What does Facebook Sponsored Stories do for Clickthrough Rates?

Facebook Sponsored Stories and CTR

As you begin to build and launch different ad campaigns via Facebook, you will undoubtedly learn just how difficult things can be at times. Attracting people to your pages is one thing. That’s a hard enough job as it is. But getting them to actually click on your ads and follow them through to their destinations is another thing entirely. Some advertisers are spending a lot of money on Facebook to market, and things like Facebook’s latest IPO move and their recent Sponsored Stories feature are starting to cause a little panic amongst the ranks.

The reason some people are panicking is that they’re been working hard to build up their clickthrough rate (CTR), and they’re afraid Sponsored Stories is going to harm those numbers. In short, Facebook Sponsored Stories is an addition to the Timeline feature, something which is said to benefit both users and marketers alike. But is this new feature really beneficial to advertisers on Facebook?

How Sponsored Stories Help Your CTR

If you’re a marketer on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Not only are things going well with marketing via this social networking giant; they’re actually going better than ever before! Sponsored Stories, as a whole feature, is something most marketers have been waiting on for a long, long time.

Just in case you think you’re reading some random article that’s blowing smoke in order to sell you on the new Facebook feature, you are more than welcome to look up the amazing numbers yourself! Check out the latest information released from TBG Digital – Facebook’s main API service provider. According to their large study done on CTR rates, Sponsored Stories ads are helping advertisers tremendously across the board, from the cost of an ad, the trust users have in them, and especially in the actual clickthrough rate.

So, how exactly did the study work? TBG studied some of Facebook’s biggest advertisers for a total of 10 days and well over 2 billion overall impressions. The results of this study shed some light on just how much Sponsored Stories are trusted. When advertisers used Sponsored Stories, they received a CTR 46% higher than regular ads, and the CPC was 20% less with the CPF 18% less.

What this creates is a cycle of more money for more ads, more trust amongst users, and an overall professional look and feel about Facebook compared to some of those other ad-heavy social networks out there. In short, Sponsored Stories is a great feature for Facebook and, more importantly, the individuals who decide to advertise on it.

Craig Robinson is the Editor for Qwaya.com – a Facebook Ad tool for advertisers that wants to get an edge on their campaigns.

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