Gundersen: 20 percent of young girls living in some areas around Fukushima Daiichi will get cancer from radiation over their lifetimes (AUDIO)

Published: March 20th, 2012 at 1:59 pm ET
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Title: Steve West and Dan DeWalt: Arnie and Maggie Gundersen talk Vermont Yankee, Fukushima, and the nuclear industry
Source: WKVT-AM
Date: March 9, 2012

Nuclear industry analysts Arnie and Maggie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education (non-profit) discuss the similarities between the BWR Mark 1 reactors at Fukushima Daiichi and Vermont Yankee. The Gundersens also discuss the issue of federal pre-emption in the NRC’s decision to approve VY’s license renewal, the Vermont Legislature’s decision that VY is not reliable and therefore should shut down, and Judge Murtha’s decision to allow the plant to continue to operate over the state’s objections.

Arnie Gundersen at 17:45 in:

Its really the young girls and mothers who will have a statistically dramatic increase, something to the tune of 1 out of every 5 young girls in that kind of radiation field [some areas 30-40km from Fukushima Daiichi] will get cancer over their lifetime…

Listen to the full broadcast here

See also: Nuclear Expert: Fukushima risk underestimated -- 5% of young girls will get cancer living in 20 milliSv/y for 5 years -- "Actually worse than that" -- Hot particles NOT included & only counts cancers, not other effects (VIDEO)

Published: March 20th, 2012 at 1:59 pm ET
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41 comments to Gundersen: 20 percent of young girls living in some areas around Fukushima Daiichi will get cancer from radiation over their lifetimes (AUDIO)

  • CaptD CaptD

    This makes me sick because we have been warning those living in Northern Japan since 3/11/11 that this was going to happen although in less numbers…

    Wake up Japan and realize that radioactive pollution is all around you in Northern Japan!

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  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    History is about to overtake Arnie on this point: Fuku radiation will cause the cancers that will kill ALL 100% of young girls who were within 40km of Fuku on March 11-March 31, 2011. Sorry if you have a loved one in this category. They are sadly already getting sick, as reported right here on ENEnews. Borrow money, flee while you can. Enjoy every minute you have with your children and grandchildren. Our hearts go out to you in Japan. We wish that only 20% of these young girls will die. But Fuku is lethal to all who still live in Japan, so beware. Take your children and flee far away!

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  • James2

    No one – not Arnie – not me, not you, not Tepco can predict how many will get cancer from this.

    The data needed to model it and predict has been suppressed.

    The headline actually is incorrect I think – I believe Arnie says the increase will be 20% – given that you have a 50% chance of getting cancer in your lifetime to begin with, I think what he's saying is that is going up to 60% – which is a 20% increase.

    This is where statistics are tricky – he could be saying it will go up by 20% of the total population – not increase by 20%

    He also could be saying the number is 20% of the population – which would mean Fukushima actually decreases your odds of getting cancer – probably inaccurate.

    I don't recall how many folks are in the 30-40 km of the plant – but I'd bet that's 5-10 million. Which would equate to his 1 million number with the 20% increase.

    The problem is that is an estimate – it may or may not be a good one. My guess is that it's very low – because we are finding much higher rates of radiation exposure much further away from Fukushima,

    –and, like everyone else in the Industry Arnie is only talking about background radiation – not inhaled particles – which I think are the big kahuna.

    I predict you'll see near 100% of the population contract very serious cancer over the next 6 -24 months over the area that saw the plutonium fallout – I just don't know if thats 2km from the plant 10km, 20km, 100km, 1000km, or 40,000 km.

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    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      James2: OMG, this is even WORSE than I thought? You have it right when you say that Arnie's 20% is probably in addition to the +/-50% of Japanese that will already get cancer during their lives, thanks to the currect load of toxins on Earth, and thanks in no small part to the nuke industry. So Arnie's 20% is on top of the mortality that cancer is already causing among the general population. The logic gets a bit murkey for me from there on, but I take your point. Remember that young girls are about 5X as vulnerable to radiation as their parents (as discussed on ENEnews in the past week). But I think you are right, that the mortality from Fuku fallout will be gigantic, even larger than we now think, even those here at ENEnews.

      I CAN predict, in fact, James2. People may or may not listen; their choice. And so my prediction is this: Everyone who lives in Tokyo right now, and who lived there on 311, all of them, young or old, 100% of them, will be dead from radiation or from some other reason (accident, etc.), within 20 years. I believe the die has been cast on this. The time for evacuation has passed. Hot particles are in their lungs, in their guts, and on their skin already. Hot particles are in the poisoned food they eat, and in the poisoned water they drink. Hot particles are in the poisoned air they breathe. Arnie Gundersen has shown us xrays of the damage even 1 hot particle can do to lung tissue. Tokyo residents should all be doing their bucket lists, for they are all surely going to die.

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      • NoNukes NoNukes

        I agree, they have been killing beagle dogs with inhaled plutonium for generations. Since most girls have been breathing the air, and aerosolized plutonium made it as far as Lithuania in the early months, and we can now see "black dust" storms emerging from the reactors, "dust" that registers off the charts for Alpha radiation (as plutonium does), believe no model that doesn't suggest that close to 100% of the girls (and other creatures) 30-40 km from Fukushima will probably die soon.

        It is incomprehensible.

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  • CaptD CaptD

    Maybe if we all shed some tears for these Japanese Women
    It will do some good!

    Wake Up Japan…

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    • arclight arclight

      its a most upsetting headline! especially as the government refused to listen to the independant specialists who recommended evacuating fukushima…

      chris busby
      ACRO france
      CRIIRAD france

      and a load of others… the japanese were in charge of the belarus research according to gereladine thomas of imperial university london!… what did they do with it? Mika Noro who worked on the project had some thing to say about it heres the video link for the interview with her

      and a certain minister is out trying to convince the people that everything is safe! notice that the mueller tube is covered with plastic to stop alpha particles.. the reading is a bit dubious too! lower in the dirt that in the air?? here he is with some other officials.. this is a new video!

      Government's Street Campaign for Wide-Area Debris Disposal in Kawasaki City (03/18/2012)

      in fact if your not aware of tokyobrowntabby on you tube i sugget you visit her site! lots of historical videos of conflict over dose rates and manipulation of monitoring!

      the first video describes the early onset symptoms of chronic radiation poisoning…

      heres the link again to the RECENT ACRO report that mentions ingestion as a pathway for japanese up to 200 km from daichi

      so in short arnie is only following up on this data that has been collected .. and very damming evidence at that!

      Goshi Hosono, Minister of the Environment

      minister of cover up!

      i think it is noy too late for japan but people like hosono are incapable of thinking outside the box! this is the problem!!

      anyone under forty should not be near fukushima and hosono has to stop this "spread the love" campaign.. its the WRONG WRONG way to deal with this crisis…


      busby bashing the physicist community who support hosono here


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      • arclight arclight

        Chris Busby- Einstein, Politics and Reality

        In this 3rd Marius lecture, Prof Busby addresses the dangers of allowing physics and physicists to influence political decisions through scientific advice to government. He explains that the process of surrendering philosophical descriptions of the Universe to the physicists began with the dislocation caused in Natural Philosophy through the acceptance of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity in the early 20th Century. The constraints placed on the dimensions of reality which this produced enabled physicists to achieve a unique position as a class of individuals who could maintain anything, however impossible, on the basis of mathematical reductionism, and no-one could argue about this without being attacked for being stupid: a classical Emperor's New Clothes situation. Busby presents two Proofs which show Einstein's Postulates to be incorrect and he thereby re-instates the luminiferous aether of Maxwell/Lorentz, which was anyway shown to exist through the precise interferometer experiments of Miller in the 1920s. But most important is the danger which is implicit in all this. Busby warns that Relativity is a political issue and that almost all scientific advisors to government are physicists who have steered policy in the last 50 years towards several science assisted collisions with reality, and the deaths of millions of people.The time has come to topple them from the pedestal erected by Einstein and to take back control of policy decisions.

        so the physics mob got it wrong! they thought the world was flat once!! :( (einstien was a tosser?? wow!)

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  • Lacsap Lacsap

    I didn't watch the video but why is a girl more in risk then a boy?

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There is also the Mexican Nuclear Center Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant..
    I don't have time to look this over till looks interesting..

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  • arclight arclight

    Government's Street Campaign for Wide-Area Debris Disposal in Kawasaki City (03/18/2012)

    anyone notice the VERY low reading of 0.05 microsievert/hr?

    could it be that because they have turned the reactors of all across japan that they are actually getting lower than "normal" and that the fukushima pollution is being hidden behind that? i say that because the ambient air reading in the uk got to 0.20 microsievert/ hr just now.. the wind is moderately strong and coming from the hinkley and the oldbury 1 reactor!!

    the normal reading in china for instance is 0.07 microsieverts/hr??

    anyway, i was just wondering what a citizen reading wuld have been like pre fukushima??? anyone been testing the air for NPP releases?? anyone tested the soil etc around these plants? anyone tested the sea sediment?

    what hope the children with this level of deception?

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  • logicalman

    The whole problem comes down to greed.

    There was (is?) money to be made here and the money junkies only see the money. People harmed do not even show up on their radar. The Japanese government reduced the number of people 'at risk' by changing the definition of 'at risk' – just like India reduced the number of people in poverty by changing the definition of poverty and the US government 'seasonally adjusts' inflation and unemployment numbers to suit themselves.
    Governments do not protect the people who elect them, they protect the people that bribe them.
    Time to hold ALL of them to account.

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  • 43% of Americans will get cancer sometime in there life times and this was before FUKU ! A medical report from presidents physicians counsel said May of 2010 ~

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  • howardtlewisiii

    Just like Seattle and Los Angeles, right?

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