1. Significant effort is made to match photos with people groups. In most cases those providing the photo have identified the people group. However, in some instances when the exact people group is not identified Joshua Project makes educated attempts at matching. As a result some photos may be representative of the people cluster rather than the specific people group. If you believe a photo is not matched with the correct people group, please contact us.
  2. All populations are rounded. Blank populations indicate unknown or very small populations. People groups with populations shown as unknown or less than 500 may have been assimilated into surrounding groups and can no longer be identified on the ground.
  3. As on-site realities are understood, barriers of acceptance may be found in many of the larger people groups that will require multiple distinct church-planting efforts.
  4. Certain percentages display as '0.00%' because of space limitations, but some may be slightly greater than zero. The exactness of numbers presented here can be misleading. Numbers can vary by several percentage points or more.
  5. Discrepancies may exist between "Progress Indicators" because of the varying sources of information. Joshua Project does not have specific ministry activity data supporting each of the "Progress Indicators."
  6. The Joshua Project Progress Scale is an approximation of church planting progress based on available progress indicators. For more details, click here. Please contact us if you have additional information.
  7. There are links to external sites not managed or controlled by Joshua Project. A link to an external page does not necessarily imply that Joshua Project a) endorses the organization(s) or person(s) providing them, b) agrees with the ideas expressed or c) attests to the correctness, factuality, appropriateness, or legality of the contents.
  8. Bible translation status: : 0=Questionable Need, 1=None, Definite Need, 2=Portions, 3=New Testament, 4=Complete Bible.
This data may contain errors and needs continual correcting and updating. To send feedback, please contact us.