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This website is dedicated to its readers!  Our mission is to inform, educate, and chronicle the injustices of Sustainable Development and UN Agenda 21!

United Nations Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter document which advocates taking away your personal property under the auspices of environmental initiatives without Congressional approval.  It is a Trojan horse, and we as concerned citizens of The United States of America MUST stand together and contact our Mayors, City Councils, County Commissioners, Representatives, Congressmen, and Senators to voice our concerns. is dedicated to restoring Constitutional governance by placing a strong emphasis on private property rights and the importance of those rights to a just and truly free society.  In America the restoration starts with the individual, from the local level on up.  We encourage you to share your experiences with Agenda 21 so that others may recognize the problem and we can stand firmly together.

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Urgent: Resolutions for Party Platforms Regarding UN Agenda 21 and Related Topics

Please be a part of the process and attend your precinct conventions.  Many of the conventions around the state are March 4th after the polls close.  This is the time that your voice matters in shaping what is on your party’s platform.  We have compiled a list of resolutions that we feel can slow down …

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Repost: Rebuttal to Alan Rivaldo’s Texas PUC Report! Categories:Fourth Amendment, Privacy, PUC, Smart MetersJanuary 15, 2014 To Texas’ shame, a smart meter report entitled, Health and RF EMF From Advanced Meters, has been put out by Alan Rivaldo, an unqualified former Xerox employee turned Cybersecurity Analyst, who has absolutely no medical expertise on the damaging bioeffects of EMFs to human tissue.  Incredibly, …

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