Rearrange The Puzzle Tiles To Reveal A Shocking Truth In Psychopath Pac-Man

Psychopath Pac-Man

This game can’t be the truth and reality that it presents itself to be – debunking the great legacy that is Pac-Man. I know that we’ve seen Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and various other television miscellanea debunked as rotten paedophiles, but don’t take Pac-Man away from me!

My theory as to how Pac-Man definitely CANNOT be a psychopath is down to his kissing of Ms. Pac-Man at the end of every level. Who would want to kiss a ghost-eating murderer after he’s just had his fill? He would still have the residue sliming all over his lips. And what if he belched when they went to kiss? Phantasm gut rot blown all in her face.

It can’t be true.

Psychopath Pac-ManYet, when I play Psychopath Pac-Man, I see it with my very own eyes, so maybe I’m just being naive. It will be in the papers tomorrow: Pac-Man Imprisoned For Psychopathy. Then the byline will mention how a cherished video game hero was debunked and his legacy spat on by kids and graffiti artists. Oh, Pac-Man, not you too!

Oh, I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away there. Psychopath Pac-Man comes to you from the lovely people at Athletic Design, and you can tell this because the game is a tile-based puzzle game that involves rearranging the order of events to watch a scene play out to a specific desired result. How can you tell that’s an Athletic Design game? They did make Strip ‘em All.

“You click and drag panels to swap their positions and change Pac-Man’s route. But, crucially, you don’t make a maze like in Pipe Mania! Each 9×9 panel matrix makes up a comic page, and Pac-Man always goes from panel to panel in comic style – left to right, top to bottom.”

Your goal, as I mentioned, is to rearrange the tiles in the 9×9 grid so that Pac-Man can travel from the top left to Ms. Pac-Man at the bottom-right (careful you don’t eat her!). You’ll also have to eat a power pellet so you can take out the ghost along the way. One thing that’s not made obvious in the game is that Pac-Man travels from left to right across the grid. When first starting, I presumed that whatever direction you forced him to travel out of a tile would determine which tile he’d appear in next. That is not the case, so bear that in mind when you first start playing.

Aside from solving the puzzles, there is also a story behind Psychopath Pac-Man, and it’s told within the tiles as he travels across them, speaking of his evil actions. Eventually, if you get far enough, you’ll find out what Pac-Man has REALLY been doing all of these years. For those who just want to know the truth, have a look in the spoiler below.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

It’s a haunting reveal; let me tell you that. If you want to play Psychopath Pac-Man, then you can do so in your browser over on the Athletic Design website.

Psychopath Pac-Man