to translate here some brief instructions given to Evola by the Pythagorean magician Ercole Quadrelli (under the pseudonym “Abraxas”, in “Introduction to Magic”, volume 3), for ritual purification and general strengthening of the mind and Self:

    “With rigorous abstinences, chastity, fasting, silence, isolation (“Eat, but don’t eat too much. Drink, but don’t drink too much. Sleep, but don’t sleep too much. Have sex, but don’t have too much sex.”)… with this you must make the links of the body and matter weaker and slower (that is, not harming the body, but making the mind more independent from the body), so, being slowly freed from the darkness of desires, imaginations, affections, the “solar” Self will start shining in you (in one’s mind, it must be understood).”

    This “Solar Self” is our nucleus, our spirit, our very being, Odin in us. What distinguishes and Aryan from a non-Aryan; the key for magic, spiritual enlightenment and European rebirth.

    Again, congratulations and thanks.

    • Hi Santiago Montero, can I ask you an opinion? What do you think of Evola’s “Revolt against the modern world”? It is worth to read it? I never read a book of Evola and I am trying to understand if it is a good choice to read sometghing of him.

      Thank you!

      • Hi Fabio. “Revolt against the modern world” is a unique explanation about the world and the worldview of the ancients (taking as the principal point or reference the Aryans, or Hyperboreans) as well as an analysis of the events and vicissitudes that have lead from that ancient world to our modern age. It’s valor resides in It being an explanation from the point of view of a man like Evola who (like all of us reading and writing in this blog, I suppose), did not innerly belong to this modern age; besides that, it is almost the only work around with such characteristics, and I am sure you will appreciate it more if you also read other works of Evola, like “Men Among The Ruins” (an analysis about the modern political situation and some alternative proposals), or others like “The Hermetic Tradition”, in case you would be interested in esoteric pre-modern spirituality.

        You can find “Revolt Against The Modern World” (in English) here:

        I also have other books of him in pdf format, so If you can’t download it or are interested in other of his works, just give me an e-mail direction and I can send them to you.

        • Santiago, thank you very much for the clear explanation and for the informtions you gave me, not to mention the link, really useful…thanks to the PDF book i will be able to have a better idea on it.

          Thanks again, I will contact you if i need it!

          • Do not mention it Fabio! I’m at your service for anything else; greetings.

  41. Discipline and stoicism are Pagan ideals indeed. If anyone has new age “pagan” friends who believe paganism consists of little more then dancing in the forest and behaving like a negro with no self control, you should direct them to this article.

    Also advise them to read up on stoicism. A Pagan philosophy!

    Great article Varg.

    • You won’t believe how many New Age “pagans” there are out there. They seriously think magic is real and the events in the Eddas are historical fact. They are like Christians. They are total neckbeards.

  42. This is an eternal struggle, between the powers of temperance and the powers of random chaos. We see the same struggle between sky-based Perun and the nature-based Veles. Excellent article yet again. My Ettin-like lust for more information has been satiated by the temperance of your Bard song of our ancestors.

    • I would also like to point out the extreme gluttony and lust of the Jew, completely unable to moderate itself.

      • They are the ettins of our world, for sure. They cannot even control themselves in relation to their own children, if you know what I mean.

        • I know our morality was never binary and simplistic, but the Jew changes the game entirely. They are our absolute antithesis — our Nemesis. Would you agree the Jew is an exception to the way we normally view our world?

          • The Jews are indeed something unnatural, something twisted and distorted so much that it has lost all roots in the soil and all contact with this world. Their nature is so broken that they need to break the world they live in to feel any form of meaning.

            • I think that’s the most accurate summary of what the Jews are that I have read so far. Broken, worthless, purposeless beings…

              • I don’t know much about the Jews (never bother with peoples/nations that have insignificant history/culture) but the fact that everybody dislikes them means something

                • That is how you enter the right path and that is what no german is allowed to do: to search the reason for antisemitism in semitism.

            • Do you have any suggestions for what are the origins of the jews, “where do they come from”? Some finnish neo-nazis claim that jews are originally russians, but I think it’s more like an anti-russian and anti-semitic propaganda than the truth.

              • A few thousand years ago they sacrificed their children in Canaan, which is not a very russian area…

                • And you know this by… how?
                  It’s always impossible to pin-point the origin of these sorts of claims and their relation with the truth.
                  I admit that I’d like to think the jews as a child-sacrificing cult, born in the Canaan 3000yrs ago, but it still doesn’t make it true just by thinking that way, does it?
                  Are the jews really some sort of ancient, cannibalistic cult or have they evolved from something even more sinister and occult?

                  I hate to think about it, but jews and muslims and christians always somehow correlate with something perverted and “untruthful” and “weak” in my mind.

                  Off-topic: I’ve read that Parsifal is meant to be an “aryan christ”. What does this mean?

                  • Seems alcoholism is rife in places that are dark and bloody cold, aren’t Finland, Russia and Norway the countries with the highest suicide rates as well? Finland and Russia must have the highest drinking rates, surely…

                • If you can prove that empirically, I’m quite amused. Is that what you call macro-evolution, Varg, or is it just micro-evolutive? :D (pun intended)

              • Hi how are you? Here is a quote from a speech by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, 1952: “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. ” There you have it, Asian and African in origins. The rest of the speech being about forcing negro and white intermarrying and forbidding or trying to prevent white on white marriages through socio economics and all that.

            • Is there anything good jews have done and what’s the worst think they have done, dark ages perhaps?

              • r.e. the worst thing they have done, take your pick…as for good things they have done, yes they run Hollywood and corrupt art but there are still a few Jewish comedians and actors I like a lot, such as David Cronenberg, though his later films are less interesting…I don’t like life without boundaries, but I sometimes like art without boundaries and taboos, provided it isn’t exploitative garbage, and films like Videodrome by Cronenberg explore dark Freudian themes in an “arty” and intelligent way…

                Plus there are a couple of classic Hollywood directors like Billy Wilder and William Wyler, who made at least some decent, well-made and well-written films…

                They certainly are not my favourite directors though, my favourites are probably David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini…

                • By good i meant like good actions not good films or books or games etc. It seems that only think jews want is international chaos and power as long they have been here.

                  • most of them do let’s face it…whenever one supposedly achieves something worthwhile like Einstein it usually means they plagiarized someone else…

                • I am so very very late to replying to this blog, but better late than never.

                  I see it this way; Jews are seen for what they really are. Vermin and disease that has covered this beautiful planet with destruction, ugliness, horrific lies and deceit. In that regard given i see them for what they really are i can sit down watch a Jewish made movie, TV program, music whatever… and work with it for what it is, BUT knowing what really lurks behind any such media is the key. If i tossed out of my life everything that had a Jew behind it, well i would not be watching many movies, listening to much music and any TV program that i like would be cut out. Knowing the truth is what is important. Once we can see with clarity and clear eyes, we know what we know and can deal with things in a way that the brainwashed manipulated by a Jew cannot. Everyone has there own way of dealing with it. I must say i deal with such things as mentioned on a case to case basis. Some Jews i detest more than others and will not give them any of my attention!

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