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Our race team, Ron Sutton’s Winner’s Circle, is a NASCAR focused Driver Development Program.  At any given time, we have 20+/- talented young drivers in development.  They are plugged into our 12 Driver Coaches, 26 classes and 30 race teams running racers in 8 different racing series.

You can access the Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle web-site by clicking HERE.

We have been in the Focus Midget series since 2004.  We have raced Combo Chassis cars, Pavement Chassis cars and a chassis design in-between that we called “Tweeners.”  We love to help new racers and families coming into the series.  Contact us if you need help.

Team Manager: Randy Chastain

Cell Phone: (916) 397-7505


Team Owner: Ron Sutton

Cell Phone: (916) 834-8051


Our retail Racer’s Store, Star Racing Supply, sells a full line of Focus Midget parts, low cost carbon fiber & fiberglass bodies, tires, bare chassis, chassis kits, complete new cars and used cars.  You can access the Star Racing Supply web-site by clicking HERE.

Our Company:  Star Racing Supply

8581 Younger Creek Drive, Suite 150

Sacramento, CA  95828


Manager: Susan Kinnicutt

Sales & Technical Support: Jeff Wennerstrand

Phone: (916) 914-1284  



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