All truth passes through three stages.


First, it is ridiculed.  


Second, it is violently opposed. 


Third, it is accepted as being self-evident


Arthur Schopenhauer



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The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

The Torah


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.    

Apostle the Jew Paul 


And fear not them who are able to kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 

Jesus the Jew and Messiah of the Jews and Gentiles Christ -  Matthew 10:25




Indian Hating In The Wizard of Oz




For Jew Dan Snyder "The Only Good Redskin Is A Dead Redskin"





On this Veterans Day, November 11, 2013, I have decided to permanently withdraw myself from this "Labor of God's Love" for those people I have attempted to love with the Love of Jesus Christ He placed in my heart for them.


God has recorded in Heaven the tears I have wept and heard my cries because of the suffering I have been in the midst of and witnessed among His people, whether it be for the lack of the basics of life due to the hate and greed of White people ("Christians"/Free Masons/Jew in SD and the United States Government) or the death of those young ones who killed themselves.





Short History of Operation Morning Star working for "Indian Country" by providing food, clothing, appliances, wood burning stoves, garden plants etc.




Moses Destroys California In Vision Given To Native American Woman


Native American Vision Shows California Destroyed By Moses



American Indian History, Past to Present





Lee White Horse on the left. He raped a 14 year Lakota girl on Pine Ridge. Roy Lombardo on the right was in prison for molesting young girls.

They run a HATE group called "HIT" (Hostile Indian Tribe/Hostiles) with the approval of Zuckerberg and Facebook! They call women the most vile filthy names that Satan can inspire!


NOTE: To those of you who did a search for or found Operation Morning Star or "me/Richard Boyden" and found the Facebook page "Richard Boyden- Oglala Lakota Obsessor", realize that those who put that page up for "yours truly" are  are not Native, not enrolled, not a member of any tribe anywhere or "NO BLOODS" not having any "Indian Blood"! One is Lee Whitehorse and the other is Roy Lombardo aka. "Dakota Thunder" among one of their many aliases to hide their real identity and past.


What they are though starting with Lee Whitehorse is a RAPIST  of a young Oglala Lakota girl of 14 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Click HERE to read more.


"Dakota Thunder", his "altered ego" was in prison for "molesting young girls". My take on them is that they were "ignored/released/hired" by the "Feds/FBI" to take on any and all (like yours truly for example)) who expose FBI protected corruption on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation , FBI involvement in the murders of American Indians like Anna Mae Aquash Jancita Eagle Deer among HUNDREDS more as well as the FBI protection of those Tribal leaders who steal millions from their own people as well as the FBI protection of drug cartel "safe houses" on the same reservations throughout Indian Country in the United States and Canada.


Click HERE for information on who they really are as criminals, "FBI operatives" and "Frauds" who never use their real name so as to protect their past "criminal record"! Sources of this information come from "Real Indians"! By the way....Facebook endorses and supports the activities of individuals like these! AND you should take note that they do NOT expose ANY FBI CRIMES AGAINST American Indians which is PROOF OF WHO THEY WORK FOR!


Last but not least there is the infamous Native American Blues Band Leader Grey Wolf who echoed, spread, and disseminated every lie spawned by the two raping/molesting and protected by the FBI criminals above who started this campaign to discredit me in full obedience to their FED MASTERS! Fecal Grey Matter Wolf even added I was "WANTED FOR RAPE"! read right but fact is...LIE LIE LIE but what does he care when one has an intelligence content that is programmed by Satan himself just like his two buddies above! !


Richard Boyden





Boyden Report Blog Radio Programfollow

Boyden Report Blog Radio Program

A unique news and Information radio show with live guests who will be interviewed and allowed to share subject matter which they are experts in.

Here my first "trial run program" on 10/13/13...just the beginning of interesting and informative programs. "Indian Country" wise, I will make a special effort to expose the FBI involvement in drug running, hiding/protecting Tribal "criminals who steal MILLIONS from their own people. Yep, will have names and documents and the history of their evil work in "Indian Country" including their assisting in the murders of innocent Indian men and women. The FBI is EVIL...and proof that there IS a Satan!







Scott Prentice, race hater of American Indians who he calls "SAVAGES"   


Scott Prentice, South Dakota Race Hater Of American Indians 


2/12/13 by Richard Boyden -Founder of Operation Morning Star -United States Marine Corp Combat Veteran 


THIS Operation Morning Star web page was hacked and deleted on Feb. 8/9,  2013 (as was my Richard Boyden web page  by South Dakota race hater of American Indians. Prentice is the owner of Black Hills Publishing.


Prentice calls American Indians  "SAVAGES" and totally rejects their history and claims to treaty land etc. as well as delegating them to a "sub-human" status equal to that of animals. Prentice would let the Lakota Elders starve to death if he had his Free Masonic "Christian" way.


I consider Prentice to be a representation of and a historical and spiritual reincarnation of another fellow Free Mason/ KKK member, President Andrew Jackson. Jackson  who was founder of the modern Democratic Party and on of the greatest Indian killers of all American Presidents. Prentice in "spiritual principle" agrees with the history of Jackson's urging of United States troops " root out from their 'dens' and kill Indian women and their 'whelps'" (Stannard, p. 240).


Prentices hero Jackson adopted the habit of cutting off his victims' noses as trophies to commemorate his exploits. He earned the name "Sharp Knife" from Creek Indians for his penchant for skinning victims and using the cured and braided tissue as reins for his ponies (Takaki, 1994). Connect this historical dot to why the Operation Morning Star "index page" was deleted by Prentice and you then understand the seething demonic hate that rules this mans heart. Prentice further confirmed his hate for American Indians by removing every single story and link that exposed the "same spiritual and temporal racism" of Whites like Jackson among others. 


In talking with a representative of the Justice Department, this is a federal crime and which I reported to the FBI with the help of a Black Congressman and friend of Attorney General Eric Holder. And we all know how Holder feels about White/KKK racists!


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Jewish Contributions to the "American Holocaust" and the Exploitation of Native Americans




Genocidal History of Washington "Redskins" Name





2 Year Old Cheyenne Arapaho child, Naomi Rain, murdered by her WHITE foster mother Amy Holder who was fined $5000!

Click HERE to read story!  



   Jancita Eagle Deer    Delema Lou Sits Poor      


The Operation Morning Star Web Page is dedicated to the above five innocent American Indian Indians, 1 child, 3 women and 2 men....Annie Mae Aquash, Jancita Eagle Deer, Delema Sits Poor, Christopher Capps, and John T. Williams. All 5 were were murdered. All 5 were beautiful spirits targeted by evil men. Those guilty were or still are being protected by the FBI...who's ability to track down, identify, arrest, and convict those guilty of "Indian Country Crimes" with Government inclusion/collusion is totally lacking. But such is the spiritual nature of a collection of a government agency who's "god" is of this world is "the liar and murderer from the beginning"! Read their stories below.




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Journey to the Spirit World by Suicide


"Genocide by Suicide"


by Richard Boyden



The Indian-Oz Connection To Genocide Of American Indians



South Dakota Murders Innocent American Indian Christopher Capps




The Shooting Death/Murder of John T. Williams 



 howell painting



Jancita Eagle Deer 




FBI Gave Rapist Killer William Janklow A Pass


The Federal Bureau of Investigation would do anything, and did, as well as the Nazi Socialist State of South protect the rapist and Governor of South Dakota, William Janklow. Janklow is now dead but this information is important in order to understand the evil treatment of American Indians that historically has been covered up and ignored.

March 1974...Jancita Eagle Deer found dead from a hit and run so called accident. Last seen alive with FBI Operative Doug Durham.

April 1974, Jancita's step-mother Dephine vows to prove William Janklow raped Jancita.

December 1974...Jancita step-mother Delphine was beaten by BIA agents and found dead in a field.


Jancita Eagle Deer Raped by William Janklow, former Governor of South Dakota


Remembering Jancita Eagle Deer by Winona LaDuke



Wake up Amerikkka, what you see is what you get=



HELL  is where William Janklow the rapist and murderer is now in for being the rapist and murderer that he was in the realms of time.


Janklow had stated... "It wasn't rape; just the preliminaries."  A statement made about the FIRST Lakota girl he Raped!


Jancita Eagle Deer was found dead 2 weeks before she was to testify. On report stated she was last seen ALIVE with Janklow according to two witnesses, one of which was found DEAD in Rapid City. Also she was involved with an admitted FBI undercover COENTELPRO agent Doug Durham who I believe prepared Jancita for "the kill" if he did not murder her himself. The FBI had gone out of their way to protect those responsible for her rape and murder.





Anna Mae Pictou Aquash


Anna Mae Pictu Aquash Murdered By American Indian Movement Members


A photo of Anna Mae Pictu Aquash, a Micmac Native Woman and mother of 3 children who was beaten, raped, and murdered by FBI "operatives" and this crime was covered up and 2 American Indian Movement men were framed. Judge Karen Schrier and BIA Agent Bob Ecoffey worked hand in hand with the FBI and the United States Government to frame Arlo Looking Cloud and John Boy Grahm. Dennis Banks and the left overs of "American Indian Movement" leadership are aware of what really happened but I believe have been compromised and emasculated and thus will say nothing out of fear of the White Man!


I also no longer believe Leonard Peltier killed the 2 FBI agents either. For revealing and exposing TRUTH about what really happened to Annie Mae Pictu Aquash, click HERE and research the blog of "Lakota Perspectives" which work is the work of a brave White Woman!



Of course the FBI was also involved in her murder because they knew when she was murdered and by who but covered it up. Two  agents threatened her and one in particular, FBI agent David Price stated, "He said if she didn't start cooperating that he would see that she died,"...and this according to a witness in the trial of the murder of Anna Mae.


AIM's national security chief Doug Durham, was unmasked as an undercover operative for the FBI and involved in the cover-up if not the murder of Anna Mae Pictu Aquash.



Department of Justice FBI Cover-up Of Drug Trafficking In Montana Through Indian Reservation




Former Oglala Sioux Tribe Chairwoman Theresa Two Bulls Protected By The FBI and BIA



Delema Lou Sits Poor

Picture of Delema at age 13 last seen alive with a Two Bulls family member. In February of 1974, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Delema Lou Sits Poor "went for a walk" with her "friend" June Two Bulls and was never seen again.


A White Man named Curtis Combs was at the "scene/place...June Two Bulls home" when whatever happened to Delema took place! Curtis Combs was in his 30's then and a drinking buddy of the Two Bulls family. Pansy Two Bulls, now Pansy Two Bulls-Weasel Bear stated she was in the house and witnessed that something happened to Delema Sits Poor in the Two Bulls house of June and Pansy Two Bulls and this according to a witness who was told this by Pansy Two Bulls-Weasel Bear!



In my opinion, what happened to Delema is being covered up and ignored intentionally by the Two Bulls family...a family that had police officers directly involved in writing the "reports" which are very questionable and I personally consider them "fabrications". Frank Two Bulls Jr., son of "investigating officer Frank Sr." recently threatened Delema's sisters daughter!


7/25/2010 - In February of 1974, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Delema Lou Sits Poor "went for a walk" with her "friend" June Two Bulls and was never seen again.

What this means is that June Two Bulls LIED in order to cover up what really happened to Delema. And given the two investigating officers where a Frank and a Francis Two Bulls...well...where you smell smoke...there is fire!.


I have left a message with this information and the names of those who revealed this information with FBI Agent in Charge in Rapid City, Bob Perry and FBI Agent Charlie Blackburn, and Federal Prosecutor Gregg Peterman.


So the "Two Bulls Story" goes (say LIE inspired from the throne of hell itself), Delema and June were going to walk from the Red Cloud School in Pine Ridge on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to the community of Manderson which is about 15 miles due east to "visit some friends". The so called road they were supposedly walking on was more of a "tank trail" (I know from personal experience) combination of mud, rocks, and deep erosion formed crevasses with pockets deep enough to swallow a tire and pointed rocks ready to either poke a hole in your oil pan or rip off your muffler. This road is also also hilly, steep in places and without any humans from where it begins to the very end. On this night of the "walk", the weather was very harsh and it was snowing, windy, very cold.


The LIE (story) of June Two Bulls embraced and "officialized" by and through the two investigating Two Bulls Family Oglala Sioux Tribe Police officers (named Frank and Francis) and automatically accepted by the  Bureau of Indian Affairs Police (BIA) and evidently the Federal Bureau of Investigation) was that during this "walk", all of a sudden, June Two Bulls decided to "turn back" and that Delema chose to continue walking to Manderson on a road she had never been on ever before, to go to a community she had never been to before and where she knew absolutely no one, and during a dark wintery snowy bitterly cold night!


After Delema was reported "missing", there was an "official search" conducted by the National Guard, helicopters, and search parties. This lasted about a week and then was called off. 






On 7/1, Frank Two Bulls Jr., son of one of the two TWO BULLS investigating (cover-up) officers who fabricated the "Two Bulls Family" LIE about the disappearance of Delema Lou Sits Poor in 1974, threatened the sister of Delema's daughter at the Prairie Wind Casino. Delema was last seen alive in the presence of June Two Bulls. See story below! I am notifying Bob Perry, FBI agent in charge in Rapid City and Federal Prosecutor Gregg Peterman.


This is the second threat by a Two Bulls against this family...a family that breeds drug dealers, protects rapists and molesters, and obviously is hiding the truth of THEIR involvement in what really happened to Delema Lou Sits Poor!





Boarding School Genocide and Abuse of Native Americans in USA and Canada


Richard Boyden - Founder of Operation Morning Star

USMC combat veteran, former radio talk show host, taught at Haskell Indian Nations University, small time syndicated journalist, and counselor addressing the epidemic of suicide in "Indian Country".

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