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Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray

United States
Samsung exclusive / Blu-ray 3D DreamWorks | 2001-2010 | 4 Movies | 370 min | Rated PG | Dec 01, 2010

Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D (Blu-ray)

Codec: MPEG-4 MVC
Resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: see individual releases
Original aspect ratio: see individual releases

English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
German: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Italian: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Four-disc set (4 BDs)
Blu-ray 3D

Region free

Price not available: Add UPC/EAN



Blu-ray rating
3D 2.0 of 52.0
Video 4.2 of 54.2
Audio 4.8 of 54.8
Extras 0.0 of 50.0
Based on 2 user reviews

Movie appeal



Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D


Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray delivers stunning video and audio in this enjoyable Blu-ray release

The Blu-ray 3D Collection of Shrek

For more about Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D and the Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray release, see Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray Review published by on where this Blu-ray release scored 3.0 out of 5.

Starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Chris Miller, Conrad Vernon, Antonio Banderas
Directors: Andrew Adamson, Mike Mitchell, Chris Miller, Vicky Jenson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon

This Blu-ray release includes the following titles, see individual titles for specs and details:

Shrek 3D (Blu-ray)

Shrek 3D Blu-ray

  Overall: 5.0 of 5
Best Buy Exclusive / Blu-ray 3D + DVD
DreamWorks | 2001 | 90 min | Region free | Nov 01, 2011

You've never met a hero quite like Shrek, the endearing ogre who sparked a motion picture phenomenon and captured the world's imagination with the Greatest Fairy Tale Never Told! Relive every moment of Shrek's daring quest to...

Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Shrek 2 3D (Blu-ray)

Shrek 2 3D Blu-ray

  Overall: 4.5 of 5
Best Buy Exclusive / Blu-ray 3D + DVD
DreamWorks | 2004 | 92 min | Rated PG | Region free | Nov 01, 2011

Happily ever after never seemed so far, far away when a trip to meet the in-laws turns into another hilariously twisted adventure for Shrek and Fiona. With the help of his faithful steed Donkey, Shrek takes on a potion-brewing...

Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Shrek the Third 3D (Blu-ray)

Shrek the Third 3D Blu-ray

Best Buy Exclusive / Blu-ray 3D + DVD
DreamWorks | 2007 | 92 min | Region free | Nov 01, 2011

Being king isn't for everyone � especially if you're an ornery ogre who smells like the shallow end of a swamp. When Shrek married Fiona, the last thing he wanted was to rule Far Far Away, but when his father- in-law, King...

Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Shrek Forever After 3D (Blu-ray)

Shrek Forever After 3D Blu-ray

  Overall: 4.5 of 5
Best Buy Exclusive / Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD
DreamWorks | 2010 | 93 min | Region free | Nov 01, 2011

After challenging an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and saving your in-laws' kingdom, what's an ogre to do? Well, if you're Shrek, you suddenly wind up a domesticated family man. Instead of scaring villagers away like...

Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray, Video Quality

  4.5 of 5

Rating: 4/5

Shrek's Blu-ray 3D debut fares very well, and DreamWorks' transfer is practically identical to the 2D release, save for the whole added dimension thing. Indeed, Shrek's 3D presentation sports the same lively palette and same wonderful detailing, the image hamstrung, more or less, only by the limitations of the technology circa 2001 that was used in creating the movie. Shrek's 1080p, 1.78:1-framed 3D transfer exhibits fine detailing across the board; Shrek's trademark tattered off-white shirt shows off every digital stitch, the gingerbread man character reveals some incredibly lifelike cookie textures, and environments -- particularly elements in the foreground -- show off a good level of perceptible detailing. Colors are stable, too, even through the 3D filter; the brightly-colored pages of the book that opens the movie and partially sets the thematic tone for the series holds up incredibly well, with all the reds and blues appearing as strongly here as in the 2D version. Blacks are maybe just a slight bit more murky in 3D, and the transfer still exhibits the same light shimmering and the few jagged edges that were present in the 2D-only transfer. In all of the general attributes shared amongst the 2D and 3D releases, Shrek's 3D transfer appears mostly identical to the 2D release.

Fortunately, the 3D elements are up to the challenge of bringing Shrek to a whole new dimension of fun. Most every scene sports a fair amount of depth; Shrek's 3D presentation isn't going to redefine the way people look at Blu-ray 3D, but the transfer does everything right and the results are good-to-great, with most of the movie leaning towards the "great" end of the spectrum. As is true with any good 3D transfer, Shrek's best attribute is its seamlessness. There's nothing gimmicky here and no one scenes stands out as particularly forced or made to look 3D for the sake of 3D; it's like a soundtrack that naturally extends the limitations of the soundstage and creates a viable, realistic atmosphere without forcing sounds into the back speakers just for the sake of tossing information in that direction. Shrek is a respectful, honest 3D transfer that enjoys good depth of field throughout. The characters feature real shape and volume, and while some environments still look a little flat and several edges appear overly soft, one has to look pretty hard to find a major fault with DreamWorks' 3D transfer. There are a few double images to be seen -- a character's head seems to have a ghostly shadow in one scene, the edge of a building appears partially transparent in another -- but such anomalies appear far and few between when the disc is played back on Panasonic's first-generation 3D hardware. Shrek isn't going to wow viewers as much as it is going to satisfy them; this isn't a "demo" quality 3D disc, but fans will be hard pressed to find much fault with it.

Shrek 2
Rating: 4.5/5

As with its predecessor, Shrek 2's transfer is virtually transparent when it comes to comparing it with the 2D-only release and subtracting the 3D elements from the equation. This transfer features some wonderful detailing that one-ups Shrek in every regard, with the image again reflective of the quality of the technology used to create the film. It's a bit more seamless and the image holds up with all the added details and extended clarity to be found throughout. Whether the way the transfer reveals every scratch and dent on Prince Charming's armor, the textures of the buildings in the Kingdom of Far, Far Away, or the intricacies that give Puss in Boots' nose a seamlessly realistic appearance, there's nothing too big or too small for this transfer to handle, and DreamWorks' 1080p presentation delivers everything with near perfect clarity. The image is shaper with far fewer soft edges, and definition is improved at distance. Colors are wonderfully vibrant throughout, with every hue a sparkling work of art and each one well-balanced in every lighting condition. Unfortunately, black crush remains an issue on the 3D transfer, but otherwise, this one's borderline exceptional.

Shrek 2's 3D imagery is a bit more seamless than that of its predecessor. Depth is greater and more natural as the transfer reveals sharper details on background objects and does a better job of creating just the right sense of spacing between objects both near and far. Environments, characters, and objects alike all look fantastic in 3D. Mundane objects like Little Red Riding Hood's picnic basket and the rotund bottle of "Happily Ever After" potion Shrek steals from the Fairy Godmother halfway through the film both take on a definite shape and volume that gives them an almost tangible and very realistic look. Characters, too, seem to occupy space in a most natural manner, while their environments -- whether inside Shrek's cozy home in the swamp; the vastness of the forest where Donkey and Shrek meet Puss in Boots; or the sprawling cityscape shots of the Kingdom of Far, Far Away with its close-up and distant buildings, long streets, and all the little doodads around town like a mechanical billboard promoting the Fairy Godmother -- all take on a perceptible depth that's vastly superior to anything seen in Shrek and certainly representative of some of the best 3D imagery yet on Blu-ray. "Ghosting" isn't much of an issue; it's visible here and there -- notably on distant shots of the "onion" carriage the characters take to the Kingdom -- but viewers watching on Panasonic's hardware, at least, won't notice much. Overall, this is an excellent 3D transfer from DreamWorks.

Shrek the Third
Rating: 4.5/5

Shrek the Third's transfer isn't all that different from what's offered in Shrek 2. DreamWorks' 1080p Blu-ray 3D transfer features excellent detailing throughout; whether all the regal garb and the fancy bedsheets and furnishings seen around the happy couple's living quarters in the castle, character and clothes textures, the scaly reptillian skin of King Harold's body, the stone fa�ades of the buildings at Worcestershire, or the texture of chain mail armor, every nuance is handled to 1080p perfection. As with the other films, colors here are beautifully rendered, with vibrant hues and the many earth tones seen throughout both appearing in the natural and without any fading or over-saturation. Blacks aren't quite as overpowering, and the image is perfectly sharp throughout. Best of all, banding is kept to a minimum, and other no-nos, like aliasing, are absent. Of the three films in this collection, Shrek the Third is the most visually refined, and this Blu-ray captures every nuance to digital perfection.

No surprise, Shrek the Third's 3D attributes are quite good, and the image is the equal of the strong effort that was Shrek 2. Depth is fantastic all around, whether the digital camera is aimed at a wide, scenic landscape or positioned so as to offer a cramped close-up shot of characters packed into the frame. Most every shot brings a very strong sensation that the world of Shrek is a real, tangible place, where space is infinite and everything in each frame is allowed the breathing room required to make for a seamlessly real-in-appearance digital environment. Spacing is excellent; check out the sequence in chapter eight that features Shrek and Arthur speaking on the ship as its sails away from Worcestershire; not only does the boat seem to have a real amount of space to it, but the land mass behind the ship seems at a great distance away rather than appearing as a blob on one part of the frame. The 3D elements work almost perfectly in every scene, and there's very little in the way of "ghosting" with this one, too. Shrek the Third's 1080p Blu-ray 3D transfer isn't leaps and bounds better than its predecessors -- particularly Shrek 2 -- but it's the best of the bunch primarily for the slight boost in detail that's a result of the greater budget and better technology utilized in crafting the picture in the digital realm. Fans should be very pleased with this Blu-ray 3D effort.

Shrek Forever After
Rating: 4.5/5

Shrek Forever After's 1080p 2D Blu-ray presentation was, and still is, one of the absolute best-looking transfers out there. The 3D presentation introduces another level on which the image needs to once again find perfection to maintain its status as an epic-sort of transfer. It doesn't quite achieve the same level of perfection in 3D as it does in 2D, but this is nevertheless a fantastically strong transfer and one of the finest Blu-ray 3D transfers available. The film opens with a look into the pages of a Shrek storybook, and as the pages move along with the story, they seem to flip up from one end of the book to the next, sticking out of the television screen on the way. Shrek Forever After features a few additional "pop out" visual effects -- horses run straight out of the screen in one early scene, and various dust and debris elements seem to float on out in front of the audience on occasion -- but as with most strong Blu-ray 3D transfers, this one is more about natural depth perception than it is more gimmick-style visuals. The 3D image does best in the birthday party sequence that sets Shrek off and begins the adventure; the layers of people look incredibly real, with viewers able to gauge the space between them and the shape of each character as if they were inside the room. Even some of the less obvious effects stand out as impressive; when Shrek is in the cage on his way to Rumpelstiltskin's, the shape of the bars and the sense that Shrek is indeed in the holding cell and not simply in a flat environment with flat bars in front of him to give the appearance of imprisonment is truly remarkable. Such little intricacies are evident throughout; this is a good, all-natural 3D image that sports minimal crosstalk and no additional 3D-related problems of note.

Of course, it retains the same incredible coloring and detail as found on the 2D-only version. This remains a positively striking image to behold, with the 1080p resolution clearly showcasing each and every small nuance the digital artists have inserted into the film. Whether the smallest of spots on Shrek's skin; the tiny little textures and signs of dirt and wear on his clothes; or the seemingly infinite number of little touches that make up each environment, from the natural little woodland abode Shrek calls home to the disco decked-out halls of Rumpelstiltskin's palace, the level of absolute definition to behold is staggering to say the least. Colors are wonderfully vibrant, maybe a touch less so in 3D, but nevertheless more impressive than most of the best 2D-only transfers have to offer, again whether examining the precision shading of Shrek's green skin, the flamboyant clothes and wigs worn by Rumpelstiltskin, or the more natural earthen exterior hues that dot the film. Black levels are a touch too overwhelming here, but not to any kind of total detriment to the image. Clarity is second-to-none and no digital artifacts or harmful tinkering is present. In short, this is a wonderful, sparkling 3D transfer. It could be a hair better, sure, but it's super as it is. DreamWorks really needs to get this title out on the market for general sale, and fast; this could very well be a release that would push many over into the 3D camp.

Shrek: The Complete Collection 3D Blu-ray, Audio Quality

  4.5 of 5

Thanfully, DreamWorks' Blu-ray 3D release of all four Shrek films features the same wonderful 7.1 lossless soundtracks that accompany the films in the 2D box set.

Rating: 4.5/5

DreamWorks unleashes Shrek onto Blu-ray with a positively stunning Dolby TrueHD 7.1 lossless soundtrack. Those two additional channels bring greater dimension and clarity to the proceedings, effectively creating an immersive and wonderfully satisfying 360-degree sound field that's the ultimate compliment to the film. The various popular music tunes sound fantastic -- from Smash Mouth's "All Star" to Donkey's version of "I'm a Believer" -- and play with a power, clarity, and spacing reserved for the best of the best lossless presentations. Indeed, music spreads across the front with a fair back channel support element and a kicking but tight and perfectly-realized low end; these tunes have never sounded better. The 7.1 configuration also aids in recreating the various environmental nuances heard throughout the movie; whether nighttime buzzing insects or chirping birds during the day, listeners will often feel immersed into the world of Shrek thanks to a nuanced but highly effective support structure. Even better, more potent effects sound fantastic, and the bigger of them seem to widen the soundstage to practically hurtle the audience into the perils and pitfalls of the journey. Supported by seamless and center-focused dialogue reproduction, Shrek has never sounded better at home.

Shrek 2
Rating: 4.5/5

Copying and pasting the Shrek audio review would suffice here. DreamWorks' Dolby TrueHD 7.1 lossless soundtrack delivers a full and wonderfully immersive sonic experience that effortlessly transports listeners to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away. There's no wait time, no "are we there yet?" nagging; this track offers instant sonic gratification and never relents until the movie ends and the disc returns to the main menu screen. Once again, both popular music and sound effects alike spring to life through a rich and full-bodied presentation that works all seven speakers extensively, while the subwoofer chimes in to offer some tight and potent supportive elements that nicely round out the track and give it the heft it needs to stand out from tinier and less well-defined lossless soundtracks. Whether the slightest atmospheric elements or the most potent action sound effects, Shrek 2 delivers a continuous stream of sonic goodness by recreating every effect big, small, and in between with equal amounts of precision and ease. All of it is built around center-focused dialogue reproduction that plays with nary an audible hiccup from beginning to end. This is one soundtrack that will definitely leave listeners Happily Ever After!

Shrek the Third
Rating: 4.5/5

Yes indeed, Shrek the Third sounds great on Blu-ray. DreamWorks' Dolby TrueHD 7.1 lossless soundtrack dazzles with another wholly immersive experience that's so well balanced that everything from the subtlest of environmental nuances to the most dazzling of the biggest sound effects all pull the audience into the excitement of Shrek the Third with an effortlessness that must be heard to be believed. No, this isn't the most dynamic track out there; bass isn't quite as aggressive and music isn't quite as natural as what's found on the cream of the crop lossless soundtracks, but this one resides just a notch below. It's the same old story, really. The track's prowess extends to both ends of the spectrum and covers everything in between with equal amounts of precision and fun. Listeners will feel like a part of the unruly crowd during a raucous barroom brawl in chapter four or as one of the audience members bemoaning another subpar stage performance from the disgraced Prince Charming at film's open. Atmospherics -- notably the dripping rain and booming thunder heard during the King's funeral in chapter three -- proves extraordinarily satisfying and real, while the subtlety of gently rolling waters brushing up against the hull of a wooden vessel in chapter eight will make the audience feel like they're on the ship's deck. Bass is seamlessly integrated into the track, too, as evidenced by a stampeding herd of imaginary baby ogres in chapter five. Music once again enjoys excellent spacing and clarity across the front, while dialogue never misses a beat as it flows from the center speaker. It's just another day at the office with this one.

Shrek Forever After
Rating: 5/5

This sonically flawless Dolby TrueHD 7.1 lossless soundtrack is the perfect companion to Shrek Forever After's impeccable 1080p video transfer. DreamWorks' lossless presentation easily surpasses the soundtracks of the three other films in this collection, and while it shares in common most of the same attributes, it amplifies them all and perfects each one, allowing this track to reach something of a zenith that places it amongst the finest soundtracks available on Blu-ray. Spacing is perfect, clarity amazing, and the entire thing is virtually transparent as the speakers seem to disappear in favor of a wide, real, and organic presentation that simply must be heard to be believed. Listen as the Royal buggy slams its way through the soundstage in one early scene or be transported into a mobile holding cell with Shrek in another as it bounces around on rough terrain, allowing listeners to almost feel the bumps in the road with every pebble and recess. Listen for the track to increase in potency in conjunction with Shrek's level of irritation at the birthday party, culminating in him "doing the roar" and sending a shockwave of blissful bass through the listening area that's as tight, precise, and potentially window-shattering as anything out there, at least until the sensation is repeated and, it seems, kicked up a level or two later in the film. DreamWorks' soundtrack expectedly handles all of the lesser environmental nuances with ease, and music, too, is delivered with a clarity and realism fit for only the finest of soundtracks, whether speaking of the cheerfully laid back performance of "Top of the World" or the bass-heavy dance beats heard during one of Rumpelstiltskin's parties. Dialogue, of course, plays faultlessly, rounding out a superior soundtrack where even the most praising of adjectives can't really get to how good it really is.

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Samsung is discontinuing its existing 3D Starter Kit (model number SSG-P2100X/ZA), which contained two pairs of 3D glasses and two 3D BDs: an IMAX 3D Triple Feature and How to Train Your Dragon. A new 3D Starter Kit has been launched (model number SSG-P2100S/ZA), ...

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced that the 3D Blu-ray edition of the Dreamworks Animation movie How to Train Your Dragon will be available exclusively as part of the Samsung's 3D starter kit, which also includes two pairs of Samsung 3D glasses for ...

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DreamWorks Animation announced yesterday the expansion of its strategic alliance with Samsung, to feature an exclusive offering of the Shrek film series in its entirety in 3D for the first time ever. This Blu-ray collection will be available during the second half ...

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