George Clooney Steps Out With Girlfriend Amal Alamuddin: 5 Things to Know About His Latest Love

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    New couple alert!

    After the latest photos of George Clooney out and about with British lawyer Amal Alamuddin surfaced, the two appear to officially be an item. The good-looking duo were seen in New York City last night, leaving the Carlyle Hotel before heading to a dinner.

    They were also spotted vacationing—and engaging in a bit of PDA—in the Seychelles and on a wildlife safari in Tanzania over the weekend. During their outdoorsy retreat, Clooney (who was dressed in full safari garb and still looking as handsome as ever!) and seen putting his arm around the brunette attorney. Both the A-lister and his leading lady posed for photos with locals before heading to their hotel for a nightcap.

    They were most recently were seen at a White House screening of Clooney's latest project, The Monuments Men, in mid-February.

    So just who is capturing the heart of one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors?

    Here are five things you gotta know about Miss Alamuddin:

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    George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Rex/REX USA

    1. Not Just a Pretty Face: Amal is a lawyer (barrister in British terms) who specializes in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law. So it looks like there's plenty for her to chat about with the longtime political activist and Hollywood hunk.

    2. Quite an Eligible Bachelorette: Make that the most eligible bachelorette in all of the U.K. In 2013, she landed on the No. 1 spot of London's Hottest Barrister list.

    3. She's Trilingual: Being bilingual is so last year. This beauty speaks fluent English, Arabic and French. So beyond her linguistic skills and the effect they have on doing her important work, it also means that she can accept offers for romantic trips to Lake Como in more languages than the average gal—le sigh.

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    George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Rex/REX USA

    4. Famous Followers: Well, sort of. It turns out that Ashton Kutcher actually follows her on Twitter. Competition for Clooney? Nah, he seems perfectly smitten with his former That '70s Show costar Mila Kunis.

    5. The Assange Connection: It seems as though Amal isn't afraid of the limelight—or a little notoriety. She is currently representing WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange in his extradition proceedings with Sweden.

    So there you have it! And if we do say so ourselves, this striking beauty and big-time lawyer appears to be a great match for Clooney! Good luck, you two!

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